Justin Bieber | The Rich Life | 2020 Edition, Cars, House in Toronto & LA
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Justin Bieber | The Rich Life | 2020 Edition, Cars, House in Toronto & LA

when you’ve got a 100 1 Acre property
with a 9,000 square foot mansion housing an equestrian facility and backing onto
Puss Lynch lake near Cambridge Ontario well it’s hard to imagine wanting to
spend your time anywhere else unless your other home is an 8.5 million 1930
Monterey colonial recently imagined by a Hollywood production designer Charles
Infante what can I say decisions are hard especially for a megastar like
Justin Bieber now the one time teenage heartthrob is making headlines for
spending upwards of 1.3 million on his recent wedding including expenditures
like $400,000 on an engagement ring and well duh I mean that’s a good investment
happy wife happy life but he also spent about three hundred thousand dollars on
the flower arrangement which included white roses and chamomile I thought that
was just tea who knew okay four flowers that might be a little obnoxious but
then there was the twenty five thousand dollars he spent on a special wedding
grille made out of five carat lavender diamonds yeah that’s he’s a little bit
crazy I mean was nearly 130 million Instagram followers well he should have
picked that up for free I mean he just had a post-it tag somebody and he’d be
getting all the girls he wants free of charge right even I got a discount in
this video we’re also gonna be taking a look at Justin Bieber’s extensive car
collection I mean the man has been seen in over 25 different vehicles which
include a Cadillac cts-v coupe and a Porsche 997 Turbo now both of these
third around a hundred grand to buy now the kid has spent some Bank on his wif
collection and if you’re keeping track I said 25 so that means he’s got more
vehicles for each year he’s been alive krikey 2020 is already shaping up to be
a busy year for Justin Bieber not only is he preparing to embark on his fourth
concert tour he also had his youtube originals documentary titled seasons
that hit the Internet as did his new album changes now that dropped on
Valentine’s Day which was well played because that was an easy gift for me to
buy for the wifey that’s right and now we ain’t here filming videos we begin
now sexy listen to some good old babes probably too much information no despite
only being 25 years old well Justin he has more
money then he can possibly imagine what to do with and sometimes well that’s
exactly the sort of thing that would get him in trouble no by all accounts the
dude has mellowed out over the past few years a steady relationship and marriage
while they contend to do that to a guy so let’s take a look at what justin has
managed to accumulate up until this point in his career and determine if
maybe just maybe well if he should have looked into a prenup what’s going on
guys it’s for Michael cretin back at it weekend with the first of the rich life
video we’re making for 2020 now before my break we dropped the top ten list of
the richest youtubers for 2019 and it’s a pretty interesting piece there’s some
of these youtubers they’re actually catching up and outranking many
mainstream celebs in terms of net worth now Justin Bieber if you’re watching
this video me and Cara would love to come over to your place in Cambridge for
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let’s get into the rich life of Justin Bieber Justin Bieber is a Canadian
singer and songwriter who was born in Stratford Ontario in 1994 no he was
forward to a middle-class family Justin’s mother Patricia mullet well she
would enter him into local singing competitions and then upload
performances to YouTube that was through these various uploads that Bieber he
grew to be recognizable brand and his celebrity well it took off from there
at 14 Bieber was discovered online by his now manager Scooter Braun and while
there was some side deal working with Usher though since those early days will
the singer he has had plenty of billboard hits he’s made tons of merch
and he splurged on some crazy expenditures we’re talking everything
from a Fisker Karma to a glamorous wedding to his now-wife
and model the affer mentioned Haley Baldwin though most sources they agree
that just the Bieber’s net worth is somewhere in the 285 million range so we
gotta take a look back and figure out how he got there no but is it just music
that Justin has made his Bank off he’s got some strange investments like a
hotel slipper collection that’s right the only other person that I can imagine
that we want to get into the slipper game well they’re orange in color and
polarizing okay maybe way more polarizing but when you start adding up
