How to dress when you gained weight – were pregnant – get older… | Justine Leconte
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How to dress when you gained weight – were pregnant – get older… | Justine Leconte

Hi everyone, It’s Justine. Throughout life, your body changes. You don’t fit into your clothes anymore, or they don’t feel right anymore You notice that your proportions have changed because you gained weight or you were pregnant or you simply feel the effects of gravity as you get older. All of that is perfectly natural. There are multiple possible reasons to think that now, right now, you need a wardrobe update. And it can happen at any age, that’s why you see no age indication in the title of this video. It’s a matter of lifestyle, life stage and not of age. My job as a designer, is to observe my customers and try to understand why they feel good and self confident in their clothes and if not, why not, how can I help. I also learn a lot from you guys on youtube, when you comment underneath my videos. So today I’d like to share with you what I hear, observe, read, what I learned and some tips I think can help you start feeling better in your body again through fashion. The main thing to realize is that you actually need to go though the process of finding your personal style again, from scratch Find an outfit in your wardrobe that you like to wear not one you used to love, not one that has sentimental value to you, or of which you like the colors but one that you would wear today, the way that your body looks today. One that you think that suits you right now and then replicate, that’s the new core of your wardrobe. So, find similar cuts in different colors, by other brands understand why this cut, this type of fabric or this silhouette work for you right now This will allow you to understand which parts of your body you feel comfortable with and with which parts of your body you don’t anymore, the part that you try to hide and trust me, everyone has favourite features and hated features everyone I often hear that the area under the arms here, or the inside of the thighes, or the bum become problem zones when you get older once you know that its actually super easy to work around those areas more of that in a minute Throughout that process of redefining your style in your wardrobe your personality and how you want to feel in your clothes are absolutely essential are you extroverted, introverted, do you feel at your best when you dress smart, or when you dress comfortable that’s the matter of person, so this decision is really yours to make you will see a point coming in your journey when you know which style you actually like now in your new body, what your favorite and least favorite features are and what you need to truly feel good in your clothes Now I’d like to give you a list of tips that you can try to cover the areas that you feel uncomfortable with cause that’s the problem I hear most of and its not really about highlighting your favorite features Its about hiding those least liked features that bother you and that prevent you from feeling well in your body so that’s what I want to focus on I give you the list of tips, take the ones that work for you, leave the others I won’t take it personally My goal here is just to help you kick-start and feed your own thinking process. In terms of fabrics, you have two possible directions the first one is if you think that your weight tends to vary a bit the knitted fabrics are a great choice, they are extremely forgiving because they are stretchy by definition not just active wear or simple jersey, there are other sorts of knitted fabrics that have more structure that give you more support but that are still extremely flexible and comfortable I write you a list of suggestions and it is in description below, have a look the other direction is if you’d rather have more support then go for woven, mid- to heavy- weight fabrics for instance jeans, denim is a woven, twill fabric if it doesn’t have spandex in it than its really quite stiff and it can support your body wonderfully where you need it if the jeans are properly fitted, for instance, it can even lift up your bum a little if you feel that’s what you need Then the shape of your clothing is absolutely the key in covering your disliked areas If you dislike your arms or the area behind your arms, you can go for flowy or puffy sleeves If you rather liked your arms but not your belly, that’s the opposite way then what you need is a cut with raglan sleeves, loose on the bodice if you dislike your bust, then invest in good bras, its much more important than what people think If you don’t like your bum, you can go for dresses that aren’t tight at the hip level there are quite a few options in there for you If you want to hide your thighs, then skirts are better than pants which length for the skirt – is something you will decide based on how you feel if you dislike your knees, then straight-cut pants are better et cetera these are examples, but I guess what I’m trying to say is that your clothes should help you not work against you that’s even written in the lookbook on my collection there is a solution for every problem zone Now let’s talk about colors Your color palette, just like your taste as a person, changes over time that’s normal too When you dye your hair in a different color, or when your hair turns gray, it resets the game too in a way I have an aunt who only wore khaki green, browns, neutrals, earthly tones, nothing bright she had black hair When the hair turned gray, she suddenly felt like emerald green, turquoise blue or coral pink were suiting her a lot better than neutrals and so she is changing her entire wardrobe now that’s something natural and I think that’s the right way of doing it By the way, I think that gray hair looks awesome My mom, when she found out that she had her first gray hairs on black hair, she was jumping up and down with joy she said, finally people are going to take me seriously and honestly I think men with gray hair also look quite attactive Now, maybe what you don’t like is that transition period when your hair is partly gray, partly not If that’s bothering you, then dye it It’s ammonia-free, its not damaging for the hair anymore the period when dyeing your hair was synonym to losing it is completely gone It’s totally safe now There are great silver dyes, white can look fabulous too on younger women depending on your undertone and if you’re scared of such a big change, then take your natural color done! your color palette is not changing, and that’s one parameter you don’t have to deal with while rebuilding your wardrobe There is no problem that can’t be solved in fashion, that’s why they think it is so inclusive, positive and helpful in theory The challenge is only to learn how to play with it, and for that you need to understand how your body works and when your body changes, then you need to understand how your new body works that’s it Now the comment section below is all yours to ask any question about cut about problems, about silhouette, about anything you feel hasn’t been answered through that video yet I’ll do my best to help One more thing if you’re still here, I like to do something special when this channel reached 100 000 subscribers cause I think it is quite a milestone you can vote for what you would like that special thing to be by clicking on the little white card here in the top corner of your screen and vote for one option the winning one will be a special 100 000 video also give this video a thumb-up if you liked it, I’ll see you Wednesday and Sunday again and until then, spring will maybe finally have started in Berlin take care, bye bye


