JUPITER in 7th house of Vedic Astrology Birth Chart
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JUPITER in 7th house of Vedic Astrology Birth Chart

in last video we have discussed about
Mars in the seventh house of the horoscope in this video we are going to
talk about what happens when you have Jupiter in the seventh house of the
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the seventh house of the horoscope before we talk about Jupiter in the
seven thousand what is Jupiter the first thing which comes to my mind when I
think of Jupiter is abundance positivity success good luck
teacher spirituality higher bleep optimism faith all the ninth housing’s
all the pisces and Sagittarius things and now this Jupiter is coming into the
seventh house of the horoscope what is 7007 thousands the house of relationship
business trade Commerce exchange interactions destinations death western
horizon other people all that can be seen from the seventh house okay and
when Jupiter is into the seventh house it can also create one of the powerful
bunch of Maha Purusha which is called as Hansel Hansel literally means when it is
in symbolism we always hear the word paramhans for the people who are
spiritually at the highest levels like para mums
Yogananda or Rama Rama Krishna Paramount’s we have very few poems in
spirituality these are the enlightened ones okay
so these are nothing but the people with the highest tributary and qualities
bottom is extreme or the highest enhancer literally is the symbolism okay
so when you have Jupiter in the kendra houses one four seven ten in the own
sign like Jupiter and Sagittarius excuse me
Pisces and Sagittarius or is exalted that is if you have Jupiter in the
cancer sign this gives rise to that auspicious hansa yoga okay today we are
going to talk about Jupiter in the seventh house of the horoscope and in
some cases when Jupiter is in the seventh house it can give rise to the
handsome as well we are going to talk about that later in this video let’s get
started with what is the Jupiter in the seventh house is like the planet of
positivity is coming into the house of relationship so the person with the
cubital in the seventh house brings in the positivity to the relationship the
person with the seventh house Jupiter brings that positivity and optimism to
the relationship and this is not only true for the marriage relationship but
you can expand this to any relationship be it business relationship p8 the
relationship between the student and the teacher the teacher with the seventh
house Jupiter is able to mentor the people with the optimistic approach
which people might appreciate okay so the planet of optimism is coming into
the seventh house of the other people next is the planet of abundance is
coming into the house of business and exchange so these people exchange
valuable ideas with other people and these people get benefitted in business
and exchange and trade and commerce why because 7010 places away from the
tenth house and now this is enlightened and blessed by the optimism and
positivity and abundance is the world and surplus of the Jupiter in qualities
that’s why they get the recognition and rise in their career as a teacher as a
guru okay seventh house is the house of endings
and Jupiter is the planet of positivity so this kind of frustrates the Jupiter
in the seventh house for this signification Jupiter is all about that
optimism and faith and higher belief things which cannot see but we believe
in all that can be seen with the Jupiter but seventh house is about the endings
about the destinations or death can also be seen from the seventh us so this kind
of frustrates the Jupiter in the seventh house it does not resonate with the
original signification of the positivity abundance faith optimism of the Jupiter
okay so you should not get scared or Mayan Jupiter is in the seventh also
it’s going to end that no it’s a symbolism sometimes it means literal end
but most of the times it is in symbolism signifying the area of the endings okay
and that depends upon the Dasha and not just that standalone placement of the
planet like whatever you have promised in the
horoscope will get unfolded with Chaudhary Maharaja sequence
suppose you have the great education through yoga okay
or any other yoga service with yoga Lakshmi over all the Danny yoga’s all
that great Raju cos okay when the planets involved in those when you will
go through the Dasha or unter Dasha of those planets you will experience the
positive results of the planet which are involved in that yoga same applies to
the negative yoga’s but I always believe that whenever you listen to something
which is negative or which is you know kind of challenging take it as a
diagnosis and start working on it your response has the power to change the
very situation jupiter has spatial aspects jupiter can aspect v from itself
seven from itself and nine from itself so when jupiter is placed into the
seventh house it aspects the eleventh house the first house and the third
house when Jupiter aspects that eleventh house it enhances once again it brings
in that abundance into the gains and those gains are mostly through the
relationship marriage or the business relationships these help the people to
get the status in the society Jupiter aspecting the first house imposes the
Jupiter Ian qualities on one’s personality the person becomes
optimistic will be driven towards the high ideals will be chasing those high
ideals and will bring in the positivity in the like the outlook to towards life
will be extremely positive from the seventh house it also aspects the third
house which its ninth aspect third house is all about the communication is about media marketing and more so about the
information and skills now the Jupiter is bringing the abundance and expansion
into the third house the third house is bringing the information so these people
have a great capacity to consume the information these are the people who can
read any amount of books especially with books the Jupiter aspect can really
bring in that expansion element so when you have Jupiter in the sign of cancer
Sagittarius and Pisces it big it creates the pancham operatio called the Hansa
which we discussed earlier in this video if you have a retrograde Jupiter in the
seventh house what it shows is it will make you shy away from the relationship
you are not inclined towards the relationship why because the expansive
nature of the Jupiter is now restricted due to the retrograde motion of the
planet okay but again don’t just jump to the conclusion with this one placement
there is whole lot to the story beyond the retrogression and the debilitation
or exaltation there is the strength of the planet there is a west’s to the
planet there are beautiful and Custer fall to the planet there are dignities
of the workers in the planet although all those things need to be considered
before we say that this planet is good or bad and when you look all this you
hardly get to any extent because it is always the mixture of good and bad more
so the de chartres plays more important role than a stand-alone position of any
planet so always remember that okay so you can also yourself interpret any
planet in any house by just trying to connect the significations of those
planets these are my interpretations you should not limit yourself to this
interpretations you should try to figure out more and more interpretations to
have a better understanding of yourself if you can think of any good connection
between Jupiter in the 7000 down below so yes this was Jupiter as much as I
could hold grasp and share with you guys what to watch next go and watch how to
get started into Vedic Astrology if you are just starting into Vedic Astrology
you can also go and watch the planets through houses series or retrogression
of Planet series ok sending you tons of positive energies sending your high
vibrations see you in the next videos love and peace


