It’s never late to have a child…More women give birth in their late 30’s in South Korea
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It’s never late to have a child…More women give birth in their late 30’s in South Korea

Korea’s birthrate went up in 2015 compared
to the year before. Most notably, the number of women giving birth
in their 30s saw a significant boost. But we still have one of the lowest fertility
rates among OECD countries… Lee Unshin, breaks down the numbers. Korea saw the highest birthrate among those
in their late 30s in 2015, according to the latest data. According to Statistics Korea on Wednesday,
the birthrate among women in the age range between 35 and 39 stood at 48.3 in 2015, a
record high as well as a nearly 12 percent increase compared to the year before. Along with that, the birthrate for the age
group of 30 to 34 also saw an increase of 2.5 percent between 2014 and 2015. And the average age of Korean women giving
birth for the first time stands now at 32-point-2,…also a jump of 0.2, than the previous year. [Korean- ] “Nowadays, Korean women are deciding to wait
until later in life to get married, due to a number of reasons, but the biggest one in
my opinion, is the desire to invest more time and energy on themselves first….which explains
why women in their 30s have a higher birthrate than women in their 20s.” The nation’s total projected number of children
born per one woman, known as ‘total fertility rate’…was 1.24 in 2015, an increase from
the previous year’s rate of 1.21. The recent hikes in birth and fertility rates,
in other words, represent nearly 3,000 newborns between 2014 and 2015. However, these figures are still significantly
lower compared to the OECD average of 1.68. Moreover, of all 34 OECD nations, the only
country that has a lower fertility rate than Korea is Portugal, with a rate of 1.23. Although there have been gradual increases
in birth and fertility rates, experts say that it may still take a while for Korea to
see a significant boost in population growth. Lee Un-shin, Arirang News.

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