How To: Write A Birth Plan! | Kristen from Millennial Moms
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How To: Write A Birth Plan! | Kristen from Millennial Moms

– Hey, guys, Kristen from Millennial Moms, and today we’re gonna be talking about how to write a birth plan. I feel like birth plans are
an extremely important part of the labor and birthing
process for two reasons. First, they help you mentally prepare for going into labor, and second, they let everyone who’s there know what your expectations are. I have my birth plan from
when I had my daughter Chel, and I probably rewrote this
thing about five times. There’s so many different templates you can download online. I went through all of those, but eventually I just
wrote everything down. So today I’m gonna tell you
what I wrote, why I wrote it, and why this is an extremely
important document to have. The first thing you wanna
write in your birthing plan is your name, your
birthday, and your due date. All of this should be in
your hospital records, but just in case anything crazy happens, you wanna have all that
information on your birth plan so they know that this
birth plan belongs to you. The next thing I wrote was who I wanted to be in the room with
me, so my support team. I wanted the hospital staff to know that my husband and my two parents were supposed to be in the room with me. It’s also a really good idea, if you’re one of the moms
who doesn’t want visitors just coming in the room, maybe you have dear aunt Sally that you really don’t wanna
talk to in the moment, you can write stuff like
that on your birth plan, and your aunt Sally’s not
gonna see your birth plan, but the nurses in the room helping you, they’re gonna see that note and make sure she doesn’t come in. Another important thing to think about when you’re making a birth plan is just write down your absolutes. So just put the things that
you absolutely must have and the things that you
absolutely don’t wanna have. If there are any things that you’re kind of wishy-washy about, or
they might be nice to have, put those in a separate section, because the nurses are
really gonna have time to look at maybe one or two
pages in your birth plan. They’re not gonna be able
to read a 10 page document. The way I formatted my birth plan was by separating it into sections. So I have labor wishes, birth wishes, and then the postpartum wishes. This is nice, because sometimes
the nurses change out, or the doctors change out, so if you have one doctor for when you’re laboring in the hospital, they know exactly what section to go to. And then when the doctor comes in to actually deliver the baby, they have their section. So for the labor and birth section, you wanna be really clear on two things. First is your pain management techniques. If you want an epidural or
you don’t want an epidural, make sure you specify that. The other thing you wanna
be really specific about is any labor assistance methods you want or don’t want to use. So if they have to induce labor and there are specific ways you don’t want them to do that, write it down. As far as the postpartum
part of childbirth, you wanna be sure you write down things both for you and for baby. Things like delayed cord clamping, any vaccines you don’t
want your child to have, write those down in your birth plan. Any, like, exclusively breastfeeding or formula feeding, bottle feeding, make sure you write all that down because this is the place
the nurses are gonna go. You may be a little out of it, you may be feeling a little funky, so if you have it written down, they don’t have to worry. One thing I warn you about
with your birth plans is that it’s likely your nurses are gonna read through the entire thing. I formatted my birth
plan so the first page was for the nurses and doctors, and I have this clear cover on it so they could easily see it. And then the second page
and all the pages afterwards were really for my support team. But the nurse we had, she
read through the entire thing. I was in labor for a very long time, so she had the time. It was fine, I didn’t
have anything private or anything to hide in there, but just know, whatever you
write down, they will read. The second page of my birth plan, I split it up into a
couple different sections, and I was really happy
with the way this went. I had three support members,
my husband and my parents, so they each had their own section of tasks I wanted them to handle. My dad, for example, I wanted
him to go find a newspaper that was my daughter’s birthday, so that was in his section. My mom was in charge of
all the food and snacks, and my husband Corey was
basically in charge of everything. I also included a section
that I found very valuable for different things to try. So if I was laboring
and I was getting fussy or bored or whatever, my husband could suggest
these different things. And then I also had a couple sheets that were different laboring techniques, and that was really nice. If my husband needed to, he
could refer to this sheet, which I included in the
back of the birth plan and suggest I lay a certain way or we try a different thing. The other pages I had in my birth plan are a lot of different handouts that we got in child birthing class that
I thought might be useful. Really you could have as
much in here as you want. Might as well include it if
you think it’s gonna be handy. I also, in the very back, had
the doctor’s contact info, and then a list of contact numbers that I wanted my mom to call after the baby was born, just so all of those records
were in the same place. Probably the most important thing to remember about your birth plan is that nothing’s gonna go as planned. Expect that. Everyone tells you that
before you have a baby, but you always assume that,
no, mine will be different. Nothing’s gonna go like
you think it’s gonna go. So, write down the stuff
in your birth plan, but don’t stick to it. Be flexible, enjoy the process. It’s an amazing process. I hope you guys learned
some stuff from this video. I hope you write a birth plan. I hope you enjoy writing your birth plan. If you wanna see yesterday’s video, click this box right up here. If you wanna see more of my videos, click right down here. And don’t forget to
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