How To Trim Your Baby’s Nails | Mothercare Baby Advice

I’m going to take you through how to clip
your baby’s nails. Finger nails and also toe nails. To start with, it’s a really good idea to
do it when baby is sleeping. And to use a little emery board. Because sometimes
what you need to do is to hold the fingers quite firmly and just give them a little file
down so they aren’t so sharp. It might be an idea to get someone to help
you with this, so you can hold their hand. It’s not a good idea to BITE the baby’s nails.
Because you can’t be sure of how much you are biting off. And also, you may transfer germs to baby as
well. As you can see, he is having a nice wriggle. Clippers can be used when the nails get a
bit longer. And all you have to do is turn them around,
and again what is really important is holding the hand quite firmly and also for the nails
to be a fair size so they are relatively easy to trim. What’s important to do, is to try when baby
is sleeping. The other thing is to hold the hands really firmly. The scissors need to have rounded edges, so
they arn’t too sharp, as these are much better to use for baby and children. Toddlers arn’t too keen on having their nails
trimmed. What you have to do, is just cut straight across. Henry is being really good
here. Just a little snip. The other thing not to worry about too much,
is that sometimes you might nick a little bit of the skin and baby might bleed a tiny
bit, don’t be too harsh on yourself. If that happens, it very easy for that to
occur. Just put tissue on it, and actually, it should
stop bleeding very very quickly. we’re going to do the thumb, which is a bit
fiddly. hold it firmly, and just do a tiny bit at
once. just do it straight across. again holding it quite firmly and then just brush afterwards. You might then just need to file it down with
the emery board to make sure that its nice and smooth. that’s the important thing. Make
sure there are no sharp edges. If you’re very nervous about trimming your
baby’s nails, just use the emery board to start with when baby is very tiny. To prevent
any of those scratches. That babies tend to get on their faces sometimes. You won’t need to do your baby’s toenails
very often, as they don’t grow quite as fast. And again, you probably look at the nails
and they are very very tiny on young babies. so to start with, I would think about just
doing a little bit on the emery board. Just filing, if you find any of the nails are getting
a bit long. Just file straight across, if they are getting a little bit sharp. later on, when they are noticeably getting
bigger what you can do again is hold the tiny nails very firmly and then just cut straight
across. just the same as you would do with adults
really. and remember to get any of the sharp edges with a little emery board. And that’s
what I would definitely do. Also, doing this at a time when baby is quite content. Just relaxed or a bit sleepy. Is very good
at this age.

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