How to wrap a newborn baby for photography sessions
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How to wrap a newborn baby for photography sessions

– [Victoria] I’m Victoria Burcusel from Lifetime Stories Photography and today I will show you the peanut wrap. First, place you’re wrap
on your legs, halfway. Make sure the baby’s
hands are down his body. Lift the right wrap corner over his body, then place the other side
of the wrap over his hand. I tuck the wrap under my
bottom and I keep it on place. Then lift one of the corners of the wrap under the baby’s bottom towards the opposite
shoulder, underneath his head. Do the same thing with the other corner, covering the baby’s bum and that nappy. Make sure his legs are over his tummy. Lift it behind his
shoulder, behind his neck. Once you’re opposite the shoulder, come with the wrap over
his entire bottom, body, and lift it gently towards his head where you will meet the
end of the other wrap and do the same with the
other side of the wrap, covering the body towards his shoulder and gently tuck and
tie it around his neck. And here it is, you have
it, the peanut wrap. If you like this video,
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Instagram or YouTube. See you next time. (gentle music)

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