How to Keep Your Workout Schedule Even with Newborn Kids  – Jocko Willink and Echo Charles
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How to Keep Your Workout Schedule Even with Newborn Kids – Jocko Willink and Echo Charles

okay chuckle any advice you have to
continue to work out at 4:30 a.m. but with two newborn twins at home because
the struggle to stay awake is real awesome question and well I have four
kids the first three of them were born in pretty rapid succession not quite
twins obviously but you know we had at one point we had three kids under three
so yeah we’re getting after it and now part of that I got a in full disclosure
I you know I was deployed a fair amount but when you got those young kids here’s
what you got to do you got to get it done you got to get it done and this
idea that you’re gonna get it done on some pattern or some structured time
schedule it’s gonna it’s gonna fall apart yeah and you got a both sleep and
working out and every other thing that you’re trying to get done in your life
you have to make it happen when you can make it happen
you know you have to make it happen when you can make it happen there’s gonna be
no ideal time you might be working out at 3 o’clock in the morning you might be
working out at 7 o’clock at night you might be working out at midnight you
might be trying to sleep at noon you don’t know what’s gonna happen
mm-hmm I would definitely say when you got the young kids get some kind of a
home gym setup at least get a pull-up bar at least get yourself a pull-up bar
because if you have a pull-up bar you can do everything you can do pull-ups
then you can do push-ups you can do squats you can do sprints you can you
can make stuff work if you have leans to have a pull-up bar and then you just
gotta squeeze it in there you know it’s a half an hour there it’s 20 minutes
here it’s 15 minutes there it’s a power nap in the afternoon it’s some squats
while you’re sitting there holding a baby trying to get the baby to fall
asleep that’s what it is it’s the stroller to the park with a
chalk bag so when you get there you can do some pull-ups on the swing set that’s
what it becomes because life is gonna have a vote in
these situations and your kids and your family are more
important than you are and that’s something that is a tough reality for
the young dads to face all of a sudden you are not the most important thing in
the world at all they are more important than you are
that being said which I know I’m supposed to pay some kind of a fine when
I say that being said somebody on Twitter hassled me about it that being
said so your kids are more important than you your family’s more important
you that being said guess what the number one thing you need to do for them
stay healthy you got to stay healthy you can’t get all out of shape and turn into
a bum just because you’ve got kids they’re looking to you to be able to
provide for them for a long time they’re also looking at you as an example you
know that’s a big one so you got to be the right kind of example and physical
fitness is part of that example so they should see that from day one they should
know Big Daddy’s doing some squats while he’s holding me in it now I’m gonna
double down that being said this is not a time of your life when you have
newborn twins that you’re gonna be in the optimal condition you’re not gonna
be at your peak performance that’s okay right that’s okay hey man you got things
going on you’re a dad mm you know you’re no dad to a twin new dad would tell
you’re not gonna be setting any of your PRS on your on your deadlift right it’s
not gonna happen so but that’s not a reason that you fall apart at all you
got to hold the line as much as you can you got to balance this situation out
you gotta squeeze in dig in you got to be creative with your workout with your
rest with your sleep when the opportunity presents itself
whichever one of those is the priority you gotta go and get it on and you know
it’ll happen it’s not just when you have newborn kids it’ll happen with your job
you’ll get some pressure situation at work and all of a sudden you’re gonna
you got to squeeze it in you know I had I bought houses overtime and I would
always buy these houses that were unlivable right just unlivable just
ransacked disasters because they were cheaper and then I would go in and do
these like speed remodels alone by yourself by myself but you know for
instance I did uh I got in a kitchen in one of my houses go to the kitchen and
redid the whole kitchen plumbing electrical new counters the whole thing
and I got it I didn’t get the countertops in because that was like you
know especially guy was coming in and do that but 72 hours 72 hours non-stop work
what when I moved into another house I had we pulled up the carpet I thought
there was these nice hardwood floors under the carpet pulled up water damage
a third of the little bit more than a third of the phone was half the floor
was water damaged scientic yank those boards out and then sand this whole
thing and it was a nightmare but it took me 72 hours of no sleep like I would
sleep for 20 minutes waiting for the next layer of varnish to dry sitting
there in the fumes right but that’s what you got to do sometimes you got to be
like I said the big project at work something that’s coming and you got to
figure out how to what you can fit in when you can fit it in and realize that
there’s benefit you know there’s benefit to that 20 minute little session you
just did go do 100 burpees right go swing a kettlebell just go swing I
always talking about the other day we got kettle bell I got I got the the
zombie bells right I got the zombie bells you know I have a garage gym the
zombie bells are in my house because I’m walking around and sometimes you need to
snatch a kettlebell right sometimes you got to snatch a kettlebell so so you
have that and that builds up because now you just boom
you head out you know you’re not even breaking into a sweat just hitting seven
seven each arm you know cannibal snatch maybe just you’re just doing that yeah