slipper merchants couple it with hashtag spawned con aplenty
not to mention lucrative endorsement deals alum sale sold-out tour dates and
my personal favorite that good old-fashioned YouTube money well you can
get to 285 million pretty quickly no no started with the music so we might
as well start there as well no despite most people either loving or hating his
music well beads has created plenty of major
hits over the years from one time to his most recent hit yummy now in the span of
12 years he’s released five albums and over twenty nine singles his ascent was
so seven that by 2014 he had already made Forbes list of highest earning
celebrities under 30 which had him pegged at around eighty million dollars
in earnings for that year alone no three years later he would make the list again
this time clocking in eighty three point five million for 2017 damn that’s when I
was just getting started on YouTube and I’m like a decade older anyway now most
of these earnings at the time were coming from his tour it is my world tour
it made him fifty three point three million in ticket sales and a second
tour believe it pulled in even more at sixty nine point nine million nice no
despite that success both of those would pale in comparison to the reported two
hundred fifty million in ticket sales that his third tour purpose would bring
in Bude arenas around the world weren’t the only thing Bieber was selling out in
2011 at the heart of Bieber fever well Justin he released the concert film
called Justin Bieber Never Say Never which opens to a substantial twenty nine
point five million North America during its first weekend and it would bring in
a total of seventy three million which it’s still a record for the highest
grossing concert film of all time more recently he’s been linked with the new
clothing brand true house and their five dollar hotel slipper brand now because I
mean when you’ve already done it all why not corner the slipper market it
sounds smart to me having worked with a ton of brands for sponsored content over
the years well Bieber he should be in a good place
to capitalize on what he see work and what has it I mean the man has made more
money from Instagram sponsored content than most I mean he’s worked with
everyone from Calvin Klein to Proactiv beats by dre adidas Adi das Best Buy and
many men more it’s out of guys just so you know
when I found that out blew my mind his work with Calvin Klein is probably his
most notorious now it’s unclear just how much money CK paid him to strip down to
his tighty whities but what’s clear is that the ad campaign it ranked in big
box reportedly it brought in seven hundred and twenty three million dollars
for CK that’s a that’s a lot of money just seeing a young kid shirtless but
hey what are you gonna do I bet you have I did they lose seven hundred twenty
three mil just saying no the campaign was so popular that it even played a
part in his purpose tour as ads they were run in between his sets now he’s
maintained a good relationship with the brand ever since and he and Haley they
even posed for a recent campaign in October of 2019 I wanted like a little
bit more something for me to look at his proactive campaign was also quite
lucrative pulling in three million dollars for his two-year deal and
speaking about the deal will Scooter Braun he had this to say we did it
because the kid uses it I never wanted to do anything with Justin’s brand that
isn’t organic he isn’t manufactured speaking on a fan
tick ball between 2011 and 2014 well Bieber he launched for cosmetic
fragrances with his one cult someday and that made millions in sales at Macy’s
alone I’m sure if we asked scooter well he’d tell us that the Biebs he used
those perfumes almost as much as you use Proactiv you know it’s all organic
smells great okay so we’ve taken a look at how the Biebs has come to earn all
his money now how exactly does he spend it know early on in his career well he
had this to say I’ve got my eye on a few things to spend my money on I’ve got my
own bank card but I am really good with money I don’t spend too much at all
despite his intentions at the offset as the years have gone on well Biebs he
spent a crap-ton of his own dough so let’s start with the tattoos first
tattoo I got was this little guy right here it’s a based on this book that my
whole family read everyone’s got it on their wrists and it was right before
I really had any tattoos and so I wanted to make sure that it wasn’t visible and
so I put it down here and basically it’s about this seagull who wanted to be more
than just a seagull no at this point most of his body is covered in ink
including his face which now has a small script of it reading grace he and Haley
also dropped an unknown sum on their new puppy Oscar over Christmas and
