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JEWELRY Style Tag | Jill Maurer

It’s time for another tag video. This time it’s the Jewelry Style Tag. Hello and welcome back or welcome. My name is Jill Maurer, and I am a YouTuber
here. I am also a jewelry designer so jewelry is
one of the things that is near and dear to my heart. And I am starting this jewelry tag to find
out more about your jewelry style because I am very interested to hear that. We talk a lot about bags and different things
on YouTube, and I haven’t heard people always talk about their jewelry so I would love to
hear from you about it. And this tag is for you if you love jewelry
and you have a lot of jewelry or even if you just have a few pieces of jewelry. I’m very curious to see how you approach jewelry
in your life. Now there are 13 questions and so I will start
answering them now. The first question is, “What was your first
piece of jewelry, and do you still have it?’. My first piece of jewelry is a tiny little
cross, and I’m not sure, I think it’s sterling. I’m not sure if it’s sterling or white gold. I’ll have to look at it again, and it has
a tiny teeny tiny little chip of a diamond in it. And my great grandfather gave this to me when
I was 10 years old. He gave it to me for Christmas, and I remember
looking at it and just being amazed, and my grandmother was there. And I whispered to her, “Is it real?”. And she whispered back to me, “When your great
grandfather gives you anything or your grandfather or your father, you do not have to ask. It is real. So that was my first real piece of jewelry,
and yes I do still have it. The second question is “Do you prefer silver
or gold?”. And if I had to pick one I prefer gold. I do think gold looks better on my skin although
silver looks really good on me especially if it has a little bit of oxidization. When I design jewelry I make it with texture
and oxidization, and I like that. And I also like mixing them. So I do like both, but if I had to pick, it
would be gold. The third question is “Is your jewelry style
big and bold or small and dainty?”. I am big and bold all the way. All the way … always have been. I love big bold jewelry. The fourth question is, “Do you wear all fine
jewelry, all costume, or a mix?”. And when I first started wearing jewelry I
did collect costume jewelry, and then I moved into fine jewelry, and then I sold everything
when I started designing jewelry. I started by designing fine jewelry and that’s
all I wear. I only wear my own jewelry. So I wear fine jewelry. But I also have a brand now where I do have
some costume jewelry, some fashion jewelry. And it is made from steel and leather. So I do wear both, and I will mix them. Number 5. Do you wear the same pieces of jewelry every
day, or do you mix it up? I mix it up. I always have. I’ve never been one … other than my wedding
ring when I was married. I wore that every day. Other than that I would always change my jewelry
around. And I know there are people who constantly
wear it. They sleep in it, shower in it, and I don’t
recommend that. That can be hard on your jewelry, but I do
understand there are people who do that. I take mine off every day, and I do wear a
variety of pieces. I like to wear jewelry based on what I’m wearing. Number 6. Are your ears pierced and if so, how many
piercings? My ears are pierced. When I was … I think my ears were pierced
when I was about 10 and later, probably around 13 or 14 two other holes put in so technically
I have two holes in each ear. Although the second hole is probably closed
up. I haven’t worn jewelry in them, earrings in
them for decades so really I just have one piercing in each ear. Number 7. Anything else pierced if you car to share? For me the answer is no. Sorry. I’m just not that exciting. Number 8. If you had or have a wedding or engagement
ring, did you help select it or was it a total surprise? I am not married now, but when I was I did
wear an engagement ring and then a wedding ring, and I did help select it. My future husband and I both went and picked
out the rings together and then later for my 10th anniversary, we redesigned it. We added some diamonds and we redesigned it
and so I was a part of that as well. Number 9. Do you wear rings on other fingers or just
stick with your ring finger? And your ring finger is the fourth finger
on your hand, and right now I just have a ring on this ring finger. But I will wear rings on just about any finger. And I think it’s perfectly appropriate and
can be very glamorous to wear more than one ring at a time um on different fingers, and
I do that. The only finger that I don’t often wear a
ring on is my pinky fingers, and it’s not because I don’t like the look. I especially like the look with some rings
because the pinky is the only finger that gives you the opportunity to really decorate
that side of the ring and have it show, have it really show. Other than the forefinger, and I do wear them
on the forefinger a lot. But the pinky is a good place to do that. The problem is I lose rings on my pinky finger. It is the only finger where you know I’ve
been sitting there and somebody said your ring just fell off. It I it just it won’t stay on, and so I’m
afraid of losing a pinky ring. So that’s the only finger I don’t put rings
on. Number 10. What is your birthstone? I’m an April baby, and my birthstone is a
diamond. And number 11 is, “Do you own any jewelry
with your birthstone in it?”. And again the answer is yes. Diamond is obviously very, I don’t want to
say common, but it is popularly used in jewelry and so I do have pieces with diamond in it. I don’t have one piece that I consider to
be my birthstone piece because a diamond is just so you know it’s used in everything. But I do own jewelry with my birthstone in
it. Number 12. What is your most sentimental piece of jewelry? And my most sentimental piece of jewelry is
the very first piece of jewelry that I designed. And I only made two. I made one in gold and one in silver. And the one in silver was purchased, and it
happened to be purchased by a friend of mine from high school. So she recently purchased it, it’s been in
the past couple of years, but she and I went to high school together. You know I was sort of nervous about selling
that piece of jewelry, but I thought this is great. You know it’s going to somebody that I’ve
known a long time, and who I know not only appreciates the piece of jewelry but appreciates
me as well so I’m very excited that she got that. And I do still have the gold piece. I have to confess that I don’t often show
it. It hasn’t sold but in part because I don’t
I don’t often show it, and um we’ll see if I ever part with that piece, but it is my
most sentimental piece of jewelry. Number 13. Is there a piece of jewelry on your wish list? Now for most people this is going to be different
because you think about what you want and then you go buy it. For me I make them so I have kind of lots
of jewelry on my wish list and no jewelry on my wish list depending on how you look
at it. Because I am constantly making jewelry so
that one’s a little bit difficult for me to answer. I do think I might start a um sort of a wedding
line. I wouldn’t call it a wedding line. My jewelry is all about each piece being for
anybody who feels a connection with it male or female. And so I would never have sort of bride and
groom because you know anybody can wear anything. So I don’t know that I’d call it wedding jewelry
but I might come up with a line like that. Because what I’ve found is that a lot of people
take my rings that I just designed as rings and they do wear them for their weddings which
is kind of nice. So I may start a wedding line, but I’m not
sure. It’s hard for me to answer the wish list question. So that’s it. Now you know a little bit about me and my
jewelry style. Now I’m excited to learn about you and your
jewelry style. And I’m going to tag several people on YouTube
here. There are too many people for me to list. I’m going to link them below. And so just check down below and see if I
tagged you. If I didn’t specifically tag you I still tag
you. Anybody who would like to do this video, please
do it. I would be honored. Let me know about it. I can’t wait to hear from you. If you don’t have a YouTube channel maybe
you’ll take this as a cue to start your own, but if you don’t and you’re not going to,
answer some of the questions for me in the comments below. I’d love to hear from you there. And please do subscribe so we can see each
other again. Until next time!