and so that’s the kind of thing maybe you know where the newborn dad you gotta
have that you have that zombie doll sitting else ready just to hit some
snatches ready just to do some some some sumo deadlift high polls right what’s it
good for make it happen we’ll get the pull-up bar
or or set of rings get the Rings yeah you know something that you can rings
are great because then you can do pull-ups you can do dips they’re very
very versatile very versatile but you’re gonna the bottom line here is your life
is going to change it has changed so it doesn’t mean and you’re you know what
your life has changed and it just got better
mm-hmm it just got better so what you need to do is you need to adapt to the
new situation and continue to drive the excellence but the excellence isn’t
going to be served up all at once the excellence is going to served up little
chunks throughout the day yeah where you can grab it yeah
and that’s that’s the way it goes yeah another tip in I am a twin I don’t have
twins yeah if you don’t know echo Charles is a twin and by the way we’ve
got some requests for the echos story so maybe next podcast we can we’re hear
echoes story yeah yeah sure nonetheless I’ll give you three minutes and 30
seconds for a coaster but no one when I had my daughter and I’m I’m pretty into
working out so you know to not work out was kind of hard would not have the time
but here’s the thing I’m really into like a luxurious situation resting for a
long time and really mentally ready like taking an hour and a half to get ready
for I was used to that so that was a big big change to not have that much rest
and not have that much time so and now you’re doing Jocko podcast you get even
less yes so it’s different but a thing that
helps on top of everything you said which is in my opinion absolutely
correct 100% um did to add to it is work with your you
know wife or her husband if you’re a girl you know and you’re and you guys
have like kind of communicate with them tell them that you know working out and
staying in shape is is important mm-hmm to me or whatever or and a good way to
put it is getting unhealthy at this time with our new kids is means a lot you
know if I do that like it means a lot to stay healthy yeah so you know if you
communicate that’ll help as well because you can work with each other you know
how like you know when you have a new kids it’s kind of like one guy can you
know capitalize on a rest time you know yeah and then you know the other guy
will kind of stand watch with the kids and the other problem the other person
can get rest so if you communicate that’ll help your situation so much yeah
so I am guilty here of unintentional communications because if I you know
what when I wouldn’t when my wife and I when our kids were young if I didn’t
work out and quite honestly if I didn’t train jiu-jitsu
I’m not they I’m yeah I was I wouldn’t recognize it but it just would really
like frustrate me right and so eventually she said you don’t want just
get your stupid ass out of here and go train because I’d rather just have you
go yeah and that’s when that’s when I you know we’d show up at the gym at
eight o’clock at night like Dean would be done teaching class and I’d come in
there and we trained for 38 minutes you know just go in there get it on and come
home yeah so you know try not to do that well you’re a jerk right but there’s
something I mean I talk about this all the time that there’s there is a
mind-body connection that is undeniable yeah and if you don’t find a place to
get that aggression out and get that the endorphins flowing and get the the the
good feeling that you get from physical activity
then you’re gonna turn gonna turn a little bit nasty yes not good yeah and
then of course that that I bet you a lot of relationships really suffer from that
and people don’t recognize it I think so too I think in my experience from
talking to people okay so okay that so that element that element of exercising
and it being interrupted by new kids or something like that that’ll vary from
person to person right so you being all nuts because you can’t train you know
the next guy might not be that nutso it might affect him maybe this much maybe
this much you know it’s different and a that goes along with what I said like
communicating mm-hmm actively you know not you like you know
yeah doing what you did but communicate and at the same time if you’re aware of
it which it can be the hard part if you’re aware that you’re just not as
happy just just know that so really kind of check yourself if you feel yourself
losing your temper yeah I’m you know I’m unhappy because I’m sacrifice a few
training days you’re right the red flag of that’s that’s a great point the red
flag of hey it sucks having kids yes the red flag the reason you’re feeling that
is because it’s this part of that reason is because it’s disrupting your physical
activity right so recognize that and then do something about it yeah
communicate with your spouse you know set up a plan get a pull-up bar get a
kettlebell in the house you know do and make it happen
yeah and they I think that’s a good plan yet it’s not gonna be as luxurious as
you know as you know you’re not gonna be optimum it’s not you know a lot of times
that well with me that bothered me ya know not it didn’t I didn’t really pay
much of a price you know for as far as it bothering me when someone posed to me
I don’t like lose my temper typically but I did feel that be like oh my gosh I
don’t have that much time or I don’t have the energy because I
didn’t get enough sleep and it was kind of annoying but at the same time I did
adapt and I got real good at you know like the exercise like gym gymnast can
do it like on a Palmer system there I’d go on the ground I’d sit with my legs
and feet out and grunt and you can live he’ll sit yeah yeah yeah doing that
but um nonetheless uh back to the jujitsu thing two things yeah
communicate understand when you’re starting to get a little irritated
because you didn’t didn’t train understand that and then handle it
accordingly that’s a on the flip side if you have to
