Kristen Bell Previews Season 2 of ‘Momsplaining’ with a Live Birth!
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Kristen Bell Previews Season 2 of ‘Momsplaining’ with a Live Birth!

“Momsplaining”– if you haven’t seen
it, it’s on Ellentube. Well, explain it briefly. KRISTEN BELL: Well,
it’s basically– momsplaining through my lens,
through the lens of a mother. How moms see things. And it’s not your typical
way, because the way I see things they’re
dirty, and they’re messy, and they’re gross. And you love them
and you hate them. And it’s all those things, and
you know it’s also very funny. ELLEN DEGENERES: It’s very
funny and Season 2 started, so let’s– you got into a delivery room. KRISTEN BELL: I did. Well, Season 2 is
very exciting for me because like Melissa
McCarthy comes on the show. We got to do something
very special to Andy. Where’s Andy? ELLEN DEGENERES: Yep. KRISTEN BELL: Very,
very special to Andy. Yeah, we got to go to the Mom
2.0 summit, which is amazing. And, yeah, we can roll the clip. ELLEN DEGENERES:
All right, let’s. KRISTEN BELL: Hi, everyone. Look what you did. KIMBERLY PATEL: I know. KRISTEN BELL: How
did this happen? KIMBERLY PATEL: It’s
probably been, like, an hour and half ago? – No, three-and-a-half hours. KRISTEN BELL: I don’t
want to start a fight. I really don’t. That’s why I came here. Truly. And how do you feel? KIMBERLY PATEL: I’m rocking. We were rocking it. KRISTEN BELL: Did they
give you an upper. I feel like you look great
for a couple hours after. I was like– I also have one
more thing for you. Hey guys, would you
guys look out the window and cover your ears
for one second? Yeah. This is an ice pack for
I think you know what. Down there. Do you have names for it? KIMBERLY PATEL: No. KRISTEN BELL: No? I have so many names. Let me see, I have hoo-ha,
honey pot, baby cave, man eater, baby cannon, hand
warmer, lady junk. Dad, you what, why don’t
you turn around as well? – Yeah. KRISTEN BELL: Nether
regions, [BLEEP]—- if we’re really getting graphic. Whale eye. Hi, momma! Hi! I’m Kristen. MARTHA TRUJILLO-GOMEZ:
Nice to meet you. KRISTEN BELL: Nice
to meet you, too. Thank you for having me here. MARTHA TRUJILLO-GOMEZ: Any time! KRISTEN BELL: How are you doing? MARTHA TRUJILLO-GOMEZ:
I think I’m doing good. Yeah, I have the medicine. KRISTEN BELL: Oh, you
got your epidural. Oh, girl. I’m ready for my
epidural as well. You can just let the doctor
know whenever he’s got time. DR. MARTIN COOPER:
How are we doing? KRISTEN BELL: Hello, doctor. DR. MARTIN COOPER:
How are you doing? KRISTEN BELL: Good, how are you? DR. MARTIN COOPER: Good. KRISTEN BELL: How many vaginas
do you think you’ve seen? In the hospital! DR. MARTIN COOPER:
Oh, in the hospital? A lot. You all set? KRISTEN BELL: I’m all set. Oh, you’re talking to him. You got it, your
hair looks great. MARTHA TRUJILLO-GOMEZ:
My make-up, everything? KRISTEN BELL: Your
make-up looks perfect. Your manicure is on point. DR. MARTIN COOPER:
Ready to get a push. Go, go, go. Give a push, go ahead. KRISTEN BELL: Get in position. DR. MARTIN COOPER: Here comes
a contraction, let’s go. Give me a push. Harder, harder, harder. Let’s go. Big push, go ahead. NURSE: Push, push, push. Three, push. Four, push. KRISTEN BELL: Hold your breath. DR. MARTIN COOPER: Harder. NURSE: Six. Push, push, push. DR. MARTIN COOPER:
Harder, harder, harder. Atta girl. KRISTEN BELL: You’re killing it. You’re killing it. DR. MARTIN COOPER: Give
me a push, come on. Don’t push, got it. [DELIGHTED SCREAMING] [CHEERING] KRISTEN BELL: You are a warrior. [AUDIENCE CHEERING] ELLEN DEGENERES: I have so
many questions right now but we’re going to take a
break and then I’m going to ask all these questions. We’ll be right back.


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