Is Smoking Weed While Pregnant Dangerous?
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Is Smoking Weed While Pregnant Dangerous?

Toking up during pregnancy sounds like a hella
chill way to stop that morning sickness in it’s tracks, not to mention the ankle and
lower-back pain; but are there side-effects for the bun in the oven? Howdy preggo people and their partners and
pals, Trace here proffering for DNews. Pregnancy comes with a lot of physiological
changes. Some women have problems with severe vomiting,
nausea, lack of appetite, and pain during pregnancy; one study found more than 21-percent
of women experience severe symptoms! A quick search will bring up stories of women
who choose to use cannabis medicinally to help keep food down — which, they argue,
ultimately helps the fetus. Other women choose cannabis over other drugs
to manage their pains. As of June of 2016, weed is legal for either
medicinal or recreational use (or both) in half of the states plus the District of Columbia. It’s now a billion dollar business in Colorado
alone and is, more generally, the most used “illicit” drug in the U.S. Because it has never been legal on such a
scale, people are getting curious about when it’s okay to toke up, and when it’s not; and
slowly (as it often does) science is weighing in. According to a new study in Biological Psychiatry,
as much as 13-percent of women worldwide use cannabis during pregnancy. Pregnancy is already rife with rules, restrictions
and requirements for mothers, but now thanks to this study, there’s another: maybe don’t
toke up when pregnant. Their research compared children who’d been
exposed to tobacco while in the womb, and children who’d been exposed to cannabis while
in the womb. The results showed children exposed to cannabis
had thicker frontal cortices. Though, to be honest, it’s not clear what
that means. Some scientists have associated thicker frontal
cortices with higher intelligence, and better executive attention, while others have associated
it with lower intelligence in youth and then higher in middle age. And still others warn that assuming physical
structures tell us anything about intelligence is akin to phrenology — the study of bumps
on the scalp to tell the future. Obviously, this isn’t the only study on weed,
women and wombs. An oft-cited study from 1994 of only 42 Jamaican
children found no measurable difference in the children of pot-smoking moms and non-pot-smoking
moms that couldn’t be explained by socioeconomic status. But other studies have shown newborns of toking
moms tremble more, have different responses to stimuli, and have neurological deficiencies
in areas of problem solving, memory, and attention. The World Health Organization says, “Children
exposed to cannabis in utero demonstrate impaired attention, learning and memory, impulsivity
and behavioral problems and higher likelihood of using cannabis when they mature.” And even though marijuana can help appetite,
nausea, and vomiting for cancer patients, it’s important to mention, some states will
remove children from parents if the newborn tests positive for THC in their stool. Obviously, we can not and would not call any
of this “medical advice”; we’re not doctors. But the American Medical Association, the
National Institute on Drug Abuse, and the World Health Organization all recommend against
preggo pot use. Regardless, as the nation’s grip on control
over marijuana loosens and it becomes legal, decriminalized, or openly accessible in more
places, women may choose to self-medicate with marijuana for pregnancy-associated complications. And because the science is still ongoing,
no one can provide these women with the true risks of that behavior, which preliminary
findings seem to indicate do exist. More research is desperately needed, like,
yesterday. Unfortunately, there are so many confounding
variables and unknowns in pregnancy, for now, true scientific conclusions are caught in
a bit of a purple haze. Look, sometimes, when people get a little
weed and then they get a little frisky, what if you’re pregnant? Can you ||whisper|| still have sex? SURE!! Find out why it’s a-OK right here with my
girl Natalia! Are you worried about a pregnancy diet? Drugs? Exercise? Sleeping? What’s tickling your curiosity about the human


  • Todd

    I say let the women who chose to smoke while pregnant do it. We'll have that many more cases to help understand the effects of fetal exposure to cannabis.

  • Meeks PhatSugar

    I had the worst appetite when I pregnant with all the 3 of my girls and couldn't keep anything down. I'd have a cone and I would feel normal again. I could actually go about my day….. but even now, I feel so guilty about smoking to keep myself comfortable during pregnancy, I had tried nearly everything without stressing my body and mind out!

