I’M PREGNANT!!! | Surprise pregnancy announcement!
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I’M PREGNANT!!! | Surprise pregnancy announcement!

SURPRISE! I’m so excited that I finally get to
share this with you guys! I’ve been dying and nobody guessed it, which I thought was
hilarious, because every other time we’ve said like, “Oh we have a secret” or like, “We
have an update” or whatever everybody’s always like, “You’re pregnant… you’re
pregnant!” and this time not a single person commented that when I teased this
a couple videos ago in the like thrift haul that I did, so I think we’ve just
like throwing people off enough by being like, “Oh we’re moving!” “Oh, I’m starting a
business!” or whatever, but this time it’s what you think it is. I’m pregnant!
We’re having our first baby! We’re so excited! Just… yeah! Just really excited.
It’s the first one, and yeah… a lot- of lot of changes in 2020 coming! Yeah, life is
definitely going to look really different. We’re really excited about it. We’re
gonna be moved into a new house hopefully… Oh yeah! That’s the other thing!
For those of you who guess that we were buying a house, you’re also correct! So
good job sleuthing on that one! We haven’t picked one yet. Right, yeah, yeah. We’re
hoping we’re gonna get the loan in January (because I need like my tax
documents and stuff) and then hopefully move into something in March. So you were
also right! Yeah, so we filmed that part at the beach. I just wanted to do
something kind of cute and fun, but I also wanted to sit down and talk to you
guys about some of the questions that… I can’t really call it an FAQ because
nobody’s A’ed any Q’s… Q&A! So these are just the questions I think you guys are gonna
have. Number one: when are we due? So we’re due June 25th of 2020. Um I’m
gonna be 11 weeks along the day after this video goes live. So this video will
go live on a Wednesday, and every Thursday I turn a new week, so I’ll be 11
weeks. Okay you want to answer one? Okay, what’s the question? Just like thinga
do you think people are gonna want to know… oh! When did we find out? We found
out on Halloween! Yep! Spooky! He keeps saying that every time! It’s funny, I
don’t know! It’s this big life change… Responsibility. The scariest thing of all. Yeah and I actually logged
the whole thing so we’ll be sharing that footage hopefully at some point. I did, as
I mentioned in a previous video, drop my hard drive and we lost everything on it,
including the footage of me taking the test, and the footage of me telling Matt,
so it’s currently at a repair shop. They said it’s like a 50-50 chance that they
can fix it so… Fingers crossed! Dave’s Data Recovery had been little working on
it! He’s been so awesome, so we’re very very hopeful. So here’s a plug! Yeah, if
you’re in Seattle he’s awesome and so nice! Do you want me to talk about uh how
you how you told me? Yeah, let me let me talk about how I found out and then
we’ll talk about… Okay! So I’d been having some weird symptoms, and the night
before (so it was October 30th) I was like… “What if I’m pregnant?” and Matt was like, “Nooooooo… no!”
