Jessa dies after giving birth | Kadenang Ginto Recap (With Eng Subs)
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Jessa dies after giving birth | Kadenang Ginto Recap (With Eng Subs)

Who’s Eva? [PHONE RINGING] Hello, Cassie? Hello, Ma. Where are you? I knew something was
fishy with Eva’s husband. I didn’t know his name… …was Robert. Are you looking for Daddy?
I heard his name. Yes, dear. Don’t worry about me. I’m not leaving this place
until I find out what happened to your daddy. Ma, who’s Eva? I’m not sure, dear. But she’s the key to
finding your daddy. If you’re not going
to show yourself, then at least talk to him. Do it for your child. Why are you so
concerned for Kulas? He treats you like trash. Just come with me. Jessa, you know I can’t
leave my kids here. So, you’re going to
put up with Kulas? For my kids, yes. That’s what it means
to be a mother. So, if you know what’s best
for you and your child, you’d come back. Do you know Eva? Eva? The woman who
lives near the shore. Oh, Nurse Eva! I know her. She always helps out
at the center. Do you know where she is? She’s been away for
a few days now. Why are you looking for her? I’m looking for my husband. This is what he looks like. Here. I know him. A woman who rented my boat
a few days ago tried to go after him. A woman? – Was it Nurse Eva?
– No. What did she look like? She was pregnant, and
she looked like a snob. She left me something. It was with the money
she paid me with. Did you make this? No. It’s Cassie’s. Cassie? It’s her way of
looking for Grandpa. I did the same in my blog. Marga, you can’t do that! Your grandpa went through
a lot when he was missing. We don’t know what’s going on
in his mind right now. What if we don’t find him first? What if he finds
Romina first? He might confess that
Cassie’s his child and we can’t take that risk! But Mom, I just wanted to help. I’m also worried about Grandpa. Fine. We’ll do it this way: You’ll help them, but you need to know
what Romina knows. Find out what they’re planning.
They can’t get ahead of us. They shouldn’t know the truth. Did I hear it right? You were talking to Jessa? What? You talked to Jessa? Where is she? How is she? – Why hasn’t she returned?
– Calm down! – She called me.
– What did she say? She… She said not to worry about her
because she’s fine. That can’t be! Kulas, stop it.
She won’t answer your call. Damn it! This is your fault! You should’ve told me
she called! – That’s what she asked of me!
– And you obeyed her?! She should be here with me because she’s carrying our baby! We have an arrest warrant
against you for the attempted murder
of Leon Herrera. What? You don’t have any evidence. Mister Herrera is
recovering now. He pointed to you as
the man who shot him. You have the right to
remain silent. Anything you say can and
will be used against you in a court of law. You have the right to
an attorney. If you cannot afford
an attorney, one will be appointed
for you. – Do you understand?
– Yes. I don’t know what
you’re talking– How dare you?! I know you already knew
your dad’s alive. Where is he?
Where are you hiding him?! Stop it! Grandpa isn’t here! We’re also looking for him,
okay? What a show! Why didn’t your mom tell me
that your grandpa is alive? Why did you have to
keep it from me? Because I’m protecting him. Protecting him from me,
his own wife? Because I know you
wanted him dead! Is that the real reason? Or are you afraid
he’ll tell me the truth? Daniela, I’m not a fool. He tried to tell me something
before he went missing. He was supposed to reveal
your secrets! You don’t know
anything, Romina. Maybe for now. But once I find your dad, you can’t hide anything
anymore. I’ll know everything, down to your deepest secret! Wait, it’s Marga. Is that her grandfather’s
daughter? Talk about
a dysfunctional family. I don’t blame her grandfather
for not returning. I wouldn’t want to go back
to a family like that either. Good thing we didn’t choose
their company for our work immersion. Imagine having
to work with them. Who asked for your opinion? As if our company
would accept you. You don’t know anything
about me and my family to talk about us like that. Who do you think you are?! That’s enough! Let go of her! Hey! Get off me! Marga, are you okay? They have a point. Maybe Daddy hasn’t returned
because we keep fighting. You think our mothers
feel the same way? We can’t let them affect us. You think so? I know we’re not friends, but just this once,
can we be a family? So we can finally find Dad. Only he can fix things
between Mama and Daniela. Then maybe we won’t have
to get caught in their feud. Thank you very much,
Attorney. Don’t thank me yet. You just posted bail.
Your case is still ongoing. The ballistics report
came out negative. The bullet that hit Leon
didn’t come from my gun. The bullet that hit Leon
didn’t come from my gun. Let’s just keep in touch.
This is going to be a long case. You tried to kill me,
you bastard. You had me arrested. I won’t leave you alone
unless you drop the case. Get out of here, Uncle. Like father, like son. Hey. Mark my words, you will pay for
ruining my plans. This isn’t over. Where are you? – I’m in the mall.
– Get out of there now! Why would I? It’s been a while
since I last went out. You just took Kulas’ bait. He’s there right now
looking for you! He’s the one who
sent you that text. You need to leave
before he sees you! Hurry up! Are you serious?!