  • OxanaLV

    What a great idea for a tag video. It’s awesome that this tag comes from you. Love 💕 all the questions in this tag. Thank you 🙏🏼 so much Jill for tagging me.

  • Autumn Beckman

    Great tag! I plan to film it tonight and have it up Thursday morning. I've never paid attention to birthstones because I've never given it any meaning. Who came up with that idea, anyway? Is it a marketing gimmick or is there really something to certain stones being connected to certain times of year? I'm kind of shocked that you sold all your other jewelry! Any regrets? It's awesome that you can make whatever you want now. Those necklaces you designed – the first piece you designed – is one of my favorites in your collection. 🙂 I was a little disappointed when I saw the silver one had sold.


    Your first piece of jewelry store is so touched. Awesome tag video. I looooove jewelry more than anything.i definitely love to do this tag video. Thank You dear for tagging me ❤️

  • YotaStyle

    Very Interesting, I love the story about your first piece from your Grandfather and the fact that you still have it. I still have my first piece as well. Looking forward to doing this great tag video. Thanks for tagging me! YotaStyle

  • Lee Lee LV

    I really liked this tag ,I am going to try my hardest to get this tag video up ,mostly because I have always been a fan of jewelry and I am such a fan of you and your channel ,loved learning more about your jewelry style ,thanks for tagging me I will really try and get it up as soon as I can ,just can’t make any promises right now things are a little coo coo ,but I promise I will try my hardest ,thanks for sharing Jill have a great week ! Xoxo

  • Nini Ashley

    Great video! I still have my first piece of jewelry as well.  I will record my video within the next few days.  Thank you for tagging me.

