Knocked Up (9/10) Movie CLIP – People Like Pregnant (2007) HD
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Knocked Up (9/10) Movie CLIP – People Like Pregnant (2007) HD

You’re pregnant,
have been for a while. From my count, you’re right
around eight months. And l don’t know why you felt
you couldn’t tell us. l’m really sorry. This is Hollywood.
We don’t like liars. l iust…
l wasn’t expecting this and… l didn’t know how to handle it,
and l didn’t want to lose my job. l’m really sorry.
It’s unfortunate. lt’s unfortunate
you didn’t tell us because you would’ve found out
that we thought it’s great. Really?
Yeah. So we did some research. And turns out,
people like pregnant. Oh, my God! The bigger you are,
the bigger your numbers. (GASPS) l was surprised
’cause l feel the opposite. We’re gonna do a whole maternity
month on E! Mommy. You’re gonna interview
all the pregnant celebs. Really?
Yes. Scary! You’re pregnant, they’re pregnant,
you can talk about being pregnant. lt iust grosses me out when
l know that people are pregnant. ‘Cause l think about the birth.
Everything’s so wet. And everything that goes into it.
None of the gross stuff. But you know, hopes, dreams,
whatever, it’s gonna be great. Oh, my God.
This is such good news. Thank you so much.
Yeah, you’re welcome. And then,
after the baby is out… JILL: Tight.
…tighten it back up. And please don’t
lie to us again.
Okay. ‘Cause maybe someday
we could be friends. Okay. l won’t. l’m sorry. l just don’t like secrets.


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