Kids Try Their Mom’s Pregnancy Cravings (Round 3) | Kids Try | HiHo Kids
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Kids Try Their Mom’s Pregnancy Cravings (Round 3) | Kids Try | HiHo Kids

– Can you tell me the story
of how you got pregnant? – No, (laughing) that’s
a different video, right? (relaxing upbeat music) – [Interviewer] Hello! – Hello!
– Hi. – I’m Olivia, this is my Mom, Tamika. – [Interviewer] Olivia,
do you miss being a baby? – Yeah, ’cause then I
don’t have to go to school and I can just hang out at home. – [Interviewer] Before you were
babies, where did you live? – In Mommy’s tummy. – In my apartment. (laughing) – Your apartment inside my stomach? – Yeah.
– Yeah. – Do you remember being in my belly? – I remember loving your belly. – Oh, you remember loving it? You didn’t want to come outta there. – They say I’m overcook
’cause I was two weeks late! – Who’s the older sibling here? – I’m the oldest.
– Yes. – She’s young,
– I’m one year younger than him, well 15 months to be exact. – Was I in there for a year? – Nine months. – Can I go back in? – Absolutely not! (laughing) – Whatever you ate, we had to eat it too.
– Right! – So when you ate gross broccoli, we had to eat gross broccoli.
– Right. – Justin was always like,
“why do you eat this?”. – We are gonna be trying
food that I craved when I was pregnant. (inhaling) – All right Phoebe, close your eyes! (plates sliding) (plates sliding) (relaxing upbeat music) – (gasps) Yum! – What is it? – It’s bread with frosting, and then my personal favorite, fruit! – When I was pregnant, I would always have Grandma make,
– What’s this? – Black-eyed peas and candied yams. Grandma Pam and Grandma Sharon used to make me a lot of yams. – When I was pregnant with you, I ate kale salad, pickles and cheese, and then I ate a lot of spicy prawn tacos. I loved prawns. I wanted prawns the whole time. – It tastes like
carrot-flavored mash potatoes. (laughing)
– What? So good! – Yeah, mmm. – Do you know what kind of bread that is? – Pumpkin? – No, it’s gingerbread.
– What? No wonder it’s so good! – So when you’re pregnant, they tell you this stuff called ginger is supposed to make you feel better. It’s ’cause someone made
me sick every morning, when I was pregnant. You think Justin made me sick? I didn’t have it with you, though. You didn’t make me sick in the morning. – Because I’m so sweet! – Yeah, you just made me sick every night. (crunching) (laughing) – This is so good! You’re nuts! – I’m not nuts, you’re nuts! You’re eating pickles! – [Interviewer] You guys,
we have one last thing and that’s the GG pregnancy craving food. – Ooh!
– Want to see what it is? – Mhm. (relaxing upbeat music) (justin humming) – (gasps) Mine!
– That’s where I got my sweet tooth!
(laughing) – What the heck is this thing? – It’s deliciousness, right?
– Did it come from heaven? – I used to send Daddy out for Dr. Pepper and my doctor said I could have one a day. How often do you get to drink soda? – Like, sometimes at my Grandma’s. – Have you ever had Dr. Pepper though? – No. (relaxing upbeat music) – I love root beer. – She does love root beer. She took root beer from
the womb, to childhood. – Was it fun being pregnant? – No. – I knew that (laughing). – She was like the best
little baby in there. And then she wouldn’t come out. And I was in labor for 67 hours. – Is that really hard? – Yeah, most of it was just
like having contractions and you deciding you
didn’t want to come out. – Oh, maybe I didn’t want to get out ’cause I knew you were gonna feed me prawn tacos.
(laughing) – What did Dad do to help you? – He would cook, he’d rub my feet, and rub my tummy ’cause you used to kick! – Were you happy when I finally came out? – I was very happy. I always knew I wanted to be a Mom. And I got the best kid. I did. I scored. I’m a fan. Are you gonna kiss my hand? (laughing) – Thank you, Mom. – For what? – Thank you for the food to try! – Thank you!
– Thank you! – Do I get a hug? And I’ll take this too. – No! – Thanks for watching!
– Thanks for watching. – Have you ever been pregnant? What did you eat? (laughing) – See ya later, alligator! (laughing) – See why you shouldn’t
have given her Skittles? – No!


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