• Astral Frost

    I've always thought that I was stupid. I quit school when I was 15, but actually, I was homeschooled (translation: did nothing) for a few years before officially throwing in the towel. I had crippling anxiety and stomach ulcers. I had a number of learning disabilities as well. All of this just did me in on the school front. I guess all that really did a number on my self esteem.

    At 19, with obviously major holes in my education, I went to a local community college for upgrading,. It was scary, but I did get a B in English 11. It would have been higher had I not missed 1/4 of the semester due to illness. I believe I got a B+ in law. Not bad. I really suffered in math, due to my dyscalculia and Math Anxiety. I'm afraid to go back and get my dogwood because of the math barrier. But I don't think that's a reason not to do it. It's a reason to find the supports to get through it. Or at least try.

  • twentington

    I'm really curious to see what assignments he gives his classes, or what the reading lists are like. He's COMPLETELY unlike any lecturer I knew, more like a priest or a self-help specialist. Not that he's not a good teacher- he definitley is, because I learn from him without being there, but if I had a written exam for one of his lectures, what the hell would it look like? What kind of mark would I get? Anyone a student of his care to talk about it?

  • T Zaman

    God he's so clever. He's able to communicate nuanced truths about reality and the human experience that are just ineffable for most people though they may know it unconsciously. Incredible work.

  • Joshua Lyons

    the way this guy paints his picture is amazing. he speaks both intelligently and basically. he uses phrases such as ‘well, what do you know, like, you’re stupid!’ – amazing

  • Will To Power

    Jordan, you have identified the enemy within, the clear and present danger to our society, now what can we do to take our Country back?

  • Krishan S

    He has blind spots (he doesn’t claim not to) and I don’t agree with everything, but simple fact is he’s saying what no one in our culture has said in a long time, and it’s refreshing and what some people are in desperate need to hear.

  • Luis

    Where is the rest of this lecture!? Dr. Peterson seemed just about to continue on how to deal with error messages from life.

  • mbaxter22

    Oh Jordan, I don’t even have an ideological problem with you, indeed I’m a fan. But you are one long-winded motherf*cker. There is intellectual beauty in the act of getting your point across with as few words as possible. That’s what takes real intellect: being clever enough to make your points without being a windbag. It look Petersen 3x longer to make his points than it should have, and he does this more often than not. He’s the kind of guy you want to listen to, but at the same time you kind of dread how long it’s going to drag out.

  • King Kuzon

    Ive got a friend who is basically the person Jordan talks about when he says “maybe you are X”. He does this in his talks a lot e.g “maybe you have gotten to the point where you dont shower and then you go jump off a bridge”. I want to show my friend what JP has to say but i feel like it will be too confronting to them because theyre pretty much at rock bottom in their life. They literally cant even get out of bed or think one positive thought. I dont know what to do to get them to start putting their life back together…

  • Randy W

    If you’re feeling pain from those errors listen to the reason for the pain. Entertain the idea that you’re stupid or worthless and watch your mind correct itself after realizing the absurdity of the proposition.

  • Western Defector

    It's being humbled. You've been given some adversity now it's time to kick it up a notch. It should be used as motivation not something to sob over.

  • Al Leduc

    ok, bad test right. I got bad marks in testing situation, however, I did really well at work with experience that slowly got my confidence up. It does not reflect my capabilities at all.

  • Saif Chowdhury

    I tried o show this to my ( never went to college but thinks I should make all A’s mother ) . She didn’t get it and I was so heartbroken … 😔

  • Abdulrahman Aldeek

    I can't say that I have watched a lot of Dr.Peterson's videos but from what I have seen, I feel that these are sermons or some kind of motivational speeches. Stuff that sell and people like to listen to since that human beings enjoy hearing someone discussing these psychological problems so they won't feel that they are misunderstood and alone. I wonder what does his exams look like.

  • Phleet Gaming

    gotta wonder where this guy was when i was in school. halfway between dropping out and not showering, fun to hear that the next step promptly after is jumping the bridge

  • Poya Salehi

    God, the kids in his classes have no idea how lucky they are to have him and his knowledge at their disposal. Very jealous!