considering he once spent thirty five thousand dollars on two exotic cats tuna
and sushi well who knows just how much he paid for
this dog Oscar no one point justin beiber took the page out of Michael
Jackson’s bulk and he got himself a pet monkey now this was reportedly given to
him as a birthday gift when he turned 19 but after traveling to Germany with the
monkey named Molly well German officials they confiscated
the animal because it has none of the necessary health-related documentation
darn tootin who doesn’t want a monkey then rather than fill out the forms well
Justin he left the monkey behind because let’s face it well none of us like the
paperwork you like a monkey but who the hell needs this I should dad in truth
though Justin really dislikes the idea of putting ink to paper so much so that
he was willing to spend over ten thousand dollars to cover Wally’s living
expenses at a local German Zoo than to bring the furry friend home with them so
you know that’s a pretty big flex just just to get out of some responsibility
it was funny like this that she comes no surprise that the beads he is more than
a few real-estate Holdings to his name he and his model wife will they
reportedly have a home near London Ontario Canada and that cost them a cool
5 million dollars it’s been like an hour and a half from where I film these
videos yeah I’ve been there not inside you know I just did a few just dad you
didn’t get back to me I’m joking now the house it was custom built and it
features a home theater a gym a games room and breathtaking sunsets over the
lake now the property it also houses walking trails and a horse training
facility yeah ok when I said I was joking because I wasn’t driving I was on
a horse Justin I’m really joking but Justin just ain’t kicking it here in
Canada he’s also got some property out in Beverly Hills California he
reportedly paid eight point five million for 6100 square foot home and this
includes five bedroom seven bathrooms a library with an original
paneling also a wet bar a wine cellar and a home theater or a why why I need
to tell you what has its original paneling but Hank some people they love
that outside of this house is a Cabana with a fire pit above a zero and
swimming pool which is surrounded by hand-picked olive trees that’s pretty
dope and despite reports online that originated with Justin’s Instagram that
he was looking to sell the mansion well nothing has happened on that front so
far I mean why would you sell this place you got a goddamn olive tree near your
pool literally just live in there no he and Hayley they also maintain a nearly
6,000 square foot apartment in Brooklyn this is complete with four bedrooms
seven bathrooms and jam a swimming pool a sauna and a lakefront view and that’s
all for the tiny sum of $100,000 a month which were New York probably not that
bad no of course real estate isn’t the only big-ticket item that Justin likes
to drop his beaver bucks on he also is a substantial car collection that hats at
times oh it’s gotten them into a little bit of
trouble this collection includes a Ferrari f430
a lamborghini aventador a Ferrari 458 Italia a Noddy r8 a Lamborghini Gallardo
Spyder a project con Range Rover Evoque a smart fortwo a Campania t-rex 14r and
many many many more I’m sorry to all the car guys out there I’m butchering these
car names I’ll be honest you two don’t pay me to pronounce these
correctly let’s move on that’s what the closed captions are for now after taking
a look at the man to automobile budget it’s kind of amazing that he still has
as much money as he does now finally before we go sources inform me that more
recently well the Biebs he has gotten into the art scene he dropped a ton of
cash on cartoon work including $1,200 on an art piece honoring the late and great
Kobe Bryant so after taking into consideration all of these expenses well
do Justin and Haley get a prenup well according to sources no they did not and
this may be something that Justin will someday come to regret after all the
dude is worth close to two hundred and eighty five million and Haley
last couch she was worth something closer to 3 million of closer to me but
hey true Lapid conquers all right including jealousy over the numbers in
one bank account I’m just guessing I don’t know whatever
I’m happy for these two they seem like true love birds they are quite young
we’ll see what happens anyways guys that’s our video for today my name’s
bankable cretin we brought back the rich life let me know if you enjoyed this
video obviously there’s plenty more the rich
light videos we can make for you guys on your favorite celebs you sound off in
the comments down below and I’ll see you guys in another video


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