    I don't want to believe that it has had an affect, and most of the time I feel like it hasn't and my kids are just as clevor as the rest of the other kids. My eldest daughter has a full kindy-yr12 private school scholar ship and WOULD NOT have recieved it if she was struggling to learn or keep up with other children…. but sometimes, I feel guilty because WHAT IF I robbed my kids of something??? What if the consequences of my actions affect her and her sisters when they are adults??? It dose my head in! I honestly think my kids are lucky, they are blessed with good genes and will be successful in anything they aim to be or do… but PLEASE PLEASE DO MORE RESEARCH!

  • Micki Babe

    I think there's a difference between smoking it every single day rather than just every now and then.
    If it were legal, I would definitely smoke weed during labor.

  • Krista Molnar

    k people I smoked with both my pregnancys and both my kids are perfectly fine fine so ya I'm not an idiot my body didnt take to pills or tylanol. it was so bad. I take a pill I'd get sick so smokeing weed helped a lot didnt smoke cronicly it helped with pain sickness

  • Karlene McKie

    great. inconclusive evidence on marijuana use so you close with having safe sex while pregnant. I'll look forward to your next video…

  • Adam Moffat

    my mum smoked both weed and tobacco while pregnant and I was born perfectly fine. I may just be lucky but I'm not the only one out of my friendship group who has a mother that smoked both substances

  • LaylasAdventures

    I'm not supportive of taking ANY drug while pregnant, including alcohol, but I wonder if it has to do with the amount of weed that was smoked and when?

  • Liane Cornils

    Here's is a thought too. If you wouldn't put it to you child's lips, or your infants lips, don't do it to there lips in the womb. Is it really that difficult? And that goes for all of it. It's dope. It's a mood altering substance, for those who can't handle life, without a crutch. Are you, using a crutch?

  • Devan White

    Anyone that says it doesn't affect a child is dumb. I can say with 100% certainty that smoking effects a child and their cognitive ability. My girlfriends sister smoked all throughout both her pregnancies and she was so happy they didn't have any problems physically and would brag about having two beautiful children who turned out good. Fast forward 4-5 years later both of them have a sever cognitive delay and can barely even talk and are far behind their piers. The 4 year old is just below the social abilities of my 2 year old and the 5yo is socially at the level of a 3 year old and can barely pronounce her words correctly or speak more than 6 words.

  • fireson23

    First of all the idea of sex during pregnancy is disgusting, repulsive and just wrong. You are disrespecting the baby. Secondly, you should only smoke weed during pregnancy if you would feel comfortable making your 1 day old child smoke weed or expose them THC.

  • Sparkle Bucket

    Just saying my mom smoked weed with me & smoked meth like twice during her pregnancy & I've taken 5 AP classes, have my own job, basically live on my own, am in the 36th percentile of my class, and have a 3.31 GPA. I also smoke weed every single day for anxiety and pain. Sooooooo I think I'm fine to smoke a few when I get pregnant in the future 😂

  • None of your business

    Well I think that the government should have a warrant to take test the kids stool I mean it's not going to kill him and I don't even smoke so I feel they're taking our rights away slowly but surely and nobody's doing nothing about it and it's not all people like the weed etiquette lady said it's not just Black or Mexican it's all Races that they would take their kids away cuz they test every kid that goes through there which is bullshit and just have your kid at home people do it all the time

  • Sky Wright

    literally just came here to warn people that with my first baby i smoked til 5 months and i was 100% ok and so was my little baby she was very healthy

    pregnant now and smoked over 5 months babys head is small and after doing test was comfermed it was due to pot smoking but with be fine if i stop now witch i did and isnt an issue thnk god.

    if u have to smoke while prego ( mine was medical and please note it was only reggy or low thc) then please stop right before 5 months or it will affect ur child. going back to the first baby she was healthy and perfect but was born at 5lb 7oz and it could have been from my use but that was never comfirmed. please take my advise to heart and listen to what im saying.

    like i said before the baby in me is fine he will catch back up to his right measurements but BECAUSE i stopped right then. i should have stopped at 5 months but was stressed (lame excuse)
    also if u think im stupid for smoking it was given to me by my doctor and my o.b was fine with it cause i didnt want to take zofran and promethazine. i hate pills.