recognize cuz okay this is a typical situation where now you have kids yet
you still want to go train jujitsu mm-hmm but your wife is like how can you
reconcile going to train with your buddies you know cuz a lot of times the
girlfriend of the way will think that that’s just some some fun and games
don’t know in their mind they think it’s another relationship we basically have
going on yeah but they don’t understand the importance it’s potentially yes and
it’s the spectrum so it’s important to like I said communicate and let them let
them know that it’s not that yeah you know and they don’t always get it I
understand that but if you just can communicate and effectively get the
message that it is an important thing yes like hey hey listen darlin what’s
important to you what’s it well you know cuz you know I
know what it is whether it’s like running or whether it’s their biking or
whether it’s their anything date night with their girls or whatever the case
may be that’s what you’ve got this is what I’ve got right I got these two
things yeah I got to work out I got to train some jiu-jitsu yeah you know
that’s what I got to do but be be fair though like you went seven days a week
before the kids and you still want to go seven days with three hours a day
understand that okay you got your brain I’m gonna bring it down to like six I was really bad yeah I can’t see there
but it’s um in a way it’s not fair you know like to you not only to your wife
but to the fact that you have kids now you know there’s only so much jockle can
go around yeah I don’t I’m questioning whether I should tell this but I’m going
to so there was times where I would come home from work in the SEAL Teams work
until seven o’clock at night I come home from work walk
the door dropped my work bag and pick up my gym bag my wife’s there were three
young kids and she would be looking at me with the expression of are you
freaking serious because you know you’re I’m only home for let’s call it four
days then I’m going on to the trip that I’m home for three days so those four
days she’s thinking cool he’s home for four days family time I’m thinking cool
home for four days matter time and but again what she realized was that if she
was to stop me mmm she’s got a jerk in the house now not not even I mean just
just it just is it’s just the reality of it you know I just would be really
frustrated with the situation and all I want to do is just go train because it’s
part of who I am and I want to get on the mat and I want to get better and I
want to it’s very selfish right I mean all the reasons are selfish but that be
that that being said but the reality is that’s that’s me that’s me yeah that’s
me and I can’t change yes you mean yeah well of course of course it’s to believe
you but you know this is gonna sound real obvious and cliche but the whole
compromise thing you know what yeah when you guys have a bunch of kids you gotta
compromise that yeah and don’t be like hey everyone else in the whole group by
the way the kids even though you know your wife everyone in the whole group
you guys compromise a factor of eight out of ten me I’m just gonna compromise
a factor of 0.5 because I’m still gonna go to jujitsu every single day for as
long as I’ve done it yeah do all the things that you’ve done before you have
kids you can’t do that yeah I don’t think you can do that yeah no you
shouldn’t do that but I am saying yeah and I did yeah and I a lot of you not
aware a lot of times yeah you’re not saying you know what I know I’m being a
dick right now and you know what I’m okay with being a dick right now yeah
you know it’s not your fault for not letting me cheering or whatever
yeah I guess I might not have been the best the best husband and it’s it’s I
don’t want to say it’s good but when you have new kids and especially twins yeah
it it does allow you to kind of reconcile what’s important you know like
let’s see every Tuesday you went to Taco Tuesday or something like that and drank
every Tuesday right before kids now you got twins like man really how you you
get to honestly ask yourself is that kind of stuff
important now no Taco Tuesday is not important compared to kids yeah no but
you could say time with my friends is important and all this other stuff but
the drinking and just all little little detailed things that you can easily go
without and in a lot of cases do better without but their vices or whatever when
you can when you have twins or new kids or just kids in general you do get that
opportunity to reconcile what’s more important yeah you you get to prioritize
next cute sure tritter thank you all right we haven’t
congratulations twins it’s a big deal yeah no doubt I hope they hope their
names are echoing genes


  • Ricky D

    Mannnn, Jocko wasn't gettin it at the end. Not only was he not being the best husband he could be, but he was not being a very good father. These are just facts.

  • gtturbo2111

    My wife and I just found out last week we are expecting twins. We have a son that will be 2 when they are born. One child was easy to get on a schedule and get my workouts in at 5am. Twins will be a challenge until they start sleeping through the night. Will have to squeeze in calisthenics when I can. Sadly, since I'll likely be the sole income on a tight budget during this time my BJJ training will have to stop for a while.

  • Joseph Ford

    Project Kratos by Drew Baye is a great resource for working out anywhere, anytime. As a dad of a 4 month old and a 2 year old it was a great way to stay in decent shape.

  • Mike Bready

    Very open about being a meathead and neglecting family to some degree. I think he’s wrong though that he can’t change himself. His wife obviously compromised and assumed the responsibility of taking care of three kids, he seemed pretty unwilling to change.

  • Cameron McCredie

    Having a new babe is a challenge for time. Family always comes first, for me finding 15 mins in the car park before or after work to hit push ups, squats and sit-ups makes sure I have a daily baseline. Creativity is absolutely key.

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