How To Fill Cremation Jewelry and Keepsakes
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How To Fill Cremation Jewelry and Keepsakes

How To Fill Cremation Jewelry and Keepsakes Hello, this is Tyler Fraser on behalf of In
the Light Urns showing you how to fill cremation jewelry and keepsakes. Cremains will generally come to you in a plastic
bag with an ID coin that identifies the cremains. If you’re going to separate the cremains into
several keepsakes you have 2 options. The first option is to see if your funeral
home will provide this service and your second option is to do it yourself. You may want to designate one family member
to fill several keepsakes at one time. The keepsakes we’ll be filling today are the
Celtic Heart Keepsake, the Azure Blue Keepsake, the Teardrop Keepsake, the Pastel Pearls Keepsake,
the Puffed Heart Keepsake and the Cylinder Pendant Keepsake. For demonstration purposes we’ll be using
sand. We’ll go ahead and start with the Celtic Heart
Keepsake. Go ahead and unscrew the bottom, and it’s
important to be sure that cremains will flow through yur funnel so you may have to cut
it and widen the opening and just go ahead and put a little in and be sure that they
will actually flow through. The sand is struggling, and here we go. Okay, so go ahead and put it in there and
you can see they’re flowing through the clear funnel, and be sure it’s coming through. Okay, go ahead and screw the top back on. And with the super glue, we’ll go ahead and
put a dab in the back just so that it secures the glass to the middle because it’s important
to keep this secure. We move on to the Azure Blue. This is also a screw top. And we’ll go ahead and do the same. Get a bit of a jiggle, and be sure to be working
over your bag of cremains. Okay, we’ll go ahead and put the cap on. And this is important to note that the shape
of the keepsake needs to lay right when you’re wearing it. So be sure to open it so that it will, here
we go, so that it will lay flat when worn and go ahead and distinguish a front and a
back and put a dab of glue in the back. We move on to the Teardrop Keepsake and this
is a plug. There’s your opening and you go ahead and
make sure your cremains are flowing. It’s important to be working over your bag
of cremains. Go and put the plug back in and put a drop
of glue where the metal and the wood come together on the backside. Next, we’ll go ahead and fill the Pastel Pearls
Keepsake. This is a smaller keepsake and maybe more
difficult to fill. You can see the size of the opening is quite
small. Be sure your cremains are flowing, go ahead
and secure the connection and you have cremains in there now. And actually it’s a plug screw so you gonna
have to be sure that you don’t put too much in and that there are no cremains n the threads
of the screw. One mistake that many people make is put glue
inside the threads and try and screw into the glue. It may be possible to put a little bit of
glue just before you close it and then close it in but beware that you could ruin your
keepsakes by putting glue on your threads. So you figure out the way that you’d like
your keepsakes to lay on a neck as a necklace and you choose a back and go ahead and put
a dab of glue right where those come together. We move on to the puffed heart keepsake. And this is also a fairly small opening. Be sure that your cremains will flow through
your funnel and make a good connection and go ahead and jiggle the cremains and…and
okay, we have a bit too much cremains, alright. And again you need to be sure that it lays
properly and that you do not put glue in the threads of the keepsake. And finally, we’ll do our cylinder pendant
keepsake. And this is a generous size space which fits
the funnel nicely. And again you should be able to see the cremains
flowing through that funnel, alright,and with this it’s important to not put glue on the
threads but you may want to leave it open a bit, put your glue inside at the very end
and close in to it. Again, this is very important to not let the
glue dry so that you can close your keepsake. I hope you’ve learned something during this
demonstration. Thank you for watching.


  • Sanctuary

    Thank you so much for showing this, I bought one for my dads ashes, and it came with no instructions, so this was a big help. Thanks you again

  • Kayla Couch

    This is very helpful, I'm 16 and my dad is sadly about to pass away due to complications and his body shutting down. He was crushed by a car almost a year ago on his 52 birthday, his birthday is in a week and we think it'll be his last. I was worried about filling up the necklaces we're getting ourselves but now that we (me and my mom) know how to do it I feel more comfortable! Thank you!

  • Carlos

    Thanks for the information. Much useful.
    And if some guys want the urn necklace maybe this store goods can be good, pls check at as below:

  • Marie Colette

    Thank you for this wonderful video. I wish I saw this before I spent over an hour filling 4 heart shaped urn necklaces yesterday making a bit of a mess.

  • Carly Rose

    Okay but how would the glue keep it glued down if you only put it on one side and not in the ridges of the screw?? How would it not be able to become unscrewed?? I want to get one since my grandpa died almost a week ago. But I don't want to have any way for it to become loose since I'll only be able to have the small amount of ashes I'll get since the rest are being buried.

  • Dana Moen

    Thank you for showing this, my jewelry came with no instructions but now I know not only how to fill it but to definitely seal it as well.

  • Hoss V11

    Thank you. My wife of 13 years and 5 children passed in April. I purchased cylindrical type necklaces for us, as well as for her two sisters and mother. I can rest as ease now after I've seen your video.

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