  • JJ

    Yea. Regardless of what the losers are saying here trying to defend careless selfish mothers it's bad for the kid . Common sense ppl I blaze all day everyday but would stop of I had a baby in me smh . The girls I do know who smoked when pregnant kids were mostly stupid or slow or misbehave .. speaks for itself I've seen it . Apple's don't fall far from the tree

  • Idylchatter

    I know of a woman who has seizures and her NEUROLOGIST told her she would be better off with illegal cannabis over the drugs he/she had to give her, (for her child's sake) True story.

  • Griffin Stahura

    Yeah like I smoke weed every day 4 to 7 times a day and I think smoking while pregnant is a bad idea but like maybe only emergencies but obviously everything in the world has a negative side to it.

  • Rachael G

    Okay… but what about the shit prenatal vitamins we pregnant women are given by drs. with NO CHOLINE, FOLATE (which is  absorbed better than folic acid), OR IODINE… THESE are essential to child development (LOOK IT UP) but drs wanna point fingers to something thats natural. explain that shit to me please. I went out and bought my own prenatal with the right dosage of what the baby REALLY needs and most preggo people are deficient in.

  • Bri Tabor

    Idk my mom couldn't take down food and she had to smoke weed to eat,my sister turned out to be a healthy baby girl that's now a doctor

  • Logical Shock

    They’ll take your baby just for it having traces of weed?
    So pretty much its legal to have an abortion and kill a baby….
    But we can’t smoke weed to help with pms… this country sucks ass.

  • Eva MZ

    I had hyperemesis gravidarum until 16 weeks, worst experience of my life lost 25 pounds couldn't sleep couldn't eat hospital visits for IV fluids 2-4 times a week! Water wouldn't even stay down!!. I was prescribed every imaginable drug for nausea there is. NONE of it ever helped and the one that did, worked for an hour took away the nausea but took my appetite too! Also caused me to be constipated for 3 miserable days, it literally sucked all the fluid from my body! I took that one 2-3 times all the others I tried once and never again. Drs kept pushing and pushing the drugs. But tell me why I would keep putting drugs in my body that DONT help!! I have bottles and bottles full of nausea medications. I did my research and met women who smoked their entire pregnancies, their baby's are perfect and scoring high on development charts. Smoking mj saved my life and I believe helped me keep my baby! I will gladly and with a smile take all the hate in the world from people who want to judge. Bc i know I made the right decision.🤰💕

  • Yellanda

    I mean, inhaling any type of combustion into your lungs isn't going to be completely healthy for you, even if it is marijuana. My main question would be about the risk of vaping or taking edibles while pregnant.

  • Bobby Girl

    If you're puking all the time, the baby starves and is deficient in nutrients and can't develop. Pills for nausea will hurt the baby. Do what you got to do

  • Crystal Rain

    So if you don't know if its good to do something like this then maybe don't do it? also I want them to legalize weed so that we have more places that can study the effects of it and we can separate fact from myth.

  • Nunya Bidness

    It's so much better for mom and the baby than the meds they'll prescribe for pain or morning sickness. There is no real evidence that it does anything to a fetus. There are tons of studies that show that cannabis is good for baby but people only speak up about the ones that claim it's bad. With the varying results in studies I personally assume the effects (good or bad) have little to do with the cannabis but more to do with nature and nurture! All babies are different regardless of cannabis use. No studies have even claimed birth defects or any issues that don't already happen without use of cannabis. The studies that show negative results claim only effects that can be "fixed" or changed over time.

  • Horacio Kelly

    CBD is a very effective supplement to use while pregnant, and it can be used post pregnancy. Here is the link for hemp CBD oil, zero THC, and as a medical student I can say that traditional medicine is dangerous while pregnancy.

  • AngelBaby Momma

    Professionals know you can't use the DSM to diagnose cognitive "deficiencies" that early in life. What a load of crock.

