I Hate My Baby Because He Doesn’t Let Me Party
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I Hate My Baby Because He Doesn’t Let Me Party

Hey, everybody! My name’s Jessica. I’m 19 now and I already have a son, but
he doesn’t call me “mommy.” Actually, he calls my mom that, and I haven’t
seen him for several months already because SHE is the one who is against my visits. I got pregnant when I was 17. Of course, neither I nor my boyfriend Jacob
were happy when we heard this news. Since I was underage, I had no other option
but to tell my mom about everything. Even though she freaked out and yelled at
me at first, she still took me to the doctor for a consultation. Of course, I was scared and worried, especially
since I’d read a bunch of stuff about the procedure on the internet and it definitely
wasn’t light fiction. But it was good to have my mom nearby, even
though I knew she was mad at me. But then my doctor came in and said that due
to some physical issues of mine, this pregnancy could be the only one for me and that getting
an abortion could bring even more complications for my health. My mom immediately rushed to the doctor and
began asking her about something, but I didn’t hear anything and was just sitting on the
couch and feeling the tears that were running down my face. Jacob’s reaction to that news was… Well, my mom predicted it with 100 percent
accuracy. He simply began saying that he was very busy
whenever I called him on his cell phone and then eventually he said that he had to leave
town because of his job and disappeared from my life. You can be sure that I was inconsolable in
my sobbing, and mom never tried to make it easier for me, she just kept saying that I
deserved it for my recklessness. Jacob re-appeared in my life the same day
that Cody was born. He brought flowers and a huge pack of diapers
and said that he was sorry that it took him months to understand that the time for him
to grow up had come. I dunno, I felt so calm and safe near him
and I got that image in my head that everything was gonna be great for all of us. But with all those new responsibilities with
the baby, the sleepless nights, and everything, I became really exhausted, and that made Jacob
act irritated constantly. Long story short, one day he just packed his
belongings and left. I found a job at a local mall and a nice daycare
for my son so that both my mom and I could work and provide a living for the three of
us. But there were other guys working with me
who were the same age and who led their lives completely different from mine. They would hang out together, and always tell
me about their weekends by the beach and so on. And very soon I began envying them and got
this feeling that I was missing something in my life. I got back home from work and all I did was
change diapers, play with Cody, and read to him, and it was not because I wanted to, but
because I had to. And whenever I was on the phone with my friends
or trying to relax in the bath, he began crying and demanding all my attention, and that just
pissed me off. It really seemed like he did everything on
purpose, you know, just to make me mad. For example, sometimes I went out with my
friends at night and my mom was OK with looking after Cody, but she wanted me to put him to
sleep first. It’s just, for some reason, he could only
fall asleep when I was next to him. And really often I had to lull him for a whole
2 hours, which made me really nervous, and when he finally fell asleep, I had no strength
to go anywhere anymore. While on a regular evening, when I had no
plans, he would fall asleep in, like, 10 minutes. I hated that. So, I began staying late at work and telling
my mom that I had additional shifts so that she would pick Cody up from daycare herself. Of course, I had fights with my mom because
of that. You see, she was dating a nice man named Leo
and, apparently, she wanted to spend some time with him alone instead of babysitting
her grandson. But I wasn’t ready to sacrifice my time
for her. One day my mom just came and told me that
Leo had gotten a cool job in another city and he wanted her to go with him and she said
yes and they were going to leave in a week. That news blew my mind. When I heard that, I just dropped to the floor
and began to sob. I never cried so hard in my life. I even had to use a paper bag just to breathe
properly. I just imagined that I had to stay with Cody
on my own, for the rest of my life, just two of us, and that absolutely destroyed me. Since then, a hatred toward Cody was growing
inside me. I didn’t want to hold him in my hands, or
baby-talk with him, or anything. I had no intentionsw of kissing him or hugging
him, because I couldn’t get rid of the thought that if I didn’t have him, I’d also be
happy with a nice guy and wouldn’t be alone. My mom saw everything and tried to talk to
me about it a couple of times, but I had nothing to tell her. Then, right before the day of their departure,
mom entered my room to announce another decision of hers. And when I heard that she and Leo had decided
to take Cody with them to that other city and leave me here on my own, my jaw literally
dropped. I couldn’t believe what I’d heard. I thought that finally, the thing I so badly
wanted lately was about to happen and that my life was not that bad and I really felt
relieved. The next day I pretended that it was sad for
me that everybody left, but honestly, I was not even a little bit upset about it. My new life was amazing. I could hang out with my friends whenever
I wanted to, and I caught up with all the new movies that I had missed, and the best
part was that I finally could sleep through the whole night. Although, I must admit, there were a couple
of nights when I woke up on alert because it seemed that I heard a baby crying, but
it was just a dream. My mom and I called each other on Skype and
while we were talking, I felt that I missed her and Cody, but still, I liked my new life
much more. And then I met David. He was very caring and gentle; every morning
he drove me to my work and every Friday we went to another café or restaurant and he
always brought me flowers. He knew about Cody, that he was living with
my mom, but when he saw his photo at my home for the first time, he assumed that it was
my little brother and I decided not to tell him otherwise. Especially taking into account that Cody was
already able to pronounce a few words, and he called my mom “mommy” and called me
“Jess” and I was OK with that. As soon as I understood that my relationship
was becoming very serious and David suggested that the two of us live together, I could
no longer lie to him about Cody. Actually, I told him almost the whole truth. I decided it would be better to not mention
my behavior and put it as if it were simply better for my son to live in a whole family. I mean, with my mom and Leo. I was extremely afraid of how David would
react, but to my surprise, he did something that made me fall in love with him even more. He said that, since from now on we were going
to live together anyway, he’d be happy if Cody lived with us. My family hadn’t met David yet, so we decided
that we’d go there during the coming weekend and kinda combine the two things – the meeting
with parents and the reunion of Cody and I. Of course, I thought that that grownup decision
would please her and make her happy for me, but her reaction was totally unexpected. She said that she was glad that I had finally
met a nice guy, but it was she and Leo who were raising Cody during all that time, so
they could be fully considered his parents and that they wouldn’t give me my child
back. I couldn’t believe that this was happening
for real. At the same moment when my life was about
to finally become normal, and even amazing, my mom was the one who was throwing stones
at me. This outraged me so much that I simply said
that I’d take my son anyway and started to gather some of Cody’s clothes and toys
that were next to me, but my mom jumped to her feet and took everything out of my hands. She said that if I didn’t stop, she’d
call the police and even promised to deprive me of my parental rights. David got really angry, and I was afraid that
things were going to end pretty nasty, so I just forced him to leave their house and
go home. Well, I had no other options left but to tell
David the truth, I mean, that it was me who didn’t want to live with Cody, and not my
mom who separated us. He was in shock, of course, and he still doesn’t
understand me, but we are living together now. I do feel that this issue creates some sort
of distance between us. On top of that, mom still doesn’t want to
talk to me and I haven’t seen Cody since all that happened a few months ago. I just hope that someday my relationship with
my mom will get better and that we could become one big family, even though my son would continue
to call me “Jess.” You can give this story a like by clicking
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