Kaiser Permanente Centering Pregnancy – San Jose
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Kaiser Permanente Centering Pregnancy – San Jose

[Music] What is Centering Pregnancy? Centering Pregnancy is a
nationally recognized method of prenatal care now available
to expecting moms at Kaiser Permanente. Join other moms-to-be for group
appointments that give you both one-on-one private time
with a health care provider, as well as group education
and support. You can bond with women who
share a similar due date AND get the information and
tools you need to make healthy choices for you, your
baby and your whole family. It’s like a prenatal play date
where you can bond over your bump! Group appointments begin
about 12 to 16 weeks into your pregnancy. You’ll meet monthly at first,
then every 2 weeks as your due date approaches. After your baby’s arrival,
there’s even a postpartum appointment and “baby reunion”
to bring moms together again after everyone’s given birth. So what happens during a
typical visit? At the start of every session,
you’ll have a brief, private health assessment while
the other women enjoy conversation and complimentary
refreshments. The rest of the time is devoted
to learning and sharing as a group. You’ll cover different
educational topics related to pregnancy, childbirth
and parenting. You can ask questions and share
your personal experiences. Kaiser Permanente doctors,
certified nurse-midwives, and nurse practitioners
facilitate the sessions which run 1 and a half to 2 hours
with 8 to 12 women per group. All appointments are
prescheduled at the start of the program, giving you time
to plan ahead for childcare, work and other obligations. Your partners, family members
or close friends are welcome. You’ll receive private physical
exams, lab tests and ultrasounds. You’ll also get a chance to
actively participate in your care by learning
self-care techniques like monitoring your
blood pressure. You’ll also receive a special
keepsake notebook to track your progress and your
baby’s growth. And women who who’ve
participated in the program are glad they did: Centering Pregnancy –
transforming prenatal care. [Music]

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