  • Lisa Langlois

    Question: I have had scoliosis since I was a teenager, it makes my hips uneven and changes my waist. Any suggestions? I know length of skirt can make it more obvious. Thank you!

  • P. Ross

    Thank you. This makes me feel better…been feeling a little down about going up a pant size and also have noticed it affecting how i dress. You're right that our bodies are always changing and that's just life 🙂

  • Stephanie King

    Hi Justine,
    I'm in my mid twenties and am often mistaken for being a teenager. I'm petite. I would like to be taken more seriously in my work environment- but I work for a very casual, sporty company- jeans and leggings are typical. Do you have any ideas for how to spruce up my wardrobe and appear more mature? Thank you! I love your videos.

  • FrühbisSpät TV

    Du hast eine wunderbare Art, das Thema Mode nicht zu etwas Oberflächlichem zu machen, sondern dem Thema Tiefe zu geben. Danke Dir!

  • Marie L

    I'm 58, and a few years ago, I discovered OSKA. Wow! I love the wide leg jersey pants that flow. They're amazing and very comfortable. They look fantastic with platform shoes, Geox in particular. I like the ones that are narrow on the hips and flare down. Very elegant. For tops, at the moment I only buy batwing sleeves. They are incredibly flattering. Again, jersey looks lovely and flows without clinging. They are also so versatile, they look great with jeans and more elegant pants (I don't do skirts!). And they're easy to find at the moment, even as T-shirts. I like Baukjen, Monsoon and White Stuff. I have found great pieces there. And my hair is very short and dark grey, poivre et sel. I would not change it for the world. I'd love to know what your mum thinks, but for me, poivre et sel means wisdom… hopefully! 😉

  • Mary Bierwirth

    Dear Justine,
    I don't have any specific feedback. I just want to say thank you. I find your videos to be very helpful and very honest. Thank you. I appreciate all that you do.

  • Semper Fidelis

    I'm begging you to do some kind of tutorial about older women and their choice of bras. Why do older women think that just because their breasts are sagging but they can get away with the most horrendous bagged out ugly nasty bras that make them look like their breasts are hanging on their belly, it looks like one lump there you can't even tell they have breasts. It's like they've given up. I work with women like that, they have nice clothes but they have the nastiest underwear so what is this mentality? What is going on here?

  • Marieee

    So glad I found your channel. You’re very charming. But, my problem is finding clothes I like and look good in. I don’t like what I see in a lot of stores nowadays.

