Good morning, guys. I’m starting this vlog off today with a run
and a little run update. Next month is the half marathon that I’m running,
and my training was going really well. Then in the summer with the holidays and the
kids at home, it kind of went down a bit, and I’m trying to bring it back up again. So today I’m going out with my best friend. 7:00 a.m., we’re going to try and run the
furthest we’ve ever run. We’re setting out today to try and run 10
miles for the first time. But I almost didn’t want to say that in case
we don’t make it. Seven miles is still the furthest that we’ve
run, so even if we get to eight or nine, I will be happy with that. I’ve just woken up and now the kids are just
waking up. I’ve had a coffee, banana, almond butter toast
and water. That tends to be like what I feel good running
on, when I’ve eaten that. But I’m feeling mixed emotions about the race. I think when I ran … when I did the couch
to 5K, it was a really good program for me. From 5k onwards, I feel like I’ve been struggling
a bit. But it’s great, I’ve got a running buddy. My friend Laura, she makes me go out and she’s
like, “Let’s wake up before the sun and do this run,” so we’re going to try and do that
today. So wish me luck. I so want to stay at home. The long runs, I find really hard because
it’s two and a half hours away from the family and they’re all cozy in there with their breakfast
and blankets and I just want to get all cozy with them, but I just need to remember why
I’m doing this, for Great Ormond Street Hospital. I still also feel a bit like, “Who do I think
I am? I’m not a runner,” but then it is amazing
how much of my fitness has come on since I started this, so I need to get out of that
mindset. But yeah, off we go. Right, so we did it. We stopped twice and just got a drink and
then I needed a stretch, Laura needed a stretch, my toes were hurting and I needed to loosen
up my trainers, but I just can’t believe we actually did the whole 10 miles and the half
marathon will only be another half hour on top of that and I feel like I could actually
do that. It’s a beautiful day, which really helps as
well, so yeah, I’m feeling a lot better about my training now because last week I was just
feeling like, “I can’t do this. Who do I think I am?” I think it’s that imposter syndrome, someone
said. It’s when you feel like, “I’m not fit. Why am I doing this?” But actually we did it and I’m so grateful
for my friend Laura because she kind of made me do it. But anyway, the route that we did, we planned
it so that we would end up at the boys football, so just met the boys. We’re at this little park. Caleb’s just using the gym because he didn’t
want to do the football class today. Mommy go running? I want to go home, Mommy. Come on, then. Should we go? Yeah. Okay. It’s too sunny. It’s too sunny out. Oh, it’s horrible when it’s nice and sunny. I’m an orange. Yeah. Like your top. It’s an orange. Oh, sorry. Come here. We’re home and now I’m making the boys some
grilled cheese sandwiches, so I thought I would show you how I do it. I basically butter all the bread and then
the butter side goes down in the pan and then … like this, then you put the cheese on
top. Cheese and then Oh and then you take another
one and you put it butter side up again so that when you flip it it go like nice golden
Brown and it will be delicious. I mean of truth, I’m going to flip this. I basically flip it when the butter on this
side starts to melt a tiny bit. So you should probably use just
a flipper. Excuse me Mister, are you waiting? No. For your grilled cheese? And now we’re in a rush to get back out the
door and have the boys haircuts because it’s the school photos next week on Wednesday. [inaudible 00:04:51]. So we just made some grilled cheese, but they
took so long, we’re going to have as takeaways. [crosstalk 00:04:57] Aren’t we? I’ve got a tummy! You’ve got a tummy? Where? There it is! And I go sleep! And you go sleep on your tummies. Right, you’ve got to go and get the haircuts. No! Not you. You don’t need one. Just the big boys. Yeah? Well how good do you look with your haircuts! [inaudible 00:05:45]. Right, should we go and get some treats? Yeah, from the bakery. Okay, let’s go! So, Matt has just taken the big boys to have
their haircut, but I’m staying home. I’m going to try and tidy up and Jackson is
having a sleep. He doesn’t normally nap in a day anymore. We kind of stopped that. But today he actually said to me “Mommy, I’m
so tired, where’s my blankets?” So I’m letting him have a little snooze, I
think cause it’s back to school. He’s been back to nursery and we’ve just been
