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How To Change Your Newborn’s Nappy | Mothercare Baby Advice

i am going to take you through, how to change
baby’s nappy. whether you have a little boy or a little girl, i am going to take you through
that step by step. the things you are going to need, are of course,
nappies, disposable or reuseable, nappy creams, also baby lotion, occasionally you may need
a nappy sack, keep out of baby’s reach. you will need water and lots of cotton wool,
probably need to have some baby wipes. The first thing we need to do is undress baby.
Take the bodysuit off, its really important to tuck is well under baby’s back. so it doesn’t get wet. and it doesn’t get
dirty. so what we do now,
is undo the nappy, at the sides and tuck baby’s legs up and then scoop down. for any bits of mess and
there you go. put the stick bits of the nappy down. I am just taking the water now, to wash his little creases. Make sure everything is removed. Be gentle. But actually, quite firm as well. The top of the thigh,
and the bottom area. its important when you are actually washing
your baby’s bottom, to go from front to back. then we get rid of the nappy, and put it in
the nappy sack. now we make sure the bottom is nice and dry. what we may do now is use
some nappy cream, and then you get a fresh nappy, and put the tab under the baby’s bottom, make sure it goes fairly high up, so you have
lots of space to secure it onto baby quite well. it needs to be secured nice and firmly,
not too loose. around baby’s tummy, They’re quite stretchy actually, to place. and then
whats really good is to use the bodysuit, the body suit helps to keep the nappy nicely
and firmly in place. that’s lovely! Henry is now nice and clean!

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