  • Hilary Studebaker

    Found you at just the right time – now transitioning from whatever I was doing to whatever I'm going to do and didn't think I had so many options going forward. Suddenly getting older is much more exciting and elegant and distinguished than where I was heading. You do us all a great service to help us honor who we are rather than who we thought we should be. Thank you. You are unforgettable and the soul of Grace 🙂

  • Meghan Walker

    For your 100,000 subs video I'd love to see you do a live fashion make over (shopping trip) with a real person. they don't have to buy, but someone who is very different body than you maybe take out and try on clothes and show why/how they work. Or not! If I were in Berlin I would volunteer being a complete body opposite… or you could come to Canada and come shopping with me LOL. anyway, I think it would be great to see some of our advice go LIVE. (Like the co-lab you did with the other blogger).

  • Jelena Jelisavcic

    Godz, I understand your mom, most people think I am 17, when I am 27, and just don't take me seriously at all
    It is their mistake, but my problem

  • Pascale Pascale

    Hello Justine
    I’m a new subscriber, I am loving your videos!
    I’m going shopping for one or 2 quality items this week and wonder if you have any advice.
    I am tall and normally slim (UK size 8 ) but pear shape. and now I am pregnant and it is really showing more every day. I used to emphasize my tiny waist but I can’t do it any more because of my bump 😁
    Can you advise me one or 2 most important things I should buy?


  • Marisa Hernandez

    Thank you for all your videos—You are a breath a fresh air. Myself, I can hardly wait to go grey — I’m in that tricky transition period where I don’t quite have enough grey, but I look forward to my new hair color when it happens! There is a woman on Instagram called the silver stylist, 50 something fashion blogger, who has grey hair and uses purple shampoo to give her grey a purple cast — it looks AMAZING.

  • Katie Thomas

    The best thing I always think it to get a good fitting bra and panties so that you are ok under your clothes. Then the rest of the outfit will be ok from there. All black is chic if you feel heavy.

  • augustynowicz1

    Great channel! Love your videos, always informative:) I had a child, and now nothing fits. Not only do i weigh a little more. But my breasts have gone up several sizes, and i dont think no matter how much weight i loose. That they will disappear im afraid.

  • Patrícia Finelli

    Hello, Justine! I’m 53 years old, my hair is naturally medium brown. I spent many years dyeing it (because I love being a brunette) and, after months of observation and reflection, I decided to let them follow their natural course (in Brazil this is still not well seen). To live happily in this transition phase, I adopted a very short cut (which looks very good in me). I have always worn neutral colored clothing with light touches of bright colors (on necklaces, big rings, scarves). Due to the gray hair, I felt I needed to change something in my clothes, but I was not sure what. I've watched a lot of videos, and yours so far have been the best, because you're very objective, ethical, respectful and competent in the subject. With your help, I am studying my color palette and trying to use (like your aunt) more vivid, warm colors in larger pieces such as blouses, coats and medium bags. Colors like red, pink and turquoise blue. I’m feeling more "enlightened" (and consequently more secure), and the feedback I am receiving from people is very stimulating. Merci beaucoup! Bisous!

  • memphis noble

    Dear Justine. Thank you for this video. I have always had an athletic body shape as I have always had a very active lifestyle. I have raised 6 children but now even my youngest is quite capable of doing most things under his own steam. I enjoy my more relaxed lifestyle. My new body not so much. It feels alien to have breasts for example and even though I have put on weight ( in itself not an issue) I still don't really have curves. I like to dress quite formal with some sporty twists ( like most north German women). Can you suggest how to construct some shape into my new heavier body. I am 175cm tall and have really nice legs and arms ( on the plus side). Thank you

  • Shara N

    Thanks for your wonderful videos Justine. I appreciate your professionalism. You find solutions for all body types without judgement. Keep up the good work!

  • Suprita Talnikar

    Thanks! Great video. I recently moved from an extremely dry place to an extremely humid one. It's literally causing me suffocation and bouts of anxiety attacks. I can't even wear sunscreen, and if I do, I wash it off as soon as I reach my office. I have also gained 10 kgs of weight, which shows all over my body – right from a huge, flabby face, to arms, waist, thighs as well as calves. I even had my thick, bouncy, waist-length hair cut up to my shoulders. And I HATE wearing bras to the point of actually layering my clothes and going braless to the office. Could you please give me tips for managing my wardrobe, taking the new climate, weight-gain (especially on my face) and haircut into account?