super busy that he’s exhausted. But that gives me a good opportunity to try
and blitz the house while he’s asleep. Aw! Do you need to wee-wee? No thanks! “No thanks!” Why does he always say “no thanks?” [inaudible 00:08:14] Add your stickers! Mommy, look at [inaudible 00:08:14] [crosstalk
00:08:23]. Oh, lovely! Thank you-
You’re so good at it, boys! Maybe you’ll be an artist. Yay! When you grow up! I love artist! Artist, artist, artist! But what about- [crosstalk 00:08:36]. Are you going to be an artist? No, but I want to be a gamer. Oh, you’re going to be a gamer? I’m going to be a mommy. That is a very good career, if you can check. Jackson’s going to be a mommy. Jackson, you’re going to be a mommy? What, from Egypt? That’s what I used to want to be! Should we go to the Gruffalo Trail? Yeah! Oh yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah,
oh yeah! Okay! Daddy, where’s the slugs at? Where’s the slug? Where’s the slug? Oh yeah, he escaped! All right, so Jackson is awake now and while
he was sleeping, I got to tidy up a bit. Had a shower fresh and DAP and everything. We’ve now dropped Fraser off at a friend’s
birthday party. When they get to his age, he’s eight, nearly
nine. You just leave him at the party, which is
nerve wracking. But he’ll be fine, though, we know their parents
really well, so he’s off to a party. So we have an hour before we need to pick
him up. So we thought we would take the little ones
to the local Gruffalo trail. Fraser was definitely getting a bit too old
for it, isn’t he? The last time we went, he just played football
the whole time and it’s really cute. It’s like a free thing near us. You just like hunt for gruffalo in the woods. So we’ve done it for years. Look for Gruffalo! Yeah. And we’re going to take the boys, aren’t we? But I am buzzing a little bit after my run. I don’t feel like I’ve ever had that. You know, people like “I just love running
and I just get this amazing high afterwards!” And I do feel good afterwards. But while I’m doing it, I’m literally like,
“I’m going to die. I’m going to die, I’m going to die.” I think that’s called Exercise. Really? I’ll just struggle so much, actually after
the third mile I think I warm up and like my breathing and everything is so much easier. Those first three miles are the hardest. Yeah. So I know it sounds completely like a crazy
thing to say, but I honestly find childbirth easier than running sometimes. I’ve got these really big hips and my mom
used to always joke- Hello! Oh, they’re for childbirth. And I think they are like I had really good
positive births, three of them- I’ll come out your side, Dad! And yeah, I think, sorry, we’re here now. I actually find it like [crosstalk 00:10:48]
I’d almost rather do that then run the half marathon. But I think once I’ve done this half marathon
and it’s like a big tick off our bucket list and then I can at least run like three miles. Guys! Oh, go on, go on, what happened?Oh cool. What did you get? Done 1,651 steps. Good boy! He just got a Fitbit cause he really wanted
one because Fraser has one. So now we can track your steps. He’s only had it on for about an hour and
he’s already done like over a thousand steps. So handsome! All right, should we go and find the Gruffalo? Yeah, but I’ve already found a squirrel on
that tree. You have? Oh no! Cut his arm off! His arm! Should we go to the vet? Jackson’s angry about it! What are you going to do about it, Jacks? I’m going to give it a leaf for a band-aid! Leaf for a band-aid, great idea! Oh, I’ll give him a band-aid. It just hurts! Aww, yeah, he’s hurt his arm! Mommy, I want to go to see him. You want to go see him? Aww, you’re hurt! It’s only a little. Doctor Norris is here! It’s only a little hole here! Aww, that’s cute! That’s his arm, that’s his arm. That’s his new arm! Oh, be nice! He might need a new nose! Oh, nose! A hollow? It’s just wood! What’s his name? It’s a woo one. It’s a woo one. Can I have a picture with him? Good idea. Can I have a picture? But don’t get the cutted arm. You want a picture? Yeah. Cheers! That’s a nice one. Running! Running, running, running, running! Today I’ve done so many steps! How many steps have you done, Caleb? We did some steps! Two thousand- Watch out, Jackson! Sorry! What’s that? 2,609. Wow! Wowzers! How many have you done, Mommy? Got to show them this. Look at that, 23 and a half thousand! That’s the most I’ve ever done. This year. This is the best place ever. It’s so nice, isn’t it? The best place! Best place! Okay, but don’t get dizzy! [crosstalk 00:13:38]. Gruffalo? Hello Gruffalo, you must be the Gruffalo!