  • Ebony's Circle News

    It seems like anything that isn't considered an over the counter drug or FDA approved gets this rep.
    I don't think marijuana has the ability to negatively effect any user.
    That doesn't mean chainsmoke while pregnant, or let children inhale second hand smoke, but that also doesn't mean responsible moms should be arrested or their kids taken away due to smoking weed.

  • dono Taylor

    It's the government. trying to keep everything in the dark. hell the government got the cure for hiv/AIDs😠😠😠 as long you're an millionaire

  • Shan Minus

    Does anyone say anything helpful here in the comments? Instead of making a mother feel worse? Any advice for individuals that are looked at as things "cute" preggerz objectified ovens? Requesting more videos that are actually helpful and not just a wall of text that is stats. … – – – … Ya know…., priorities?

  • Lady Bug

    But is it the babies choice ? It’s pretty selfish if you think about it. I’m pregnant and I toughed it out. I have a learning disability and I’m struggling with dysgraphia because my mom admitted to smoking weed while I was in the womb. So now that I’m a mother I recommend not to smoke while pregnant. There are several other remedies to keep food down and help morning sickness. I don’t have a problem with weed but don’t drag your baby down with you. Your baby can’t make its own choices for itself and it’s selfish for a mom to do that. If you’re gonna say that it’s okay to smoke weed while pregnant you might as well say it’s okay to do any hardcore drug while pregnant.

  • Stef A Knee Mysterious

    I had morning sickness bad couldn't hold any food down instead of gaining weight I lost weight had a still born son at 8 months I was constantly going back and forth to hospital never smoked weed with my first child and he passed away my second child I smoked weed because I heard it helped with nausea and I was finally able to gain weight and eat without throwing it back up my doctor said it wasn't good for the baby so when I stopped the problems came back I went to the hospital because I could barely feel my son moving in my stomach and they told me his heart rate was not right so they gave me an emergency c section he was born 3 pounds 3 ounces I got pregnant again with my third son and I didn't want to put my son through the same stress so I skinned weed he came out healthy with no problems what so ever he was a healthy 9 pounds 3 ounCes had my daughter healthy 8 pounds 6 ounces i don't Condon smoking weed through out pregnancy but it help me out a lot I stopped smoking weed after each pregnancy I only smoked when I was pregnant morning sickness is no joke everybody is different and my kids weren't addicted at birth

  • Diana Parbie

    Men are going to disagree with this because they don't know what we're going through. Pregnancy symptoms are the worst, y'all gotta understand

  • Erica Patterson

    It's okay to put benzoyl alcohol and propylene glycol in the vitamin k shots given to newborns immediately but it's not okay to consume/smoke something that grows in the ground.
    Doctor logic.

  • Sydney Swable

    If you’re not a woman (as in a man) that can make a baby your opinion is irrelevant. For women who actually need this video you’re not helping at all by insulting the women WHO CAN HELP AND GIVE ADVICE!!!!!!! This just proves boys are less then women. Grow up and be a man, stay in your own business

  • Tony F’n Ferguson

    I mean it can’t be great for because the smoke still contains carbon monoxide but it can’t be any worse than eating sugar or processed foods that ruin your entire endocrine system, I’d be more worried about pesticides and artificial sweeteners destroying my kids testosterone and cortisol levels than a little bit of weed, cannabis is an extremely minor drug with almost non existent side effects

  • Jelani Christie

    Those symptoms match up to known vaccine side effects too btw just saying. Doctors hit you with those anyway from birth till you're 18.