  • Harshali S

    Your videos are so motivating. Its 3rd day of watching your videos and seriously I can feel myself getting comfortable in my skin. I have put on weight recently and was having trouble with my clothes for almost over 6 months. I started the change with buying new underwear and 2 loose clothes and it has been 2 peaceful days in last 6 months where I was not constantly looking and my tummy and irritated with digging bra belt.. Wish you lot of love and Thank you very much 😇

  • Yvette Maranowski

    Hi Justine, I'm picky and I love all of your videos, they're done so well and with such good spirit. You're kind to all women and I admire that. I wanted to let you know that, but I also wanted to ask you about the gray sweater you're wearing—if you think it's still being sold, please share where you bought it, if you have time and don't mind.

    Also, for video ideas, how about one on how to style (faux) animal prints and accessories? From casual to fancy, perhaps. Or, though my favorites for sure are solids as I know are encouraged by you, how about a video on how to mix patterns? A video on how to mix textures would be great, too, I think! I also think one on ways to wear leg warmers, both the chunky and the thin kind, the longer and shorter ones, and the ones meant to blend in v. the ones meant to be seen would be good, plus what boots/shoes to wear them with, and perhaps ways to style fashion socks could be included, too. Just an idea for your consideration.

    Keep up the great work, I'm glad you're following your heart and your dreams! 🙂

  • Yvette Maranowski

    A possible video idea may be how to turn a romper into a tunic? It's so easy to find adorable rompers, but that's not so true for tunics, and every romper made, it seems, could be turned into a cute tunic–but how to? It's just an idea I'm tossing out there for your consideration.

  • Etel Dias

    I got tired of dying my hair that was originally very dark brown/black and am now letting the gray grow. I am still struggling but have seen so many women look so wonderful that i am looking forward to the day when it is finally uniform in lenght. Thank you Justine.

  • Emmeline Ezekiel

    You’re such a genuinely sweet and kind person xxx it’s so apparent in your videos … ps thanks for all the amazing tips 😉

  • Sylvie V

    … avec le sous-titre en anglais, je comprends mieux, je peux faire "pause" pour relire🙄 et je trouve vos vidéos super intéressantes ! Merci Justine 😊

  • shaily J

    Hi… I regularly watch n like ur videos.. Could you please do a video on how to dress various body shapes when they are pregnant n their belly is protruding??….
    Pls do reply

  • Margie Splendore

    Justine..I recently found you and find that you are the classiest and most professional! Thank you for providing us your expertise…

  • Nadia Southière

    Merci pour cette belle capsule Justine! J’ai eu 50 ans en octobre 2018 et je vis les changements que mon corps subit à cause de la ménopause depuis près de deux ans et vraiment, je ne me sens plus dutout bien dans mon corps. Je ne sais plus comment m’habiller pour cacher mes imperfections…..En écoutant ta vidéo ça m’encourage et je suis certaine que tes conseilles me seront très utiles!🤓👏🏻👍😉

  • Julie Ruuge

    I have been watching your videos for almost a year now, and this one is my FAVORITE! I truly feel like you want to help each individual who watches, and you are so sincere! I love your channel, and who you are! Thank you!

  • U S A

    I used to have a great body, even into my late 40s. Now I am a rectangle with love handles and dimples up and down, so I just started to turn to matronly type of athleisure wear at work. Straight black yoga cotton pants with loose or draping tops, long cardigans, and flashy scarves or jewelry. It's like wearing pjs, so comfy, yet feminine. I am glad Justine can relate to the changes we women go through.

  • worldaccordingto garp

    Love your view on grey hair. I decided to grow out my natural hair 6 months ago at the age of 39. There's grey, about 30%. Now I'm reinventing myself. 😉😊

  • Wica karo

    Justine, you are so charming and positive! And full of knowledge mixed with empathy. Thanks for your videos here.
    I have got a shape-problem: in the basis, I have a sporty, inverted triangle, which is really cooly styelable. But according to weight gain through the years, my shape developed to an apple too, but with strong shoulders and big breast-width, which is a really styling problem for me. What would you suggest (while I try to loose a bit of weight)? Greetings from Bavaria to France <3

  • sassy tbc

    I absolutely love your channel. Who knew that fashion can play such an important part in everyone's life. I am learning a lot here. My question would be; How can a height challenged person dress to downplay that aspect. I am 5'6", very tall for my family, but not so much for my workpace. I have the arm/thigh issues mentioned here, and understand now how to 'fix' that. Are there ways in which fashion can help a person feel taller, or at least not so awkward?

