KIDS Pretend Play BABY SITTING CRY Dolls| #Fun  #RolePlay  #MyMissAnand #ToyStars
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KIDS Pretend Play BABY SITTING CRY Dolls| #Fun #RolePlay #MyMissAnand #ToyStars

Dora Omg! you are studying? Yeah! I am studying since morning Firstly place it erect and then study You kids have lead ones life we kids? we poor small kids cry some times but you people make us to study make us to eat chocolates and do not permit us to play o god ! why such torture Oh! as you are so innocent one day if make baby sitting than will understand baby sitting…Thats so simple So take your baby and fu fill your desire And here I go Now will enjoy You make us to persuade every things I too will rule over Please be quite, Din’t cry At least stopped crying Are baby what happened? Need milk Okay feeling hungry…Will get milk for you Now drank…Happy now…Now sleep Why started crying again? Baby I am back Baby….Where has baby gone? Wait…Stop He made me so tired Caught you! You Run so fast…I got tired Oh! you have fever Now have to take you to Dr. Ananya You Baby is perfectly fine now Dr. Please Hit so many likes Don’t cry- Don’t cry Now we have come to the doctor Dr. Anaya baby is suffering from fever Okay baby let’s do your check up He has got high fever It’s Done Baby has got the injection not you Has she fall somewhere? Come baby will apply band- age Okay now your baby is completely fine Thank you doctor Now why are you crying? are your paining because of injection Let’s go to park Twinkle-Twinkle little star… How I wonder what you are? Enjoyed in the park? Oh! you did…Shit… Come baby let’s make you wear clothes Now you are ready Let’s go to sleep Take and sleep Dora did our baby troubled you? take you baby away…I don’t want to handle him. Now can take breathe Dora…. How was your day? Did you enjoyed? Now realised that how much tough is baby sitting kids did you get that how much Dora enjoyed Baby sitting? And if you want to view such videos What has to be done?

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