How to dress your child for their car seat in winter
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How to dress your child for their car seat in winter

[music]>>[Video title] Protecting your most precious
cargo. (three dolls in winter clothing sit in the
back seat of a van)>>[text on screen] For demonstration purposes
only. A child should always be secured in a car
seat when in the car.>>[Subtitle] How to dress your child for
their car seat in winter. (a family van sits parked by the woods)>>[text on screen] In partnership with Safety 1st Canada. (a toddler-sized doll sits in the back seat
of a van) [text on screen] Let’s say this is your
toddler. [text on screen] Strapping your child into
their car seat in a bulky snowsuit is unsafe. (a toddler-sized doll is strapped into a forward-facing
car seat wearing a bulky winter coat and hat) [text on screen] The straps may look secure
after you have fastened everything… (a woman’s hand pinches the car seat’s
strap resting on the toddler-sized doll’s right shoulder) [text on screen] But they’re not. If you were to remove the snowsuit, you’d
see extra space between the harness and your child. (the toddler-sized doll remains seated in
the car seat, but with the bulky snowsuit now removed) (the woman is able to slip her entire hand
underneath the loose straps of the forward-facing car seat while the toddler-sized doll remains
in the seat) [text on screen] Bulky clothing can create
loose straps. [text on screen] This can cause a child to
be thrown out of their car seat in the event of a collision. (the woman now tightens the straps of the
forward-facing car seat over the toddler-sized doll seated in warm, thin layers and a hat) [text on screen] That’s why warm, thin layers
are safer. [text on screen] If you’re concerned that
your child may get cold… (woman places a blanket over the forward-facing
car seat with the toddler-sized doll safety strapped in) [text on screen] Try a blanket over the car
seat. [text on screen] Remember, safety should always
be your primary concern.>>[text on screen] For more car seat safety
advice, check out the GOOD HANDS Blog. Brought to you by Allstate Canada.

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