  • Irma Lara

    I love spring A line below the knee dresses, but as I have chubby and varicose legs, isn't easy to find a way to dress them without feeling uncomfortable and self aware of my legs being exposed, even dense pantyhose can't seem to make the trick. Is there a way to marke spring dresses work with dark tights?

  • Ceci Mangefeste

    Justine, you are nailing it! Your video topics are interesting and relevant. Thank you for sharing your passion, experience and talents, lovely lady.

  • mary hershelman

    I have never had a problem with my clothing styling….but with Fred Flinstone feet my wardrobe is determined by what shoes fit. And I wear my Doc Martins and Frye Harness boots with everything.

  • cka la

    Hello Justine, I stumbled upon your channel some weeks ago. I have never been into fashion, or what I thought was fashion, because where I'm from, we tend to follow a highly prescriptive criteria and if you don't fit that, don't bother. But I have learned that that is not fashion, that is social oppression and trend following. I love that you say each person's uniqueness is the thing to work with and enjoy and celebrate. I have felt so disempowered about clothes all my life, thinking nearly everyone gets it and I just don't. And now finally at 45, I have found freedom in your ethical, inclusive, creative, fun, accessible, empowering, informative view of fashion. It's wonderful. Thank you so very much. Your videos are great too…clear, factual, critical, honest, warm, and inclusive, with an active input from viewers. It's very special. I love coming to your channel and exploring something that has been so painful and burdensome all my life and finding out how wonderful fashion can be as a positive expression of life.

    A video suggestion… What about enhancing our favourite aspects of our physique 😊

  • jukes243

    I like my gray hair and have also gone over to brighter tops because of it. Yet, my best ever top is (and always will be) a chambray denim shirt. With a tank under it (for summer) or a long sleeved T (in winter) I'm set. And, with gold or silver hoops I'm happy.

  • Priscilla Connell

    Love your videos! I have struggled with my wardrobe all of my life but now that I'm an older woman I have more challenges to deal with. My biggest challenge is the summer when I do not want my arms to show. I've managed to find a few flowing blouses that are lightweight and I wear them over a t-shirt. But I find these lightweight blouses very difficult to find and in a material that is cooler for hot humid weather. In addition to that I went from my waist being the smallest part of my body proportionally to being the biggest part. I've tried everything to get this excess weight off without success. So … this is what I have to deal with. Thank you for any additional suggestions that may help with the combo of hiding tummy and arms.

    PC Connell

  • halie groza

    What a godsend you have been and are for me. I am largely housebound due to chronic illness but want to look as nice as I can at age 68. I learn something new each time I watch providing a timely and uplifting distraction from impaired health. . Thank you so much.

  • NamelessCenobite

    Great tips!! I don't like my knees or belly area. I usually wear straight leg or bootcut jeans, although lately I've been wearing skinny jeans. I have trouble finding items that tone down the look of my large bust and belly area.

  • Pilar Barbosa

    Congratulations for your beautifull work. Would you please tell us fashion tips for people with scoliosis? Kisses😘 from Brasil.

  • Irma Weber

    one year ago I was so happy because finally for the first time in my life I had my normal weight… I thought I would celebrate my 60th birthday with a beautiful dress… 😉 I was into a plant based diet and was fantastic… sadly in a way, 7 months ago I decided to stop smoking and … and I have gained so much weight. I know it is brave what I am doing but it is so sad… all my life I was the fatty one… your video of course made me cry, but also made me think that it is my body at the moment and it will change again in some point… I will work with new cloth and not to try to fit in what I have… What I want to say is that at the end you gave me hope that I will feel and look much better if I dress my body with the shape I have now… and make it conscious… Thank you very much Justine… 🙂

  • Yolanda Nolte

    I just transitioned to gray hair last year. Thank you for addressing the colors that work best with gray. It was very helpful.

