I Rescued Abandoned Newborn Kittens
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I Rescued Abandoned Newborn Kittens

So my mom and I live in these apartment complexes
on the second floor and we have two cats named Bella and Kitty. With being on the second floor we had this
little porch and our cats are always out there enjoying the views of the apartment complex. So everyone kind of knew that we had animals. One night my mom and I were sitting on the
couch and we heard this knock at the door. My mom answers the door and there’s this little
boy then he tells my mom, “hey um, you know you guys have cats and we keep hearing these
crying meows from the bushes and our parents aren’t home so can you come check it out?” We put on our flip-flops really quickly and
dash out the door. So we go around to the back of the set of
apartment complexes and there’s crying from the bushes. And we had our flashlights and we kind of
poked around through the bushes and then my mom sees it…seven little kittens, all curled
up into a little ball and a big thorn bush and they don’t look good. I jumped into the thorn bush and grabbed the
kittens out one by one. While my mom took them from me. My Mom and I put them in this little basket
that we brought with us and we took them up into our apartment complex. We gave them loads of blankets and food and
washed them up a bit because they were all scruffy from the thorns that what they were
in. We were scared and we were worried for their
health because they were all blind. So we take them to the vet, the doctor says
that there’s not a very good chance that they would live. My mom and I obviously are very upset about
this, so the vet says “well if you guys are so concerned about this we could take
them in but it would be very expensive.” And my mom and I, we don’t really have that
much money so we asked if there were any alternatives and they said that we can maybe nurse them
on our own. We of course we’re like, “Oh, no!” This is gonna be another responsibility. My mom would have to take off work because they’re all blind or I would have to stay home and
how can a 13 year old take care of cats like that’s just not a thing that, you know, take
care of blind cats like no, that’s not gonna happen. And we didn’t want to give up, so we got all
the supplies that we needed to help the cats. We got eye medicine for them. We got this replacement from their mother’s
milk and beds and we all gave them names. There was Rhubarb. There was Ginger. There was Sassy. There was Nutjob. And there was Nightmare, because he was all black, of course. We cared for those kittens for a
good three months in the bathroom. Slowly but steadily their sight all returned and soon
enough we got to give the kittens out and I really want to nurse cats whenever I get
older now


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