KRG Rants S1 E6: Little Baby Bum (RANT)
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KRG Rants S1 E6: Little Baby Bum (RANT)

This video for 2018 is made by Kris the Rant
Guy (KRG). Before I start this rant, to anyone who likes
Little Baby Bum, I respect your opinion. Anyways, enjoy. Little Baby Bum? No! More like Lethal Bleeping Bull(bleep). Oh my gosh. This channel sucks. This channel makes songs that are for babies! They are most known for their 54-minute compilation
video of nursery rhymes featuring The Wheels On The Bus, alongside others, which has already
exceeded 2 billion views, is the most watched video in the Education category, and is now
competing in view counts with music videos from mainstream artists. They did not censor a violent depiction in
the video part of their rendition of the nursery rhyme ‘Jack & Jill’ wherein the two characters
were depicted bumping their heads as they fell from the hill. They could have chosen a milder depiction. On the other hand, they did censor some other
nursery rhymes such as ‘Three Blind Mice’ and ‘Georgie Porgie’. They currently focus on making new original
kids songs and compiling their old nursery rhyme videos as compilation videos and ‘live’
streams. Their original kids songs can be (bleep). Their lyrics may not line up well with the
melody. They have other channels such as LBB Junior,
intended for older children, KiiYii, another nursery rhyme channel, and their different
language variants. These channels are as bad as this channel. Jacus looks like he ripped off Hiro Hamada
from the Disney film ‘Big Hero 6’. And no one gives a (bleep) about the rest of
the characters. Who likes Little Baby Bum? Clarabelle Cow from Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. She wants to go to Little Baby Bum but she
can’t since she’s on Disney Junior, not YouTube. Who hates Little Baby Bum? Username I Like Tomatoes. He has also done a video critical of Little
Baby Bum and its 54-minute nursery rhymes compilation. LittleBabyBum sucks. And so does Chu Chu TV. DanTDM is 20 million times better than Little
Baby Bum. End of rant. Next rant is a Double Rant; Chu Chu TV and
a bad nursery user. After the Chu Chu TV and bad nursery user
double rant, Little Einsteins. After the Little Einsteins rant, unskippable
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