  • Leslie Craven

    Great tag idea. I am a silver person for some reason gold doesn’t show up on my skin tone I like big and bold and small and dainty but right now I’m wearing small and dainty because that seems to be the look these days I mix and match costume and real. I pay attention to what I’m wearing and the seasons when I choose different things for different outfits. I only wear a ring on my right hand my birthstone is pearls and I have lots of pearls because they’re not very expensive. I wear lots of fake stuff because I have to take everything off before I go in the pool and I go on lots of swim meets and use lots of public locker rooms so if anything is lost it doesn’t matter I save all of my signed pieces and collectibles for special occasions

  • Scott Mackenzie

    Piercing? I had one ear pierced which closed years ago when my daughter was little. It always felt lopsided to have just one. My college girlfriend gave me her earring and I wore it on the lapel of my jean jacket. I quite liked that look. I will pierce both ears eventually. All my rings, wedding, college, claddagh, were stolen when my house was burglarized. 😢 I think gold looks better on me but I like silver. I just purchased my first necklace, a silver chain with a Maltese Cross pendant with a birth stone in the middle. I’m not religious and it’s not my birth stone, but for some reason, it spoke to me. I think my interests lie in small and dainty jewelry. I’m more of a blender than a stand-out. For now …

  • Muttonstyle

    I've only just filmed the last one 😂. I'll do this too, don't you worry. I haven't watched yet so will do that later and comment

  • Hristina Kostova

    I really love your first and most sentimental piece, striking and edgy design. Wish your jewelry videos were longer… like half an hour long 😀

  • Sabrina Shekofteh

    Great tag, darling. I love it, both the questions and the answers. Thank you so much for tagging me. I will definitely do this soon. Have a great evening. xoxo

  • kathy scott

    Truly enjoyed your answers. Many of my answers would match your choices. My birthstone should be Diamond because that’s my favorite although I do love the look of my December stones but much prefer my diamonds for everyday wear. I’m sure my husband wishes I didnt😁 Your first piece of jewelry you designed is gorgeous and I hope you do a similar style for sale going forward. Have a great week. Kat

  • Emily Pound

    Hi Jill! I've done the tag and linked it here for you. Thanks again for tagging me, this was a lot of fun to do! 🙂

  • Greg Stern

    New subscriber. Love your videos. I love jewelry. I wear pieces that are probably meant for a female but if I like it I’ll wear it without any shame

  • smscrapper

    My ears were pierced when I was born, which I appreciate because I have low tolerance for pain haha. The ring your are wearing is gorgeous. My mother used to only wear jewelry with her birthstone. She had a whole collection of stuff, and then one day, she decided she no longer wanted to wear jewelry with her birthstone (after like over 40 years of doing so), and she got rid of it ALL. I liked my birthstone even before I knew it was my birthstone (saphire). Blue is my favorite color so blue saphires work for me. Those and diamonds are my favorite….I also prefer white gold vs yellow gold…I don't know why, because I used to only wear gold jewelry…but when I started high school I just started to prefer white, and have done so ever since. I do wear a few pieces gold here and there, and sometimes even rose gold, but most of my stuff is white gold or silver… I just gravitate to that for some reason.


    This is a great tag video. Loved hearing your answers. I was tagged by two people to do this tag video, so hopefully I'll be able to do it soon.

  • Rina Sanders

    Hello Jill, I'm here to watch your tag video!!! I was tagged twice for this Jewelry style video. I never did this before. I'm exited to watch your video…TYFS!!! I love your sentimental piece of Jewelry, so beautiful!!! ❤️

  • Kenya's Decor Corner

    Hi Jill! This was such a great tag & your answers were awesome! I was tagged & recently uploaded my video! I really enjoyed participating! Have a wonderful day!💕💗💕

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