Impractical Jokers: Inside Jokes – Murr Births A Newborn | truTV
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Impractical Jokers: Inside Jokes – Murr Births A Newborn | truTV

good to see you, pal. -All right, I’m going first.
-Yeah, go get them. Okay. Could you tell me a memory that you have with a pet? I had a dog named Pep. Did you have responsibilities
like change the litter box? Always change the litter box,
walk the dog, clean up after them,
as far as their living quarters. And did you ever go
to a pet park with them? No. No? No. Never?
Okay. No, man. [ Laughs ] You never got to, huh? [ Laughter ] We got him! I like kittens. Do you agree
that some things, when they’re little,
they’re cute, and then when they grow up,
they turn really ugly? Like a baby ferret,
for instance. No. No. You got the reverse. That’s great. All right, I’m out. Take me through a shopping
experience for you for clothing. I look for things that
I probably say that I like, but not
necessarily very pricey. I’m not interested
in paying more than I need to for something
that nobody’s gonna know it’s a Gucci shirt
or a Van Heusen shirt. If you’re spending more than
50 bucks for this shirt… Yeah, if you spend that much,
you’re a turkey. [ Laughter ] That’s a laugh.
That’s a laugh. [ Laughing ] …maybe I’ll go
a little bit high, but like I said,
I’m not going to… [ Laughs ] Okay, you want to talk me through going to
the grocery store? Looking for whatever
sales are there. That’s the first thing I always
look for anytime I go somewhere. Q: Oh, what’s this? Wanting to find out
what selection’s on Monday, Wednesday,
and then Friday… Turn over. It’s every two or three days
I go and constantly… [ Laughs ] Usually, it’s the — yeah. Yeah, Joe, he — [ Laughs ] [ Speaking indistinctly ] [ Laughs ] That’s a laugh!
That’s a laugh. [ Laughs ] Oh, man. [ Laughter ]


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