  • live life happily

    What if jupiter retrograde in 7th house in natal chart in taurus sign for scorpio ascendant but with less degrees say 2-3degrees

  • Sneha Chatterjee

    You talked about endings, does it mean that certain relationships come to an abrupt end? How does this Jupiter in 7th behave in Virgo?

  • Rabieh Hammoud

    The way you explain those placements and combinations is so simple and practical, I love it! Is there Hamsa Yoga if Jupiter is in Kendra but in a friendly sign like Scorpio?

  • Dhiraj Tawlare

    Sir my venus and jupiter are both retrograde i also shy in relationship, i am pieces asc, jup in 7 house this retro jup is it bad for relationship and marriage?

  • Gourav Kumar Goswami

    X-CM jayalalitha, president Vladimir Putin, superstar rajnikant has jupiter in the 7th house their life is so awesome.

  • Sudha Subbaraju

    Thank you so much Prasad , You mentioned about Retro . Yes it is true with Avasthas of planet , without those strength you can not judge . Thanks again. In this young age you are blessed with this knowledge and you are spreading without expectation . God bless you.

  • The Black panther

    Jupiter in Pisces in 7th in a girl's chart hemmed by malefics.generally Jupiter dasha is not that great for virgo rising… health issues… what is your take on this native sir?

  • Sarika Juneja

    Totally agree with you sir πŸ™πŸ»I have exl venus & Jupiter in 7th house… going trough Jupiter mahadasha & venus anter dasha… feel blessed & lucky πŸ€ yes it is difficult to balance both but with the help of astrology, spirituality , wisdom & knowledge I am enjoying myself πŸ‘ I am very positive person since my childhood .. the biggest lesson I learnt from my life journey is to balance everything and to live in present is very important ..there is no one whose life is smooth without any ups and downs and only key to go through it is to stay happy…. thanks for sharing πŸ‘ŒπŸ» keep sharing πŸ‘πŸ™πŸ»πŸ€—

  • Pooja Tandon

    Thanks a lot. Have sun (ashwini) and Jupiter( bharani) less than one degree apart with ketu in seventh too almost ten degree apart. I am a very positive person. Here Jupiter is combusted I think.
    I love reading books too. Thanks for explaining it so well.

  • Basudev Dutta

    Dr Bhaiyya Namaste
    My lagna is Cancer and moon sign is Capricorn. I have Moon and Jupiter together in my 7th house from langna. What are it's consequences???
    Plz suggest..

    Thank you in advance.

  • Kavitha Srinivas

    Does jupiter in 7th house ppl get married to a person who is above the individual in all terms(ex spirituality, caste etc)?

  • Rakesh Kumar

    Hi sir I have 5th lord Venus in 10th house Pisces with ketu will film director profession suits me venus in uttrabadhra3 plss reply me 13-02-1996 14:55

  • Ishu Manickam

    Hai sir what if satrun+guru+ketu conjunction in second house (sattagrius)from langna and sun+ Mercury in sixth house….pls tell sir makra Rashi sarvan star


    What if I have Jupiter – Venus conjunction in the Aries lagna of d-9 ? Natal Jupiter is in the 7th house of Libra .

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