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KP Newborn Care – Take care of yourself

A new baby requires constant care. In the
first few weeks, it can be hard to find a minute to take a shower or a nap. But it’s
very important to take care of yourself, too. This helps you and your partner be the best
parents you can be for your baby. Although it’s easier said than done, try
to rest when your baby naps. It’s tempting to use the time when your baby is asleep to
get the dishes done and the laundry folded, but you need to sleep, too. Molly: I think some advice I’d give to new
parents is, um, that your house doesn’t have to perfectly clean. Um, you’re not going to
be able to do the things that you used to do right when you get home, because I know
when I came home from the hospital we had all the bags, um, and you know all the stuff
from the hospital on the kitchen table. And I don’t, I like everything put away and so
I started putting everything away and, um, I felt really dizzy. And, um, I realized like
I was, physically I just couldn’t do it. I had to sit down and I had to take care of
myself. So, um, it’s okay to you know not have everything exactly the way you want it
and just, just let things go and take care of yourself and your body first.
Chris: My advice for new parents is trust your instincts. I think your, you know your
child and you are going to find out very quickly what your child needs, and how they respond
best to whatever situation presents itself. Erika: Be prepared. I think that the, that’s
the biggest advice. Utilize your resources. One thing that was very important for us is
breastfeeding. So the classes we had at Kaiser were very, very helpful for preparing me,
already knowing what I needed to do for breastfeeding and making sure I already had my pump ready.

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