How to make a Newborn Baby’s Bed/ Como fazer a Cama de um Bebé Recém-nascido (Eng SUB)
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How to make a Newborn Baby’s Bed/ Como fazer a Cama de um Bebé Recém-nascido (Eng SUB)

Hello loves welcome to my channel For those who’re already part of my family, Welcome and for those who have subscribe now welcome So today I brought a video a request video, by a friend of mine I’ll show you how I learned How to make a newborn baby’s bed So I learned all this when my sister was pregnant Everything was new to me I’ll show you first The wrong way that I did it and then you will see the good way I’ll show you what we’re gonna need First we gonna start with this one and then you guys will follow every steps That one is like that So let’s start with the first way That’s the way that I did The wrong way And then we have this one We have two types of blanket This one is for the summer Because it’s light And we have the one for the winter and it’s heavier You can see the difference This one is lighter than the other Cause it’s winter I’ll use the heaviest So guys That’s the way how I made the bed But when the maternity care Kraamzorg ”maternity care?” I don’t know how to say it in Portuguese Maternity care Something like that. When She came home She asked my sister: who made the bed? My sister answered My younger sister did. She was like OH I had no experience I thought it was perfectly How you can see If someone who has no experience and that person never had a baby The person will say that it’s nice, perfect and well tidy Why is this the wrong way? Because ”the maternity care” she explained that This is too dangerous for the baby Because the baby can suffocate The baby can enter until he suffocates Now Let’s see the good way So this is the good way, because The baby’s feet stops here and the baby can hardly suffocate Here is the baby’s head and the feet stay here To cover the baby when sleeping And This when the baby wakes up Inês here is the video you asked for I hope you like it and and that those who will watch it also like it Please LIKE the video


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