Inside My Newborn Baby Diaper Bag!
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Inside My Newborn Baby Diaper Bag!

(gentle acoustic music) – I want to give you guys a little tour of what our newborn diaper bag looks like. And I’m saying newborn,
because the diaper bag changes. So you can’t expect a
diaper bag for a newborn to look the way a diaper bag
will look for a six-month old or even to have a diaper bag by the time they’re like a year,
you’ll be over it. (laughs) But I thought it’d be fun to show you our hospital diaper bag and what we’re planning on right now. (silly sound effect) I’m making some theme
music for this, okay. First of all, I’ll show
you what type we got. (silly sound effect) I don’t actually know what
brand this is or anything, let me check. Graco, it’s a Graco, I like Graco. I like Graco, that makes sense that I would have gotten this. It’s unisex because
Christopher will probably be wearing this more than I will be. Maybe, I don’t know,
there’s always that chance, so I like to make
anybody feel comfortable. Also, it’s a backpack that’s
small enough that I thought, maybe the kids could
wear it for me sometimes. I think Jacob’s gonna be
wanting to grab it out of my arm and stuff like that. I’m at a different stage than
I was, on my first child. Now I have these awesome little helpers, who are very excited about things, so this will enable them
to be able to help with it. This technology blows my mind, right here. This didn’t exist in diaper bags when I first started having babies. I think it’s amazing. I love this easy access to wipes. Wipes are something
you want easy access to and you wanna be able to feel them, go like, am I gonna be out of wipes soon, cause that’s really important to me. It came with its own container, I believe, and I just took it right out, because this is easier for me. This side is an insulated… They always have an insulated thing for I think, formula and stuff. Or maybe breast milk that’s
lying out, I don’t know. Because I’ve never experienced
that part of mothering. I haven’t done formula. I’m not very good at pumping. I do pump on occasion, but not so much that I’d be
able to carry bottles of milk just around with me, because I just don’t get a lot out. (laughs) That’s my little
special fact about myself. And maybe that’ll change this
time, I’m always hopeful. But so far, I get an ounce or
two ounces after 40 minutes, and it’s really sad and
I mostly just nurse, because I keep my babies around me a lot. It’s not usually a problem, but now I’ve got kids who
really wanna bottle feed the baby at some point. So I’m gonna have to work extra hard for them to get something. This is gonna go in there instead. This is a roll of trash bags. Trash bags are essential to a diaper bag, especially a newborn diaper bag. Because, I don’t know
if you guys know this, newborn babies and little
babies have these things called blowouts, and that’s not a cute hairstyle. That’s a massively explosive poop. – I remember that Parker had 13… 564 blowouts. – Yeah, so babies have blowouts. That means that often, they
get all of their clothes and get all outside of their clothes and outside of their diapers… You always get caught unaware, really. And basically, what you wanna do is take the clothes off completely, stick them in a bag and deal
with it when you get home. What I always did before was we’d reuse our grocery
bags and our plastic bags, but our community actually doesn’t have plastic bags anymore. Everything’s reusable,
so I’m buying these, and this is clearly a ton, and hopefully will last the
entire lifecycle of the baby. Because it’s really weird to me that I’m buying plastic bags. But they are essential, you want bags that you just throw away. And also for diapers, like for a really gross poopy diaper, put it in there, tie
it up and you’re done. The front of this diaper bag has this convenient little slot here. I put my nursing cover, which obviously you don’t need. I’m a total breastfeeding momma and I totally support nursing. And I support however people do it, if they wanna just be all out or not. I typically have a cover, because that’s how I’m most comfortable, and I think what’s important
is the mom and the baby being the most comfortable during nursing. So that’s how I do that. I like to have a little cover, and the heat of it doesn’t bother me, like some people get bothered by the heat, and I actually am a cold person, so I like having a little blanket on me. This is essential with my children. This is a burp cloth. The reason these are here is because I wanna just be able to pull out something to clean up a mess, and I wanna be able to pull out something to cover me up for nursing, so I can just do it really fast. Because my babies are pukers. They’re major pukers. I think it could be because of how they’re swallowing my milk, like maybe they’re getting
more air, I don’t know. I also totally overfeed my babies, because I don’t go on a schedule. So I just fill them up, fill
them up, fill them up… And then they puke on me. Next thing is the little zipper pocket, Kablamo. Inside this, I put pee-pee teepees. You put that on their penis as
you’re changing their diaper. (laughs) Bailey’s giggling. Bailey knows. Bailey used to help get
me the pee-pee teepees, when we needed them. They’re like the first week, I’d say, you cover up the penis, because when you take
off a baby boy’s diaper, a lot of the time, he’s
just gonna start peeing. This protects everything
from getting pee all over it, including your little newborn baby. I’ve read a lot of stories of parents looking around and seeing
pee squirting their baby in their own face. It hasn’t happened with my