  • nasreen pardiwala

    Love the tips you give Justine. They are so practical and helpful. I agree that fashion is all inclusive and every individual can tweek their style to look and feel great. Thank you.

  • Today Is The Day

    I am 62 and finding my NEW normal after losing 110 pounds and graying. I used to wear mostly black and baggy. Now, my natural style is very bohemian and colorful. Bright red and pinks and other jewel tones brighten my complexion. I have lots of loose, baggy skin around my breast’s, tummy and even down the front of my thighs. I have found some very comfortable Spanx undergarments that really help as well as a good underwire bra. Now, my problem, is self-editing by not going overboard on the bohemian thing! The last time I was 120 pounds, I was 17 in the 1970’s and what I wore then are still my favs. I have to stop and ask, “Is this age appropriate,” without being too harsh because I believe in wearing what you love. Now, I layer 3/4 sleeve tight tees under looser sundresses that hit the top of my knee (I am also petite), and wear SOME trends like Capri jumpsuits, but never rompers.

  • Nancy Sheplor

    Being older, I find I like tunic tops and slacks or boot skirts. Gravity is real, so real. Thanks Justine.

  • Krista Crosby

    love love love this! this is exactly where I am at with my wardrobe, now I have some inspiration!! thank you!

  • Katherine Margeson

    Hi, Justine! Thank you for creating so many helpful videos! I’ve started using some of your tips and already fell a bit more confident.
    – As a designer, please create bias cut skirts in a woven non clingy fabric and straight leg trousers. They are so much more flattering than skirts with gathered or pleated bands and skinny jeans that don’t flatter everyone.
    Please consider creating some videos on:
    – dressing when dealing with a disability or after an injury and using a walking aid like a brace. For example, how do canes or walkers relate to accessories?
    – how to style hair accessories (headbands, sticks barrettes, braids, etc.)

    – How can women who can only wear supportive non pointy toed flats can stretch a bit still look stylish?
    2. What necklines, and trouser cuts flatter different body types?
    3. More about wearing different styles and colors of accessories like bracelets and earrings to flatter or help disguise.

    Best wishes for continued success with your YouTube channel and your fashion lines. 💕

  • Anne Beck

    I love that you don't do fast fashion, but at what point do you decide that this change is going to be long term? (I don't mean aging) If you gain lots of weight, when do you invest in good clothes, not just cover your body clothes-hoping to lose weight? (I do have a number of skirts that seem to always fit, only shorten or lengthen depending on my waist size.)

  • Lorie Spear

    Justine, I LOVE all your posts. I have been overweight and uncomfortable in my clothes forever, and u have given me the knowledge and freedom to validate me and like my clothes and style again. Thk you for all the helpful and practicle information. It's so refreshing to know the clothes need to work for me not the other way around 🙂

  • Farah Zahra

    I am comfortable with body but I felt handicapped when it came to fashion. You helped me a lot to create my own fashion style. Thank you.
    Would you do video on dresses for muslim ladies/girls, as we can't wear skin-showing dress?

  • Veronique Zerbib

    Bonjour Justine, comment "cacher" un double menton, et un ventre d'apres 4 grossesses (qui pense bien rester en place! 🙂 ) sans trop cacher mes hanches qui sont mon point fort (s'il m'en reste! :P) merci d'avance! (aussi, je suis petite, rousse, et malgre tous vos conseils, je n'arrive pas a trouver mon undertone!)

  • Wahidah Hashim

    Bonjour Justine. Greetings from Kuala Lumpur. I have watched many of your videos and like your analysis. My favourite is the one you teach us how the french eat, prepare meal that keep your body thin and slim. I would like to make suggestion to review on women who wear head scarves. Malaysian muslims are wearing scarves not only because of the religion but also as part of our fashion statement. I would like to see any advice on wearing scarves but effortlessly chic and at the same time maintain your modesty.

  • Jo Julian

    This is what I'm going through.
    I have an injury and it's hard to exercise and move much. So because of this and the meds I'm on, I've put on a lot of weight.
    Thank you for your videos!!
    Much love from New Zealand x

  • Courtney Moore

    Please explain how I can have yellow tinted skin and need to avoid wearing yellow and purple but I have cold tones and need to put on purple-red lipstick.