cuz the timing like didn’t really make any sense and we were pretty sure that I
wasn’t, but I was just having some weird symptoms, and I was like, “You know, my body
doesn’t normally behave like this, and I feel weird… I think I’m pregnant.” So the
next day I woke up, I went on my run, and I was gonna like… I knew I wanted
to film it just in case, so I was gonna like shower and get ready and like
cute, but I was so like, “I just have to know right now!!!” that my greasy a** got in
the car and drove to Target. And I got a test, and it came home and I took it, but
I told him that I was gonna wait for him to take the test. Lies! But I wanted to
surprise him and do something cute if I was if I was pregnant, so I took the test
it was positive. I freaked out. You’ll see. I took another one,
it was also positive. So it was like six hours until Matt came home, so I had to
keep it to myself for six hours which was like the hardest thing to do! And not
only did she keep it to herself- did you keep it to yourself- we were on the phone
because I was driving for work and I like to call her when I’m driving, so I
had called her and she was like, “You know how are you feeling?” She was
like milking me for information. You know, “How do you feel?” like she’s just was
trying to get a feel for me all day. We talked for like probably two hours of
that six on the phone! So I was driving to Renton back in traffic and I did okay
while She’s like, “Are you home?” yeah like “I can’t wait! I need to go to Rite Aid!” or
whatever and she knew the whole time!!! And I think I kept saying that in the- in
there when you told me, it was like, “You knew!” Yeah, okay so I came home and she
was filming and so I got kind of tiptoed in, because I always try to be quiet
well you film… I mean, for the most part, and she was doing a thrift haul or
something and she was like, “Oh go get your sweater!” cuz we had bought sweaters
at Goodwill like a week or so ago. So I go get my sweater, and then I’m like like
showing the sweate,r and she goes, “Oh look, I got another sweater for you too!” and
she reaches into the bag and pulls out a little like baby onesie sweater and I
was just… yeah. I thought she was kidding! I was like, “You’re joking with me!” but she
wasn’t! He kept saying “Are you serious ?!?!” She wasn’t supposed to know yet! We were supposed to
go to Rite Aid and find out and I was like… and I I knew- you know, you know
immediately. But I was in complete denial, because like, when I’d
been on the phone like just getting back to the office like, :Hey I gotta go!” I
had kind of talked myself out of it at that point. I was like, “No, that
would be too crazy!” That I was just, you know, complete denial, and then here it
was in front of me it was like real and then she pulled out the things! Like yeah!
Yeah! Do you wanna grab the ultrasound so we can show them? This is
baby! It’s focusing on your face… you don’t have to cover your face. Anyway,
yeah. Okay, well you saw! Um, yeah! Maybe I’ll film a little b-roll clip of this
so you can see like actually what everything is. Oh yeah! So this is the
ultrasound up close. You can see little baby! So this is the head right down here,
and we think this is like a little fist? and that’s the umbilical cord going up there. So… little cutie-pie! We do know the gender already! We’re not
sharing it… Spoilers, Megan! We’re not sharing it, so
keep your eye out for a gender reveal video in a little bit! I would love love
love to know what kind of videos you guys want to see over the next 7 months
that are pregnancy-related and baby- related. I have a list already of ones
that I know I want to do, but I’m so excited to take you guys on this journey!
Oh! Something I just like wanted to chat with you all about… So right now I work
from home, which is great cuz I’ll be able to stay home with the baby, but I’m
doing like 70% work for clients and like 30% YouTube work, and I’m trying… I’m
gonna try real hard over the next 7 months to kind of flip that, so that I
have less of a schedule and I can focus more on the baby, and on being a new mom.
And you guys have just been the kindest and most supportive community that I could
ever ask for. It blows my mind on a daily basis. But I just wanted to like tell you
guys that that was a goal of mine, and if you guys want to share this channel with
a friend, or you decide you want to watch through the full ads (or 30 seconds of
the ads before you skip or whatever) to support us… our little family, support
baby Acuna… Yeah, that would be awesome!
Can you do a poll on like your YouTube channel? Like, like you can post stuff like pollll it for like boy or girl so everyone can go and guess? Oh yeah! Yeah,
no let me know what you think it is in the comments…
we know! We did an early- actually you’ll probably see cuz I’m working with the
company- but we did like an early blood test to find out. Her blood, not the
baby’s blood! Yeah. That was my first thing. I was like “You’re gonna take blood from the baby? No!” They like look for like fetal DNA in your blood which is so
crazy to me! But yeah, is there anything else? I feel
like my brain is just everywhere… due date, ultrasound, gender, how far
along I am, how we found out… How are you feeling? How have your symptoms
been? I should probably do just a whole- You could do a whole first trimester
thing. I have not thrown up yet, which I am very very happy about. I do get nauseous
sometimes, but no puke yet, and we’re we’re 11 weeks in by the time you’re
seeing this. Yeah, we’re really happy! We’re really excited! I’m excited to
share this. Anyways, I feel like this video is getting really long because
we’re really excited. Thank you guys for watching! Love you so much!
We’re so excited! I’ll see you guys with my next video! I hope you’re having a
great day! Yeah! Bye!


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