I’m Pregnant? | Hannah Stocking
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I’m Pregnant? | Hannah Stocking

ba ba ba ba bada ba da ba ba ba ba bada bada ba – What are you doing? – I can’t believe I’m running into you. It must be safe Well, I knew you were gonna be here – But definitely same… – what? – look look I know I was the man [you] needed me be back then and I [wasn’t] faithful But what I’m trying to say is I’m a changed man. That was in third grade. Love is timeless That’s not the point what I’m saying. Is that day we kissed on the playground I’ve been feeling firework service Let me show you (Crack) – Are you good? – Yeah me… I hate my life I’m sorry about your back, but I’m here to support you to everything Doctor Buttocks? I hope its not broken I’m sorry i’m late – Hannah hey? Oh my God won’t your results are in. How bad is it bad? Congratulations, you’re pregnant That’s a normal reaction. I thought my back was just broken oh that too, but you’re pregnant You’re about eight centimeters dilated already. We can have this baby today, okay? Oh Yeah, it’s a boy I’m going to go ahead and get you in the waiting room because most of our beds are occupied And we’ll get back to you as quick as possible Okay Hannah, what happened to your back? [oh] my God from high school. how are you? Okay, not tonight Where’s the sake of my life [don’t] do [it] don’t have kids whatever you do don’t have kids. What do you want? On that note. I’m Craving a burrito. Do you wanna go grab food Mm-hmm? Good luck to [heavy-hitter] you Help me please. I don’t [know] if you need to sit [down] for this but He also said I’m pregnant You’re pregnant How are you pregnant? No wait that doesn’t make any sense? But I know I am because I haven’t had cravings like this since 15 years ago oh Wow, [I] think I’m having contractions. Oh my God mom. I don’t want to Look inside, okay, okay? My God is it a boy oh my god. [oh], it’s a girl clothes It’s a burrito What would you eat a full burrito? [I] must have switched your test results with your friend outside [well], not me is obviously the nurse because I don’t make mistakes like this, but that’s a burrito So she’s not pregnant You’re not pregnant It’s my bad about earlier my mom it was for my mom, but he exploded but they didn’t charge me a cancellation fee look I’m here for you now that [makes] Zero sense what? I’m gonna bring you outside, okay, and actually bring the other patient in that actually is pregnant, okay? Jeannie what office is it not my chest my back is not broken. I want my chest see Mom You’re pregnant Yeah, and congratulations to Adam who you’re the father That’s a normal reaction. Oh my


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