If Men Got Pregnant
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If Men Got Pregnant

(keys clacking) (dings) (perky music) (vomiting) – Can I come in there? – This, this room is my room now. This is my den, this is my cave– Gotta go. – I have to get in there
before work though, babe. – [Joey] I will build you
another bathroom, woman. – Okay. – When are you due? – April. – Nice, the off-season, huh? – Yeah, you? – Not ’til August. – Ah, so you still got a
little bit of time left. – Yeah, yeah. – Hey baby, you ready to go? – Oh yeah, hey we should go. Good luck, buddy. – Damn, out pregnanted. Two filet mingons, extra side of fries, two wedge salads, hold the blue cheese crumbles, extra bacon. – Nice man, eating for two, huh? – Oh, oh, oh, easy there little Steph. – Babe, did you just call
her little Stephanie? That’s so cute. – No, no, like Steph Curry, point guard of the Golden State Warriors, duh. – But what if it’s a girl? – Probably, Rambo. Yeah, but he, but he touched my belly – Okay. – and he gave me parenting advice, so– – Okay, stop. Assault is a serious offense, okay? I can’t let you go scot-free. – Touching my belly was
a threat to my dynasty. – I’m just gonna let
you off with a warning, I’m gonna chalk this
up to pregnancy brain. – All right, guys, I’ve got the cupcakes. GTA themed, just like you asked. – Oh, thanks babe. – Yeah. Um, so you guys have any
advice for Joey and I? – Babe, it’s not a big deal. – What are you talking about, it’s huge. – No, it can’t hurt that much, if it hurt that much people wouldn’t have kids. – Pssht. – Whatever, dude. – Dude, it was the most gruesome thing I’ve ever experienced. – Imagine a snake– – [Blond Friend] I thought
everything was just gonna rip. – Now imagine– (eerie music) – I wanted to die. – I wanted to die. (gasping) – Oh. – Babe? Baby, are you fine or what’s going on? (laughing) – Oh, you make life. You make life, oh. – Can we go back to bed now? (kisses) Are we sleeping this way? – [Dark Haired Man] Mmm-hmm. – [Pregnant Woman] Okay.


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