How To Celebrate a ONE YEAR OLD’S Birthday!

– Say hi.
(laughing) (laughing) (upbeat music) Do you guys hear that? – It’s the best part about living in a RV. – It’s raining. – And you guys might be like,
oh, they’re on their bed. No really, this is like our whole room. – (laughing) Yeah what you see
– like there’s a little space here, little space there.
– is what we get. No seriously, this is it. – This is the whole room. – This is our room, wow. – So, welcome to our room. – Guys, almost a year ago,
is when we took a photo kind of like this with this little one. This little girl is almost one-year old. (sarcastic crying) (laughs) – It’s so weird, I can’t bel- like everybody tells
you time goes by fast. But for reals, just feel
like I delivered her. TMI, but I feel like I’m still
healing from delivering her. – No, go on, tell us about that. – Anyway. – If you’re new to this
channel, by the way, we had a baby, sold everything bought an RV, traveled
across the country twice, adventured half of the 50
states, we took a little break just to be a family
because family’s important and get ready for our second wave. – Most of Avalyn’s life, since
she was three months old, has been in an RV. – One of her favorite things;
she has it all the time, not just ’cause this is a
pacifier, she loves giraffes. So we thought, okay, how are we gonna celebrate
this girl’s life? So we went to the closest place we could ’cause we couldn’t make
it to the Serengeti yet, but we are going there again. (baby coos) – We’re celebrating
Avalyn’s first birthday. Woo. Hello. (making gorilla noises) (light music) Can you see the monkey, yeah? (light music) One, two, zebras. (making monkey noises) You do it. (Avalyn chuckles) – We went and saw the giraffes and we thought Avalyn would be
really stoked to see them, she was definitely amazed, and then when we got to
the feeding encounter with the giraffes, we’re like, “obviously, we gotta let
her feed the giraffe.” (laughs) She was terrified. – She held the leaf out,
and then it kind of broke, so then I had to break it off and then she was kind of hesitant, so I held her hand, and then she pet it. – She did the whole, – Yeah her face was like She wasn’t sure whether
to cry or to laugh, or like, she didn’t know what to do. – I mean, its head is four times, five times, bigger than hers. – [Nellie] Easily. – [Bryce] Probably more. – [Nellie] But she’s never
seen a giraffe before coming right at her. – Did you know giraffe’s
tongues are two feet long? – Did you know I made out with a giraffe? – Okay, okay. – Cue picture. – [Bryce] Why do you
have to say it that way? It’s just so weird. – Then a really nice
guy afterwards was like, “Hey, I took pictures of
you guys feeding a giraffe.” – Oh yeah, shout out to him
and his Instagram account, that was really cool. So, that’s an update,
this is how our week was. We’re excited, we’re getting
back out on the road soon. We might actually do an Avalyn
one-year highlight video for her to always have. – We have to do a
one-year highlight video. – If you’re not following us on Instagram, please do because we’re
gonna be announcing there, and on Facebook actually, – Where we’re going, what
we’re gonna be doing, and we actually decided that
we want to do more stuff with you guys, so like,
if we’re in your area, instead of us just doing it,
if you guys wanted to do it, or if you’re nearby, let us know, and you guys just come join us. And we are so excited. – Yeah, yeah, yeah. Another reason we wanted
to upload this video; not only to give you a quick
update, but was to tell you, if you’re not following us, if you’re not in our group on Facebook, join it, #WeTheAdventurers on Facebook, We the Adventurers, and if
you’re not following us, – Adventurerers. And if you’re not following us, if you’re not following us on Instagram, also please do because
we’re posting our dates for where we’ll be from now until June. If there’s any crazy, epic adventure that you’ve always wanted to do, we might just pick that in your State, and invite you to come along with us. And when we ask questions
on Instagram stories, share your ideas, post, engage with us, ’cause we want to make this second wave, the second half of 50 States super fun. – We just have fun things planned. (baby cooing) – [Bryce] No way. – Look, ooh, hi. – Yeah, Lion. (mimics lion growl) Get set, go. (flamingos honking) (laughs) – Where did it go? (baby coos) – And she’s the best ever.

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