  • You can call me Ana

    I got my first C in a lit class in Uni. I finally figured out that this particular prof only counted the pages (I tended to be more concise) and based the grade on that rather than content. So I wrote a long paper to get it up to the request amount for an A, I filled the middle pages with a diatribe that mostly criticized his theories, but also ranted on nonsensical ideas, and at one point basically called him an imbecile. I got my A!

  • stevenstrumpf7

    My response used to be to withdraw into myself and feel bad, like I did something wrong, recently I understand that no matter what I do, no matter how hard I try, people will attack me. So my new response is to get angry and say "suck my dick".

  • Captain Falcon

    I laugehd incredibly loud when he said maybe you're just disagreeable and neurotic. fml it hurts hearing my problems so clearly, thanks

  • JusDion

    My problem was getting the C retaking the exam geting an A and going home to the same dysfunction like it was supposed to change something. The reward is only as valuable as its ability to change your circumstances.

  • Noodle Tribunal

    i remember in my (first)freshman year of highschool the exact point where i truly gave up. i never was very good at math, nor did i ever pay much attention. i was already doing worse then before at this point, but randomly thought "ok, ill actually do this paper. ill try". well, of course, i knew nothing(and still know the same amount to this day) and so i failed the paper. i got something between a 30 and 70.

    i remember getting that paper back, that i "tried" on, and seeing that i failed. and i was legitimately sad, i was hurt. i dont remember if i cried or not, but i know i cared. for some reason, i cared. but from that point on to the remainder of my 4 years in highschool, i never cared about an assignment in that way again. after seeing that failure, i made the decision, or defaulted to not caring. to giving up. well, one poor grade never hurt me again. but the collection of 10s or belows on my report cards did. having to look back and see school as another on of my failures hurts me.

    i can't do anything without making a mistake, and i cant make a mistake without hating myself and dying inside. i can't accomplish anything, i can't improve at anything, because all i have is a history of failures to look back on, no successes. i think "i'll never be good at anything" or "i just can't". i lose all motivation, and for someone as undisciplined as me, that's all i have to keep me going.

    this is the jumping off the bridge, or maybe the thing before it.

    all i had to do was ask the teacher to help me. show up before and in between classes. i could have fixed things, but i didn't. and what a snowball it became

  • quaz imodo

    Last words @ 9:43 say it all in this case. Polish up your work ethic . That may be true when referring specifically to academic grades in schools. But a balanced life requires not only work, but also play and rest. Many are so competitive they don't recognize the need for recreation. Goals are necessary. And discipline is necessary to reach those goals. If the journey toward your goal is so difficult or so out of character for you . . . then it may be the wrong goal. Not everyone is cut out to be an intellectual, a teacher, or other kind of brain-genius. Some could be happy being a butcher, a baker, or a candlestick maker.

  • Robert Dixon

    Peterson has a way of stressing things that do not matter at all in life. None of this will help you discover your real self, only the religion of culture. Culture is not a Friend of individuals.

  • d C

    08:05 I felt like this story was about a person who rack up about a “victory” they won over an ended relationship and JP is still angry about that lol

  • Lazar Petrovic

    I'm 22. I dropped out of university last year and it was by far the best decision I've ever made. The crushing thing is that it's also the best decision I will ever have made, like I could predict the future.
    I'm now an employed programmer and make twice the money I would had I finished my studies and got a job in the field. All without any piece of paper or waste of time… well, just 2 years though

  • Margaret Turner

    Jordan Peterson looks at angles that I could never think of in certain situations. He really makes me think. That's why I love em so much.

  • MTS

    Takeaway from all the examples, from my perspective:
    1)Your first response is often putting the blame elsewhere to preserve your current frame of mind where you're still competent
    2)Once a new frame of mind is accepted where you need to figure out what mistakes you made…
    3)…Assume the mistake was not indicative that you are a bad person inherently because you can't throw away the future possibility of improving in a major way.
    4)The overactive super ego will always be there happy to hyperfocus on your mistakes until you're self-hating and cringing; remember there are other more helpful voices to whom you can listen, they will lead you to identify a realistic path forward — take that path instead.

    You're not useless even if you've made mistakes, atone for them and remember them, just don't give up hope for tomorrow. Tomorrow you might be wiser if you accept the responsibility that comes with wisdom.

  • Jim Fedorowich

    25g a year for education? I used to get 50 cents a day for a drink $10 a month I wouldn't buy a drink that was my struttin' money

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