Prenatal class; The Birth Nurse (Introduction episode 1)
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hi welcome to let’s have a baby this is the most comprehensive husband
friendly prepared childbirth class that you will find online and right here on
my YouTube channel it’s free! Please watch all the parts at
your leisure and enjoy! I’m Kathy and welcome to Let’s Have A
Baby! hi everyone my name is Kathy and I am
i’m going to bring to you a series of wonderful childbirth classes um first of all I am a labor and
delivery nurse and my background is in labor and delivery a very busy hospital
That has 500 births a month for 10 years and then i’m currently i am
also a registered nurse working in the same industry that I work with a midwife
group and we go to home births and um a births at a birth center, so those ladies
absolutely do not get an epidural and people in the hospital can have an epidural
so i am going to give you all the information that you need based on my
experience in those two fields and hopefully that will help you make a
determination will work what’s right for you I don’t have an
opinion either way it’s whatever is right for you but i want to give you the
information that i know i can help you get through this and you know for
example some people don’t take any classes because they think i’m going to get an epidural and they go the hospital and think I’ll get my epidural Well you really are setting yourself
up to wind up with a cesarean section if you don’t at least understand when is a
better time to get an epidural vs too early to get it or too late too late
isn’t really an issue it’s more about too early so the series of classes that I’m going
to be bringing to you are the same classes that I give in a one-shot deal
with my group classes locally or my credit classes locally and my classes
are very popular and i get so many great people that learned so much but they
don’t I can’t bring people here from other date and maybe you’re in the military
your husband’s the military or somewhere else so this is a great way for anybody um to come together as a couple and
watch my classes and so you’ll be on the same page Um the biggest thing I stress in my
class to my couples that come, is let go of the fear this is a natural process and giving
birth is very very natural now my classes a little bit different
than the others we don’t get down on the floor and what your breathing we don’t do anything like that my class
is to give you the information you need to know when to go to the hospital a little bit about anatomy and
physiology of your body and what actually is happening and for your
husband i understand that as well um and that information about pain
medication and pain with me uh so this series of classes that i’m
going to be giving you is just an overview of everything there’s also a series of classes that
I’m going to give me the other ones that are available but you have to contact me
to get them because they are you have to buy the class but this is my free series
on youtube . and i think that you will get a lot of information on it I know
financially not everybody can take a childbirth class although, my classes locally
are very affordable um but I can understand that maybe
sometimes not all the time and you just rather kind of sit down in front of your
computer at home oh and going to acclimate yourself
understand be able to put on pause eat something maybe you’re on bedrest
and you can’t get out although i do private classes really
like that I’m not going down but beside the point okay so bottom line is this serious
classes that will begin in the next video will help you prepare for giving
birth and i’ll help you relieve your fear and be very calm and reassured that
this is a normal process and that you can do this and one thing that, just to give you a
little hint about what goes on is a lot of people say that what am I at what if I stay home too long? what if I have my baby in the car? I can almost promise you
that’s not going to happen with the first baby you will,.. your body will declare itself
you will know when you’re in labor and you will go to the hospital on time um if you listen to what I’m telling you,
and not be afraid of contracting and walking around and rocking and doing
things at home to get your baby in the right position. so a lot of tools like
information for you like great hands and i welcome you and so glad your’e here and
thank you for taking the opportunity to look at this video and i hope you stick
around and check out the other videos that are to come because let’s have a
baby in my company and on Kathy and one man show, one woman show and for you um, I’m
offering this series videos to help you just understand what you need to know
when you go into giving birth and my class is super husband friendly, like I’m
not kidding, you your husband will love my class because not just someone in four
hours total learning everything that you guys both need to know for this ok and it’s very stressful to have to
come home from work both of you come home from work ok home eat dinner or go to dinner and get to
your childbirth class week after week after week. I understand
that for some people it’s fine but for other people it’s just a big
inconvenience so I really want to make this a
convenience class for you to be able to show up sit down relax watch what you need to
know and ask me questions I will check the you know the YouTube, I”ll answer
questions right down below. ok so if you have any other questions –
we can find a way of making a regular skype session or something privately um.. there’s ways but i think the class
overall is going to be able to give you what you need okay all right well welcome to watch our
baby i’m kathy and my website is but don’t forget the hypen let’s have four www let’s – have – a – baby dot com and I’m going to be
getting a new very shortly but i will update on here when it changes ok all right thank you and welcome thank
you so much for stopping by and watching my intro and i look forward to teaching
you so much more don’t forget to watch part 1 coming soon, and I’m Kathy we’re going to learn about anatomy and
so much more! Talk to you soon! BYE! no ‘ don’t forget the hyphen thanks for coming and stay tuned for the
big part 1 you will learn so much! bye bye now!


  • britney shaffner

    What if im 17 I'll be 18 in two months in September and I'm thinking about having a kid for the answer text me or call me add ur name and say ur the girl who did the YouTube pregnancy videos my number is 9013383945

  • Carrie Henry

    Love your videos but you might want to change some of your wording because I am a lesbian and have a ton of friends who are also having babies so there is no husband involved in this baby. 🙂

  • Shayna Yogman

    Thank you for the class! Can I suggest that you shift the heteronormative language to be more inclusive of non-straight parents?

  • Sonia Bethancourt

    After 3 miscarriages I'm pregnant again. I'm absolutely petrified about loosing the baby and so so scared of giving birth. My husband it's really supporting me a lot but I can't help it. Could you help me,Kathy, please. Love from Australia

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