Jennifer Garner Didn’t Trust Her Pregnancy Test
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Jennifer Garner Didn’t Trust Her Pregnancy Test

So you have three kids. I do. How old are they? 12, 9, 6. 12, 9, 6. So girls and a boy. And Violet is 12. Yes. And what was it like when
you found out the first time you were pregnant with Violet? I woke up that morning– You were only pregnant
with her once, right? Yeah. Just once. I’ve only had her once. But I woke up that
morning and I just knew. And I peed on the stick
and it was so faint. I don’t know if
you guys had this. Those first few days, it’s like
so faint you can hardly tell. So I was on my way to work and
I called my doctor and said, can I come in and
have a proper test? And he said, yeah, sure. Come in. And he gave me one and
he said, I don’t know. You’re not pregnant. It’s negative. And I was like, yeah, I am. I’m telling you, I am. And so she’s 12. And I don’t use
that doctor anymore, but I do have her, so I won. So do you like being pregnant? Yes. Yes. But everyone, I
was more nauseous. I don’t know. Each kid, it was
worse and worse. Really? Yes. So you were nauseous for Violet? I was nauseous for Violent. Then with Sera, with
my middle daughter, I had to listen to
Yo-Yo Ma at night. It got worse throughout the day. It wasn’t like in the
morning and then I was fine. Like as the day went
on, it was worse. And I just remember
for some reason, Yo-Yo Ma was the thing
that got me through. And I would lie there
like this like in the bed just kind of waiting and
hoping I would fall asleep. It’s crazy, right? I mean, you do crazy things. And then with the third
kid, just forget it. It’s like just forget it. It was like Happy Meals and– it’s just gross. It’s just gross, what you do. Well, I mean, one of the things
for me about being pregnant is first of all, you
can tell like day two. And second of all, I
carried a baby in the back as much as I did in the front. So I’d always like catch myself
in the mirror and be like, ah. What is that? That is so big. Oh my god. There’s another thing
growing back there. You mean your butt got bigger? So, so, so big. So part of the baby was
actually into your butt? I think so, Ellen. Yeah. That happens. Like stretched out? Yes. Yeah. I don’t know where they are. I don’t know. I know nothing. So nine-year-old Seraphine. Right? That’s her name? Yeah. She is talented. I saw a picture that she
made something for you. For my birthday. She has a peg loom that she got
at summer camp in her bedroom. It has 12 pegs. And she makes scarves. She made that whole thing? She did. She was so proud of it. She’d been working
on it for weeks. And then it disappeared
right before my birthday and the morning of my
birthday, she was like, momma, it’s cold outside and
I have a present for you. And she said, you can wear it
right now on the way to school. And I was like, great. I will. I will. But I mean, come on. What a great– like most
daughters at that age are like you’re having
to kind of control them from being on the internet
and doing all kinds of things. That’s really cool
that she does that. No. They’re always just
a great surprise. Yeah. So what is the biggest change
that you– because I always like to have moms co-host with
me on this day because I mean, I’m sure they have friends
who have kids, but like what are they going to expect like
all of a sudden having a brand new little child? Well, here’s the
thing, you guys. You will get your bodies back. You will get your lives back. You can still travel. You can still have fun. You can still go
back to work, or not. You can breastfeed or not. You know, you will be best
friends with your kid, and then someday you’re going
to realize you’re actually angry with them and that’s OK. And you’re going to be great
because it’s your experience, and it’s your baby,
and it’s your body, and it’s going to happen
the way you want it to, and you’re starting
your families. It’s going to be beautiful. [APPLAUSE] Good advice. Because it is. It’s all going to. Yeah. Yeah. Everyone has a
different experience, but as long as you love that
child and are there for them, that’s the most important thing. That’s kind of the deal. Yep.


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