[crosstalk 00:13:47] Caleb, come! Someone’s ripped his tail off! I know. It’s a baby Gruffalo. Oh my God, look, Caleb’s got tall! You all right, mate? What have you been eating to get that tall? Burgers. Burgers! I ate 25. You ate 25? [inaudible 00:14:04]. You all right there, Jack Jack? Fraser Fraser Fraser! Fraser Fraser Fraser! It’s the kicks in the nipples that are really
nice. Right? So we’re all done at the Gruffalo now. We only had an hour and it wasn’t really enough. They wanted to stay a bit longer, but we have
to go and get Fraser, so we got them all in ice cream. Even daddy! It’s already gone. But yeah, now we’re off to pick up Fraser. I don’t know if anyone else feels like this,
but our whole weekend is around the kids engagements. Like there isn’t a huge amount we do for ourselves. Let’s see. I did run this morning, so that was like my
thing. But yeah, it’s just all about the kids, isn’t
it? It’s all about the kids, about the kids, no
parents! So we’re home from the party and at the party,
Fraser got soaked. So the boys are in their pajamas and they’re
playing football outside. Matt’s going to have a run on the treadmill. I’m just going to put some dinner on. I’ve got to put on some turkey escalope and
some potato waffles. Right. So Jackson is just painting now. He got this paint set for his birthday, so
he went in to do it. Painting, painting, painting! Painting, painting, painting! Pink pink pink, pink pink pink, pinky pinky! Pink, mom! Wow, that’s so beautiful! Wow. [inaudible 00:15:39] And some blue? Yeah. Paint a owl! Mommy, paint a owl! You want me to make an owl? Yup! Yeah? It’s a owl, it’s just a bird. Owls and birds. Okay, ready? That’s his beak. Those are its swings. Can you see? I don’t’ want that. It’s rubbish. Is it rubbish? Yeah. You do better, yeah? Uh oh. [inaudible 00:16:58] Happy? We’ll put the rest in the bin. Oh, in the black one. The boys are eating kinder eggs and watching
football. Man, man, who? [Annoridge 00:17:28]. Annoridge. Fraser’s got big Shiner from the party today. Let me see. Oh, you got slide tackled? Yeah. Jackson’s over here coloring, in his Buzz. [inaudible 00:17:46]. What is it? It’s cotton candy. Cotton candy what? Clouds? Cotton candy clouds. Okay, let’s have a look. It’s cotton candy! I think you might be right, mate, it is cotton
candy clouds. Daddy, I want to eat them! I want to eat. Go on then, look, you eat them. Take a bite, take a bite. Take a bite! Take a bite! Take a bite! Good boy. Oh, so tonight we’ve got a takeaway curry
cause it’s Saturday night and I burned loads of calories during my run and I’m joined by,
not one but two Norris men. This is Matt’s dad Pete. Subscribe to his channel. So we got onion budgies, chicken tikka, pilau
rice, chicken dhansak, chicken bhuna. That’s it. And papadums and a bit of wine. Yeah, we’re really going for it tonight. Come on, come on. Come on. We can do it. We do it together. Right. Come on boys, time to go up. He’s just doing some Fortnite Panda dancing. It’s bedtime! Right, it’s bedtime, boys, it’s dark! Right, so all the boys are in bed now and
I’m just going to chill out what Britain’s Got Talent, eat the cupcake that was in the
boys’ party bag and go to bed. But yeah, thank you so much for watching this
video. I hope you enjoyed it, and I’ll see you in
the next one. Bye bye!

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