Kids React to their Own Birth Videos!
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Kids React to their Own Birth Videos!

(gentle music) – Hi, my name is Parker. I’m going to watch me being born. Yeah. And now I’m gonna get
my popcorn and show you. Tada! Popcorn! – We are getting ready for
a new baby in our family. His name is gonna be Duncan and Parker is gonna be a big
brother for the first time. So to get ready for that he
is going to watch the video of him being born which can be
found on my sister’s channel, Psycho Soprano. – Jessie’s having her baby! I’m so excited! Silence, da what’s up! Who’s the doctor now. – [Christopher] Obviously you’re a doctor. – Where’s that baby, I’ll get it out. – [Christopher] Obviously
you’re not a doctor. – [Nurse] Intercom. (gasps) – That’s strange, you’re not? – [Nurse] Is it okay if
Sarah comes in to see you? – Yes, thank you. – [Nurse] Okay. – I thought I got busted. (laughs) – I hope you got her face. – It’s funny! – Brother being born and
all the stuff like that. – What does she have to do with it? – So mommy, grandma you’ve got a beard. – I better shave. Oh no, now I have a mustache. – Oh my. (gentle music) (laughs) It was so cute and funny. It took a long time for the baby, for me, to show up. No, I didn’t show up? (laughs) I’m excited to hold my baby brother because he’s gonna be born and I’m gonna hold him
in my rocking chair. And hold him in my rocking chair, hold him in my rocking chair, hold him in my rocking chair! – Hi, my name is Jacob and
I’m gonna watch a video when I was just born. – [Christopher] You gotta suck on it. It’s different. It’s different than your other ones. (Jacob laughs) – Silly. Bailey, can you say happy
birthday to Baby Jakie? – Happy birthday Baby Jakie. – Aww, that was very sweet. (Jacob laughs) Can you sing one thing,
happy birthday with Mommy? – [Bailey] Happy Birthday. – [Jessica] To you. (Jacob laughs) On the head? – No. (Jacob laughs) – [Jessica] Aww, that’s so nice. Yes, that’s baby Jakie. Kisses on the head? (Jacob laughs) Baby Jakie’s head. – Oh Bailey. – [Jessica] Oh he’s doing the… – [Christopher] Can you
say I love you Baby Jakie? – No, no, no, no. – [Christopher] Why not? – No, no, no. – [Christopher] Say I love you Baby Jakie. – No. Picture? – [Christopher] Yeah, it’s
taking a picture of us. It’s making a… (gentle music) (Jacob laughs) – Quiet, cause he sucked his thumb, me. – [Christopher] Just awesome,
cool, lightweight one. – I don’t know why, it seems
like that doesn’t matter. I still cuddle with her like that but a lot bigger. And my hair is longer. That made me feel happy and that made me feel like I’m ready for my other baby to come. My favorite part was the
part when Bailey stretched and she said “No.” It was kinda funny. I’m so excited about Baby Duncan. It’s May now. – Hi, my name is Bailey and I’m going to see a video
of right after I was born and I was coming home from the hospital. (coughs) I’m really cute. (Bailey laughs) – [Christopher] Somebody’s tired. – [Jessica] So thank you to Grandma Julie for all of the food. (Bailey laughs) – [Christopher] You’re
poking her in the face. – It’s really cute. I think I’m thinking
that I’m really tired. – [Christopher] Does the
camera make you sleepy, Bailey? Every time I turn on this
camera you fall right asleep. What’s up with that? (Bailey laughs) What’s goin’ on there? (Bailey laughs) – I really liked that I
was a really cute baby. I didn’t really notice that until now. My favorite part was when I kept trying to keep myself awake but I was really, really tired. I was like… I think Duncan will have
to take naps all the time because that’s what babies do. So he will be tired sometimes but otherwise he will
be a really happy baby! I’m really excited about Baby Duncan because I love babies! And I love brothers. I hope you liked my video. Please hit the subscribe
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for our YouTube videos. Thanks for watching everyone. We’ll see ya next time! (upbeat music)


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