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[Captions by Judy V. at Y Translator]
I have hoop earrings now. You can put things through them. Hey guys. Today we’re gonna be watching girls who
told their parents that they were pregnant. Prank gone wrong. Gone wild. Gone sexual. Let’s get started. So, I recently bought this
little fake pregnancy thingy. So this is how everybody does it. I was wondering, where does everybody get a
pregnancy test that says positive? Like ya’ll must know
somebody, that’s pregnant, and get them to pee on it. But no, they got like
prank ones that say positive. Alright now, I know. Ma. What girl? I got to talk to you. Oh, the good old, Mom, we gotta talk. If your teenage daughter is like
all serious, like, Mom, we gotta talk. Is either she’s pregnant or it’s a prank. I took a pregnancy test. And I’m pregnant. Look, just don’t, just please don’t be mad. What you mean? Mom. I didn’t, I don’t know. Ma, please bro, please bro. Please bro. Don’t hit me. Everything was just happening so fast and I didn’t know what to do. Mom, please mom, please. Okay, I’ll tell you what. You were not about to do this. That’s what we’re not about to do. Mom, can we just talk about it? Talk about what? What’s
there to talk about? There’s nothing to talk about. Mom, yes — Damn, she’s gonna kick her too. There ain’t nothing to talk about. If that was my parents, they take each
one of those shoes and beat me with it. I can’t– Yeah. Ma, I’m sorry. Call him. You gotta go over there with him. It’s mama, I’m not playing with you. – Mom please.
– I’m not, I’m not. Because you’re not like, Stop. – I’m sorry.
– I’m over it. Like really, how do you? I know, I know. But Mom, I don’t, I don’t. Mom, please bro. You might want me to walk out of
this door because you about to get hurt. Yeah, just step away. No mom, I want to talk about it. I wanna talk like, what are we
gonna do with the baby? Nah, you’re gonna go to his house
and talk to his mama about it. I don’t got time for this. That’s abuse. I’m not playing with you. But mom, what are, we gonna do about it. What are we? Nothing. What are y’all gonna do? You go with him. Go there. What you gonna do. But I don’t even know his people like that. Oh, but you could lay down with
somebody and get knocked up but you don’t know this people? F*** you mean. Y’all understand that. Her mom is such a savage though. First, you go and beat her. She got and be like, how do you not
know these people and get knocked up? Y’all girls kill me, y’all so dumb. Like I can’t. Ma, can’t we just — No, move, I’m — move. Mom– Girl, listen. Move. Look bruh. Ma, can’t you just sit down? No! I like how she’s like Ma, brah, and she’s
like brah move. I ain’t never seen anybody
talk to their mom like that. Like imagining your mom being like,
Bruh, why your grades so low? Bruh, finish your food. Bruh, clean your room. Can we appreciate how popping my highlighter
is real quick? I keep like glancing over at it like, Hello, I highlighted my nose today. Please. Move, okay. That’s your best bet because
I can’t with you right now. Okay. Mom, please. No, you about to get punched to your face. Like move. Mom, please. Please just sit down. Bruh. Please, what? Nothing. No! I’m sorry. I’m sorry I didn’t know. Ooh, yo I swear to God, like I’m really
trying to hold my composure right now. Cause you knocked the **** up? So let me leave because I’m-a hurt you. She warned you. I’m just saying she warned you. There’s a lot of shoes on that
wall that she could throw at you. I’m not about to do this. Everybody make mistakes, bro. Okay, well guess what? You’re gonna live with it for 18 years. Damn. She could have threw out
the, you don’t want my mistake. …the way before I knock you out. And I’m not playing. She’s talking about knocking her out. You get knocked up. I’m-a knock you out. Understandable. At this point, it’s nothing to discuss. We should’ve talked about it before you laid
down. That’s when we should’ve talked about. Grandma, what’s up? Get your key. Get your little stupid stuff. I’m gonna go. Mom, no, please. Girl, move. I’m sorry. Please. [inaudible] Move bruh! Get my shoe. Angel, what is you doing? That’s my dad. Throws his shoe and then he’s
like get me my shoe. Like bitch, nah, you threw it at me,
not me. You go get it. Can you please just sit down? And you touch me again, we gotta have
a problem. Do not touch me. Okay. Don’t touch me. Damn, do not touch her. Quick, you better
get your granddaughter cause she
might have a busted lip. I’m pregnant. No, you’re not. Yes, I am. No, you’re not. Momma, tell her. No, you’re not. No you’re not. Quit lying. Damn, grandma gonna call her out. No, you’re not. No, you’re not. She lived through enough
shit she already knows. Ma, it’s a prank. Bruh, y’all really thought I was pregnant. Yeah I thought that was a toy. Girl, you know I don’t do that stuff. You thought I was pregnant for real? Why would you play like that? That ain’t nothing to play with. That’s not a game, bruh. That ain’t a prank, bruh. I love her mom. So, we got these two girls over here. This girl and her friend are gonna pull the