children. I use pee-pee teepees. I got this little tiny Lansinoh lanolin. This has gross ingredients. If you’re vegan, you’re
not gonna like this. But it’s to protect your nipples from getting chapped when nursing. And from my experience, this brand, this Lansinoh is the best. And I did have a hospital
once give me some lanolin that was not Lansinoh,
and it was not good. This is a curved nail file, because babies have very sharp fingernails that they always wanna put
inside of their eyeballs. Also, clippers. Same reason. This, I’ve never used before,
but I’m very excited about it. Very, very, very excited
about this product. The hardest part of having
newborn is often gas. And newborn struggles with
gas, and newborn gas drama is what you’re dealing with all the time. This goes into a baby’s
tushy and helps them toot. Yup, I know, that’s
gonna seem really weird to someone who’s not a parent. And someone who’s had
a newborn will be like, “Yes, that’s amazing.” Got some little baby binkies and I have a variety of binkies. Because in my history of babies, they kinda like one way or the other. This one is kinda straight-on, and then this one is kinda slanted, and it’s got a nub to it. And I have seen my babies have preference, where they either like one or the other. So I brought both. I probably won’t use
it with a newborn yet, because there is a thing
called nipple confusion that people are very concerned about, where you can give your
little tiny baby a pacifier, and then the concern is
that the baby will then not know how to nurse or will
not adapt well to nursing, especially in the first couple weeks. I’ve never had any issues with
my kids nursing in that way. I haven’t had issues with
them wanting to latch or staying latched. I’ve had other issues with
nursing, but not that. I’ve also mostly avoided using things like bottles and pacifiers
in the first couple weeks. So it could be because of that. But I brought them anyway, just in case. In case we got really desperate
the first couple nights or just for future. But it’s not necessarily something
I’m gonna use right away, and I’ll probably avoid it. I got these little ties
for taking pictures. This one says, just born. And then it goes through the
first year and bunch of firsts. And you just stick them to their clothes. I was hoping I’d be
good at taking pictures, and be motivated by having that there. That was that area. And it’s all gonna get a lot more compact when everything is out of packages. But I’m kinda weird and I
don’t like taking things out of packages until I’m
just about ready to use them. I think in my head, they’re
more clean that way. This pocket, I’ll probably use for binkies or something like my car keys. But it’s empty for now. I kinda jammed this pocket, which I’m disappointed with myself for. But it’s because I have
things that are hospital-only. Because in general, you
don’t want your diaper bag to feel overwhelmingly full, because then it’s hard to find
things when you’re searching. You don’t want it to
feel like this massive. You want it to be like,
there’s my this thing. This is easy to get to. But I have some bonuses for hospital time. I have this Turkish Delight, which I got to eat at my baby shower, and I have not had since, and I’m really looking forward to it, so this is kinda my treat
for when I have the baby. If any of the nurses
wanna try it or something, I’ll be sharing it. – Me, me, me, me, me. – Yeah, and Bailey. Bailey wants those. So this is my push present to myself. So that’s in there and won’t normally be. This is a little portable changing pad that you can put on things that are gross, where you don’t want
your baby to just lie on. Or if you don’t want your baby’s poop to get on other things. This is a back-up Boppy cover. I nurse and I’m pretty established
in how I like to nurse. One major thing that I do is I’m super dependent on
my Boppy nursing pillow, to the point where I’m the mom that brings it to Target with me, or if I go anywhere, I
bring it with me. (laughs) This is my Boppy pillow.
It looks like this. This is an extra cover for it. So you just wear it around your waist. So you wear it like that, baby goes here. It’s very helpful for nursing and feeding. I love having a nursing pillow, and I’m lost and very
uncomfortable without one. And I really am partial to the Boppy. There’s another one
called My Brest Friend. And that one, I tried with Parker, and it had some good things to it. It could attach to you, you
could walk around with it with your hands up in
the air if you wanted, which actually is helpful. You don’t wanna do that
with your baby attached. I’m not saying that. I don’t prefer it, I prefer the Boppy. So I don’t know, I tried
both, but that’s my favorite. I have another cover,
because as I said before, babies are gross, they do
gross things on everything. Also in this little
section, this bamorama, are my diapers, hah! Actual diapers in a diaper bag. What, are you kidding me? I’m not bringing that many, because the hospital will provide diapers. But I do wanna have diapers
in there for the drive home, and then for after we have the baby. Like if we were to go somewhere,
I don’t wanna be like, “Oh, I didn’t put diapers
in my diaper bag,” and feel foolish. So those are prepped. Honestly, with a newborn, you could have a lot more
diapers than what I put in here. I think I have one, two, three, four… Looks like I have ten. So that’s a day’s supply with a newborn. We haven’t even gotten to
the main compartment yet, so let’s bust on in. And inside, you will find more candy. (laughs) Cause every mom of a newborn needs an excessive amount of candy, no. This is actually, I bought See’s Candies, which is a chocolate shop
