How to Pick Up a Newborn
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How to Pick Up a Newborn

How to Pick Up a Newborn. The key to this basic skill is remembering
that an infant has no control over his head and no strength in his neck, so it’s important
to support both. You will need Clean hands and a newborn in
need of a cuddle. Step 1. Lean over the baby and slide one hand under
his head and neck. Step 2. Slip the other hand under his hips and bottom. Spread out the fingers of both hands; this
will provide the most support for the baby’s body. Step 3. While still leaning over, lift the baby to
your chest. Hold him close to your body as you straighten
to standing. Step 4. Simply reverse the steps to put the baby down. Did you know A newborn’s head accounts for
a quarter of his body weight.


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