“I’m pregnant” prank on her mom. Her friend is gonna sit down and talk to her
mom. Saying that she got pregnant. So her friend is basically snitching on her. But this is all planned. All of the sudden, she’s dating him. You tell me this is just your friend. You don’t like him, and now she’s dating him. She’s trying to hide from us. So they’re gonna call her into the
room and confront her about it. Sit and tell me everything. I told her. About what? What is this trouble you caused? I swear to God you deserved to be killed. Damn, just straight up, I swear to God you
deserve to be killed. I swear to God you deserve to be killed. What the — I send you I give you all the freedom here to study. This was the last thing I need. Geez, her mom dropping off these f-bombs man. Like my mom wouldn’t even let us say hell. We would say the H word. Whenever we were listening to a song and they
said the hell, we weren’t allowed to say it. What are you gonna do? Because you need your Mom’s help. Who, if you gonna drop it,
you need your mom’s help. If you’re gonna keep it, you need your mom’s help. No, I swear I’m gonna kill her. I swear I’m gonna kill her if she keeps it. What I’m gonna tell his mom? Why would you tell his mom? Because she has to know. His mom know? No. He came here? Yeah. He came with this mom? No no, he came alone. Just he came alone. Got you pregnant and left. So basically, she’s saying,
she started dating this guy. He came to see her, got
her pregnant and bailed. And she’s like, I want to talk to him. Where his mom at? I swear to God I’m gonna kill you. There is nothing you can do now. Eat shit. She obviously wants to keep it. That’s what she wants to do. Give me that phone.
Let me call this bastard. Leave him out of this.
He, he doesn’t even know. He doesn’t know. Don’t tell him. What do you mean he doesn’t know? I didn’t tell him. I’m just not even saying hi to him. Just something. Can you call me? So they just texted him, can you call me. Like she’s like, I ain’t even saying hi. I’m just saying, can you call me. What do you want me to do? Kill yourself first. Oh my god. Her mom’s so toxic man. I’m shamed. I swear to God
I’m shamed to be your mom. Don’t sit next to me. Don’t even sit next to me? What a damn tissue box. So they told their mom, she
took a beating like a champ. You get knocked up,
you’re gonna get knocked out. Now we got this girl who’s
gonna tell her mom she’s pregnant. She’s just gonna go to her mom’s room
and be like, Mom, I need to talk to you. Like she didn’t even say anything yet. I have to tell you something
but I don’t want you to get mad. Why would I get mad? You know how me and and Trey
have been dating for a long time. Sheila, don’t go there. See, I’m telling you. In a mom’s perspective,
this talk only leads one way. Only one direction. I ain’t talking about the band. [Music] Sheila, don’t ever go there. I swear to God If it’s what I’m
thinking, you and him are gonna get it. I swear to God. What are you thinking? I’m not thinking nothing right now. Because if it’s true, I’ll have to beat
you’s both up. Okay. Mom, you know how
I’ve been gaining weight? Sheila! Mom. I swear to God, I will knock
you out and I’m not [inaudible]. I swear to God. So this better be a joke or something. Damn it, Sheila. I ain’t taking this. I ain’t having this. No, it’s not. Get out of my room. I’m laughing because I’m nervous. Get out of my room, Sheila. Before I found out you’re pregnant,
you’re getting it and so is he. He’s out, right now. Do you want to see the test? Sheila, get out of my room. Let me calm down. Let me breathe. And let me beat the shit out of Trey. She didn’t even say anything yet. Mom, what am I gonna do? What are you gonna do? Let me handle what I’m gonna do to Trey first. Should I keep it? Sheila, Sheila, I’m upset right now. Get out of my room. Get out of my room Sheila. I’m two months. Get out of my room, and don’t talk to me. I’m warning you. Get out. Get out dammit, I’m trying to watch
the Toyota ad, bitch. Mom, I did the monkey dance. Get out of my room you pig! You pervert. Get out. So monkey dance means sex. In my house you pig? Get out. In your room. Sheila, you better be joking. It’s a prank. You’re so lucky you pig. How did you feel? They tried to do the monkey dance in your room. But anyways, that’s all for today. I hope you guys enjoyed this video. Comment below.
Which one was your favorite and what would your parents do
if you told them you were pregnant? Or got someone else pregnant? Comment below, let me know. And make sure you hit
that like button in the face if you want another one of these videos. And subscribe to join the Wolfpack. I love you guys so much. Thanks for watching. Bye guys. [Music]


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