Large Family Thrift Store Clothing Haul {+ How to Save Money on Clothes for Kids!}

– So I’m getting ready to head
into a local thrift store. They have children’s clothes here, usually for a dollar or two dollars. We’re doing our seasonal clothing switch-out shopping today. I have several children
who need new t-shirts, some new shorts, things along those lines. So before I go to a name brand store, I’m going to try and work the thrift store for any new shoes and little
clothes, little shorts things of that nature that we can find. (upbeat music) These little kid outfits
for Daniel’s sizes are just a buck. (upbeat music) Daniel actually has quite a bit, but I’m still looking to see. That’s 12 to 18 months, not
going to stock up that much yet. (upbeat music) I just found this, it’s a Columbia brand warm little fleece outfit,
12-18 months for a whole dollar. Amelia’s too big for it and
I don’t want to hoard it, and hold it for a girl down the road, but it just shows why the thrift
store is such a great deal. (upbeat music) (drowned out by music) (upbeat music) A lot of these little summer
dresses that I’m looking at for Naomi, we’re thinking of
course of some kind of little shorts underneath and a little
t-shirt under the dress. So this is pretty
exciting, a whole wall of homeschool mom binders, they’re
only three for a dollar, and usually when you go
to buy binders this big, even at Walmart, they
can be $3 to $5 a piece, so great place to get binders. This is a neat bag. I think it’s neat, it’s
woven on the inside, $1.99 and I’ll probably
stuff it full of books. We successfully hit those
thrift stores today, and I was able to gather up
some great seasonal items that the kids needed. I’m showing you this because hopefully it’ll encourage you to hit
the thrift stores first if you have some good
thrift stores locally, because you can really have
some great savings, great finds, especially whenever you
need some new kids clothes. I got a total of 42 new
articles of clothing. Remember, there’s a lot
of us in our family. When I hit the thrift stores today, I was really looking
to get some fresh items for almost six year old
Gabriel, four year old Liam, and also eight year old Naomi. Amelia was just blessed
with three trash bags full of clothes from a
friend of mine who has a five year old and they passed down her brand new clothes to Amelia. Jaden and Zion have a lot of clothes. Jaden ended up getting
some new shorts today, got Zion some new t-shirts, everybody got brand new
flip-flops at Target, but before we went and bought new shoes, and some brand-new things at Target, we hit the thrift store first
to get all we could there. The boys got 10 new pairs of shorts, these are for Gabriel and Liam, and you see we’ve got some name brands we didn’t have to pay for,
like some Chaps shorts, also some Starter and other
little type play shorts, ten whole pairs, they were $2 a pair. I also was able to pick
them up seven t-shirts, because there are two of them, and I know there’s some shirts in
here they’re going to love, like this little Everything
is Awesome lego shirt, also some Mario and cool dinosaur shirts. Again, these are clothes
from people who probably only have one kid, so these are new to us. A lot of Gabriel and Liam’s clothes are hand me downs, from Jaden and Zion, and by the time a shirt
or a pair of shorts gets to the third or fourth
boy it can look pretty grubby. This was definitely a
blessing for Gabriel and Liam, they’ll be fresh for the summer. I got myself a new pair of $2 pajamas. For baby Daniel, he doesn’t
need anything at all, but these little outfits
were only a dollar, and they’re name brand,
and I don’t care at all about name brand, except if
I’m getting them for a dollar. So these will fit Daniel right
now, and I couldn’t resist, and I have a friend I
can pass those on to. These little Carter
sleepers are 12 month size, and I picked two of those up and I’m just going to put
these in Daniel’s 12 month tote for next winter, he’ll have
two more pairs of jammies. Also for Gabriel and Liam, the boys were out of all their pajamas, so they got five, brand
new to them, pajama sets, and we’ve got some Lego Star
Wars, some footie jammies, these are cute little
shirt and pants dinosaur robot jammies set, all of it matched, again probably owned by
a one child household, because they look new to me. Naomi, since she’s our oldest girl, there are no hand me downs for her, she got 10 new shirts, and you see, there are some really fun and
funky ones that she liked. Naomi is only eight and
she’s almost as tall as her Mama already. So here another cute almost like a dress, she can wear that with
leggings, that would be fine. Then I picked her up three dresses. Now I’ll tell you how
we do dresses for Naomi. This is a little spaghetti
strap like sundress, but it goes down to her knees, actually a little past her knees, she’ll wear this with a t-shirt, and she’ll wear leggings
or long shorts underneath. So that’s a little sundress. These sundresses were three
dollars, here’s another one. And this one is kind of a
funky looking tie dye one, and this one she’ll wear
with a tank top underneath because otherwise it’s a really low neck. We layer a lot of clothing here for girls. And let me think what else to tell you. So I came in at $102, I
got 42 articles of clothing that will definitely be
used by more than one child. A fresh pair of pajamas for myself, and going into spring, summer, whenever we have a seasonal change, usually before spring, summer, and then before fall, winter, I have a day where I hit
the thrift stores hard, and then whatever I don’t
find at the thrift store, I’ll just end up going into Target, because really even things at Target, a $14 pair of sandals
if I’ve saved so much on things like shorts and
t-shirts, it’s fine with me. What we do with our clothing budget is we save the cash in advance, and on our clothes shopping day, just like on our grocery shopping day, I shop with cash, so I
know what my budget is, I know how much I have to spend, and that way if I feel like I’m
getting too much in my cart, I have to put something back. So I hope this encourages you to go check out your thrift stores, yard sale season is
coming up, garage sales, I don’t work those too hard, at least I didn’t this last year, but it’s certainly fun to stop and find a few cute items along the way. In the comments, please let
me know how you save money on your children’s clothes. I know there are some
wonderful online systems and ways to save. Friends of mine have
online Facebook swaps, they’ll actually post pictures of lots of their children’s clothing, and let’s say it’s a whole
stack of size 6/7, boys shorts, a friend of mine’ll put a
picture of that up and say, “Hey, if you want them,
what do you have to trade?” So doing online clothing swaps is fun too. Another fun way to save on clothing, is if you have two or
three of your friends over and you fill a trash bag,
and they all bring trash bags full of their children’s clothes, and similar to like what I do, you can fold them up, fill a table, and you all can just switch
out and take what you need. That costs nothing for anybody involved, and usually everybody comes out with some new items for their kids. It’s a great way to be a blessing, and to receive a blessing. So those were just a few more quick tips. Let me know in the comments how you save on your children’s clothes. Also, be sure to let me know what you would like to see more videos on, because my channel is all about offering encouragement to
you in your motherhood, your homeschooling journey,
and in your family life. I’ll see you later and I’ll
chat with you down below in those comments. (upbeat music)

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