  • indya henry

    Well I damn Sho am in agreeance with cannabis and take while pregnant Is special being a person is diagnosed with hyperemesis and that is severe nausea and vomiting in pregnancy I have to wear a Zofran pump nothing work I went for a 6 weeks and 5 days with for my pregnancy not eating or drinking anything and the only thing that helped was Cannabis I have soon-to-be eight children my oldest is 16 and my youngest is 3 my twins who are 11 year old is in he wants to be a chemical engineer my 14 year old is also well it is setting up well before 4 months I have yet to see any negative effects

  • AngelBaby Momma

    None of the studies separated tobacco use from cannabis use? They included both which doesn't exclusively give detail to the effects of cannabis alone during pregnancy. No studies on consumption of cannabis during pregnancy other than the Jamacian studies which report no differences of children after a certain age. (Before a certain age though, the cannabis kids scored better in all areas tested and did better in school)

  • Queen Queen

    I’d say weed is fine. No alcohol though, no hard drugs & no cigs while pregnant but weed nah it’s fine just don’t smoke constantly a few hits of weed here & there I think is fine just my opinion!!

  • Lizziegirlnyc

    Cannabinoids with a mother and baby's endocannabinoid system makes sense.. Every human has an endocannabinoid system.. We we're meant to consume cannabis.

  • Ashley Richardson

    I'm in the mist of my pregnancy, 29 weeks and I've been smoking daily since the morning aka daily sickness started. 1st trimester, I was loosing weight, everything I ate was coming up and due to the rumors I told myself I wasn't going to smoke, blah blah blah. I tried to eat a sandwich and threw it up and literally said to my husband "I gotta get some green, my apatite is going flatline" literally after 30 mins of being high , I was ready for some food lol. I felt like me again!!! Been smoking since, it helps me chill , relax , not over think and eat !! She looks great, great weight, always moving and karate kicking me lol and I feel great .. make your own decisions ladies. I'm always in Las Vegas were weed is legal , so if you are in a good state- fire it up. Obviously don't smoke like 420 but do a lil sumn sumn , you'll be fine!

  • Jesse Garcia

    All I got was that we don’t really know if there are significant consequences for preggo pot smoking. We all know about the crack babies hoax. If you don’t look it up. We had that similar stigma about marijuana use. But, as we develop more data with the rising rate of legalization and use, the evidence would suggest that the consumption of THC, CDB, THCV etc. are generally harmless to us and yield many benefits for patients and recreational smokers alike. With the technology for creating distillates improving, we are getting closer to infusing pure chemical doses rather than resorting to burning a plant. I’d, say that doctors debate this topic. Since there is no definitive answer, we should rely on the evidence when you make the decision to smoke (preferably vape) marijuana while pregnant.

  • Eliza B

    I honestly don’t know what to think. My mother smoked cigarettes with me throughout her entire pregnancy, and I came out perfectly healthy, as did my brother. Someone said it’s just a numbers thing. There’s just a chance you’re taking. Your child may come out healthy or not, maybe it depends on genes as well?

  • ShadowMassacr13

    I wish more people would test with edibles. Obviously smoking ANYTHING is bad because you're replacing your oxygen supply with something else. But what about specifically the consumption of THC/Cannabis in an edible form while pregnant? It's really hard to find any unbiased studies that are definite answers, it's all theoretical

  • Xavier Hollis

    Scientifically speaking: the chances of being harmed by cannabis is 1 to 1 billion. You cannot be harmed by cannabis unless tou do one of the following.

    1) choke on a nugget.
    2)get crushed by a bunch of weed.
    3) a cop finds weed on you and shoots you because theyre all trigger happy thugs.

    So its funny. So funny how you think for a secons cannabis can negatively affect your children IN FACT It has more of a chance to bennefit you and your child.

    Dont buy the bullshit our government is feeding you think for yourselves if you fear getting out there and learning for your own self you are NOT free you are a slave.

    Call me crazy but if you havent noticed our government is more controlling every passing year.

  • Charlene Lord

    DON'T! My doctor wouldn't let me take a teaspoon of Robitussin. NOW, 23 years later, my son is entering medical school. My friend, who smoked pot, her son, cannot function. Stays stoned and drunk. 'Nuf said. Don't do it!!!!!

  • joel norn

    Dnt impregnate a cow to begin with and you won't have this problem. Marijuana is only a miracle drug for the mad cows disease. Loving mothers would only think of their child first ahead of themselves.

  • SonOfGod3000

    If they can’t stop smoking for 9 months to ensure a healthy child I’m really not sure we want these kinds of people being parents anyways

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