Is it okay to have sex while pregnant?
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Is it okay to have sex while pregnant?

I’m Bonny Hinz and I’m a certified
nurse midwife at Kaiser Permanente. In most cases, it is perfectly fine to
continue having sex throughout your pregnancy. Sex during pregnancy will not
harm your baby and it will not cause miscarriages and it will allow you and
your partner to feel closer. There are some exceptions of course. We recommend
that you avoid having sex if you have a placenta previa, if you have symptoms of
preterm labor, if your bag of water has broken, or if you have a partner who has an STD. Your hormone levels are going to change from trimester the trimester and
that’s probably going to affect your sex drive. Just listen to your body and do what feels comfortable. If you have any questions or concerns about women’s
health issues or pregnancy, feel free to visit

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