Geez, okay! Hey, what happened? – Virgie…
– No goodbye kiss? This isn’t the time
to make jokes! It was Kulas who
sent me that text! We need to leave now! Jessa! Virgie! Where’s Jessa? – Mister Kulas, hey!
– Where is she? Long time no see! Where is Jessa?! Fancy meeting you here! I saw you with her!
Where is she? Gee, Mister Kulas, you need to get
your eyes checked. I’m not blind! Tell me the truth or
you’ll be sorry! I came here alone. Don’t try to fool me!
I saw you– Jessa! Sorry. I’m Romina Mondragon, president and CEO
of Camila Sardines. I’m giving a reward
of 20 million pesos to whoever can find
my missing husband, Robert Mondragon. If you have any information,
please contact Camila Sardines or call the number
on your screens. I need to find out if
my suspicion is correct. If my hunch is right, Romina and my family
are in danger. Marga, what are you
doing here? Answering the phone. She’s been here
all day, Romina. We didn’t think
she’d help out. I brought her with me, Mama. She’s here to help us
find Daddy. – Cassie–
– Aunt Romina, I know we’ve had
rough patches. But please, at least
let me help find Grandpa. I’m fine with that, Marga. I just don’t want your mother
making a fuss out of it. She doesn’t need to know. Mama, please let her stay. We all want to find Daddy. I’m sure he’ll be
happier to know that we’re helping
each other. Hello? Hello. Can I talk to Romina? Who’s this? That’s not important. Just give the phone to Romina. I have something
important to tell her. If this is about
Robert Mondragon, If this is about
Robert Mondragon, Hold on. Your voice sounds familiar. Are you Romina’s daughter? Yes. This is Cassie. Cassie, just give the
phone to your mom. This is urgent. Sorry, Mom is already asleep. But don’t worry. I’ll just tell her that
you need to meet tomorrow. Okay, that’s fine. Tell her to meet me in
Freedom Park at 8 o’clock. I’ll be waiting. Excuse me, miss. Is this the office of
Camila Sardines? Yes, ma’am.
Do you need anything? Has there been any
news about– I’ll be on a meeting. Have some snacks
while waiting. I’ll text you when I’m done. – Okay.
– Thank you. Has she found my husband? I need to find out
what she knows. Hello, LJ. Yeah, I just saw the video. Mommy, Daddy’s been
caught on video. What video? Please follow that car. Are you the one looking
for Robert? Yes. I saw him here. Wait. Pull over. Did you see where he went
or where he’s staying? No, ma’am. Were there other people
here that night? Thank you. Where’s Romina? And why are you here? Can’t you see? She’s not here. Just tell me where
I can find my Dad. What are you talking about? I know nothing about
your father’s whereabouts. Are you kidding me? Why do you want to
meet Romina, then? I want to ask her to
adopt my baby. What? I’m not ready to be a mom. And I don’t have enough
resources to raise a child. So, it’ll be better if
I give the baby away so we won’t end up living
a miserable life together. But isn’t that
my father-in-law’s child? Why don’t you just
go back home? Don’t you have any idea what kind of man
your father-in-law is? I can understand why
Myrna broke up with him. He might just hurt me
when I come back. It won’t do my baby any good. How many months
pregnant are you? Eight months. Daniela, don’t tell me– Fine, I’ll do it. I’m willing to adopt your baby. And why would you do that? You’re about to give birth, too. Are you putting up a nursery? Daniela… She might rat you out. No. This is my only chance… …to bring home
a baby to Carlos. I lost my baby months ago. You’re just pretending
to be pregnant? That’s why I need your baby. How much? What do you mean? How much are you paying me? Do you really think I’ll
give you my baby for free? Unbelievable! You said you were just
looking for someone who’ll adopt your baby. I changed my mind now that I know
how much you need me. Don’t worry. I can give you a discount. Just give me ten million pesos. Where on earth
will I get that money?! You know what happened to me
and the situation I’m in! If you don’t have the money
I’m asking for, then I’ll just go to Romina. [CRYING] Oh my god, Jessa! Hector! Hector!
She’s about to give birth! Then, let’s take her
to the hospital. I can’t take it any longer!
The baby is coming out! Okay, okay, okay.
Umm… Hector! Alright, just face me.
Come on. Jessa, just look at me.
Relax, relax. I need you to push. We won’t make it
to the hospital. – Okay? Okay.
– [SCREAMS] One… Two… Three. Push! [SCREAMS] Jessa, one last push, okay?
One last push. One, two, three.
Push! [SCREAMS] Almost there! – [BABY CRYING]
– Your baby’s here! Hector, Hector!
Give me– [BABY’S CRYING CONTINUES] Jessa? Jessa, please… Breathe! Are you sure you know
what you’re doing? At least I’m doing something! All you’re good at
is taking lives! What do you want me to do? Call an ambulance? No doctor would come here
at this hour. She’s dead. We should be focusing
on the baby, not her. Jessa, please wake up.


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