in the California area. I don’t know where else
it’s located, but… I know we have them in California. I purchased these
chocolates for the nurses. So my friend Katie was like, “I always bring chocolate,
and I give them to the nurses, “and I say, ‘take whatever you want,’ “because then they like you, “and they’re gonna wanna be in your room, “and you want them to
want to be around you.” So I got chocolate. Christopher talked about
this in a previous log, but we bought lots and
lots of Starbucks cards. We basically got 50 dollars worth of five dollar Starbucks cards. And that, too, will be
gifts for the people helping us while we’re in the hospital. That’s ready so that they’ll like me, and want to be helpful when I’m a mess. Cause I will be a mess, and that’s okay. I’m gonna show you our
little newborn outfit. It’s really cute! I hope he fits it! It says it’s a newborn size, which is up to eight pounds. Parker was nine pounds and
nine ounces when he was born, so our baby may not fit this at all. Or it could be giant on him. We got Bailey a newborn
outfit to go home in, and you were the right size
according to the packaging, but she was so tiny inside of it. So we’ll see, I don’t know, I don’t know if he’s gonna be this size or bigger or smaller, cute little baby mystery. So because of that, I did
bring some extra clothes. Swaddle blanket, essential. A swaddle blanket functions
as an extra burp cloth, it functions as a swaddle blanket. You can use it to cover
your diaper changing pad, you can use it for a million things. So always pack a lot of swaddle blankets. This is not the only one in the backpack. This is just a swaddle… It’s like an actual velcro-them-in, baby-can’t-escape-from-this swaddle. And I can’t remember using
these with a newborn before. So this may be unnecessary, but I just couldn’t remember
if I needed it or not, so I packed it anyway. Here are some other baby outfits. I packed too many, but I couldn’t resist. There’s like a dozen in here. (laughs) I definitely went a little
overboard with baby outfits, but again, baby could poop
or pee or do a lot of things that you instantly need
to change them for. I brought my sweater
that my mom knit for him. – It’s so soft. – (laughs) It is. I don’t know how this will fit or if it needs to be later or what, but I brought it because my mom made it, and I thought it would be really sweet for him to be able to wear it. And then I brought these onesies. This says little peanut. This has a little lamb on it. Hello, I’m awesome. (laughs) Oh, this one’s really sweet,
this says little brother. He won’t be wearing a lot of pants, except for when we go
on the car ride home, so I brought some pants just so his little legs aren’t too cold. But for the most part,
when we’re holding him, we’ll probably be having him
in onesies and then swaddled. Or even in his diaper and swaddled. We’re in California, it is
actually blazing hot this week. I don’t know what it’s
gonna be like next week, but it’s been really hot, so
we don’t wanna overheat him. And then I also brought this for Jacob, it’s a sleeper suit and it’s baseball. Baseball tushy! (laughs) And then at the very bottom here, I have two more swaddle blankets. Again, these are so useful. They’re great for swaddling
and they’re great for burping, and they’re just great
for a lot of things, so I like to be prepared with those. – We have 50 here. – We have a lot, we use them a lot. That’s the thing with
parenting, all this stuff, it depends on what you use, and what works for your parenting style. None of this is, aside from… Well, I was gonna say
aside from the diapers, but even you could use cloth
diapers or you could use… I can’t remember what the thing is called, but some people do no diapering at all, and they hold their baby over a toilet, and that’s how they
potty-train from birth. I also have a little hat,
and I have two little socks. They don’t really match, but
these are the socks I have. Cause you know what, this is gonna throw a lot of people off, but I’m not a big newborn-sock person. Again, we’re in California, so we have a different
standard as far as weather. I think a lot of people
will see undressed babies, and it can really freak them out, because they’re used to being
in snow or inclement weather. Whereas we’re like, I’m sweating just making this video right now. – Me too.
(laughs) – So it’s so hot, that we don’t need as
much of the baby coverage. While a baby needs to be kept
warmer and they need more, you don’t wanna overheat them, too. So you can’t feel how hot it
is watching us on a camera, but that’s why we don’t
dress our babies as much. Let me put this in the right
order, or the order of urgency. I like to think of it, so
pants are not that urgent. And here, clothes are
a little more urgent. And then I’m gonna put this
little outfit in here that’s hot and the swaddle blanket at the very top. More pockets in here that
aren’t even used yet, look at this. That pocket, that will
probably be better for my keys. And then I have these two, this is where I kept
the hat and the socks, and then this one’s empty. That’s our newborn diaper bag. I hope this helps you if you’re packing diaper
bags for your babies. And this will change for me, too, like it won’t always be exactly like this. I will work along with
how this new baby is, because he’ll be different
than my other babies. I just hope that this was helpful, and I also hope that you don’t
feel pressured to mimic it exactly, but I do hope that
it maybe gave you some ideas you weren’t thinking of before. Thanks for joining me. (silly sound effect) (gentle acoustic music)


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