  • LMC

    I love my natural grey hair! I've never had so many positive comments on it. I did the same as your Aunt and changed my colour palette to accentuate my newly grey hair.
    This is great advice. My favourite item in my wardrobe is a dress that belts at my waist. It's really flattering and can be accessorised in so many ways. I am going to take your advice and look for other versions of it! Thank you for always being so body positive Justine.

  • Francine Séguin

    Hi Justine, I have a lot of brown skirts. The problem is that I am a winter. So what colour can I wear as a top?
    Again, thank you for your help.
    Francine Séguin

  • Julie M

    I love watching your videos, it feels as if you are talking directly to me personally. I think it's because you're never patronising or condescending.
    As for this vid, I have changed how I dress. I I realised I was dressing how others expected me to,( as a plus size woman) , dark colours, enveloping cover ups and drabness. I have embraced my inner hippie, so to speak, so now I wear bright patterns, loose flowing, floaty dresses and skirts in vivid colours or dreamy pastels. I hardly ever wear trousers, but if I do they are comfortably tailored and generally plain and worn with patterned tunics. I rarely wear leggings, unless it's under a shorter dress, (I hate my legs!!!) and I try to tone them to fit the outfit.
    However, if I feel the need I do have a small wardrobe of, what I call interview clothes! They are restrained and slightly demure, as my mother would say smart and sensible!!! Yuk!!! 😂
    I find my choices of outfit for the day depends on my mood, do I feel a red day, blue, khaki or green one. Do I feel especially fat today? Taller than normal, am I liking my shoulders as they're tanned? There are so many different ways to dress. Inevitably I will end up with the first outfit I chose, before insecurities and self sabotage set in. Mind over matter!!
    Thanks again for great content Justine, looking forward to seeing another one soon. Xx

  • Bbee Simond

    Bonsoir Justine, je comprends l’anglais, mais j’ai peur de faire des fautes à l’écrit 😞, j’ai bien compris ta vidéo concernant comment cacher le ventre… mais les bons conseils que tu donnes ne s’appliquent pas pour une poitrine généreuse… quand je porte des hauts fluides, avec mes gros seins on dirait que je suis énorme, comme si j’étais habillée avec une tente ou un parapluie 😤, as tu une astuce ? J’aime beaucoup tes vidéos, j’ai appris pleins de trucs ,merci beaucoup


    I m lucky I lost weight, and now all my clothes are baggy on me…I don t (and can t afford) a whole new wardrobe. I believe a taylor could adapt some of my clothes, but again, it s expensive. I can do quite a bit of sewing myself, but I m not sure all types of clothes are easily modifiable. Can you give advice on clothes that are easy to adapt and which ones wouldn t be expensive to change, if done by a taylor? (Loss of 10 kg, up to 3 sizes down, depending on the piece of clothing).

  • Laudanum 1987

    You are truly one of the kindest and most helpful people in YT! Thank you!

    Making the switch from then to now can be difficult, and we’ll all make a mistake or two along the way. Accept and learn.

  • Anupama Dias Abeyagunawardene

    I'm almost 3 months postpartum and still not fitting into my old clothes and with wider hips now and bigger greats because of nursing, I may never. This is super helpful and encouraging. You are right how fashion really helps solve problems, the day I decided to buy a few new clothes for this new body I was already on my way to feeling better and more positive!

  • amongHpigeons

    Oh Justine! You're normally soooo PC. What happened to that "safe space"?
    Are you fat shaming people by telling them how to hide their body parts? The body positive activists are telling us obesity is beautiful! Tut tut.

  • Judith Brighton

    Two years later… lol In case you ever check on old posts, my two cents for women of a Certain Age is this: surplice/wrap styles! Apparently only Diane von Furstenburg has gotten that memo, because I see so few clothes cut this way. But a wrap top or dress gently suggests curves without the unkindness of tight, clingy body-con pieces. If I had your skills, I would design simple cotton tee shirts along these lines and my life would be changed! lol The search goes on! Thank you, Justine!

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