Large Stampede Necklace vs Avalanche Necklace | Lascaux Jewelry
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Large Stampede Necklace vs Avalanche Necklace | Lascaux Jewelry

(bright music) – Hello and welcome! You are here with me,
jewelry designer Jill Maurer. And today I am doing a
video that you requested, or at least several of you requested, and that is to show the difference between my Large Stampede necklace and my Avalanche necklace. They do look similar on the website and I understand the confusion. So let me show you the differences now. This is the Large Stampede necklace. I happen to have another one right here that I will show you. First, here is the clasp. This is in sterling silver, and you just take it on and off that way. Every once in a while, if you feel like this
is getting too loose, you wanna feel a little tension
there, which we still do. Every once in a while, if
you feel like this is getting a little too loose, you just
slightly pinch it there. That will keep it tight. Here is a close-up of the pendant. This was inspired by the Hall of Bulls in the Lascaux Cave. It’s from the cave art. Let’s see if I can show this to you here. This is a bull, this is a horse. Those are both drawings that were taken from the Lascaux Cave. They don’t appear just exactly like that, but they both appear on the cave. And then do you see this little line here? Can you see that that is
the outline of a horse? That’s the nose and that is the mane. So there’s another horse just
kind of slipped in there. (laughing) And then this background
is in a cave texture. And that is, that texture, is an homage to the cave wall itself. So that is how this piece is designed. And then on the back, you will see my logo and then 925, and that 925 means that
it is sterling silver. There is no nickel in this. One in eight people is allergic to nickel, so I never use nickel
in any of my sterling. So that is the Large Stampede, and I offer this in a
17 inch and a 20 inch, that’s how I generally make them. Of course, if you need
something longer or shorter, just let me know, I can
always work with you on that. Now, let’s compare this to the Avalanche. Here is the Avalanche. So I’m gonna show you here side-by-side so that you can see that the
Avalanche is much smaller. But there are other differences. The chain is a little
different, it’s a finer chain just to go with the smaller piece. But here is the other side. This is a sapphire. This one here happens
to be a brown sapphire. I also offer this in a gray
sapphire and a blue sapphire. The blue sapphire is more expensive. This piece you can wear two ways. I love this for travel because I can just wear one necklace and it looks like more than one. And so you can wear it that way or just flip it around
and wear it that way. And they’re two very different looks. The reason I named this the Avalanche is that this stampede
has set loose some stone, which created an Avalanche. That is the thinking behind
the name of this piece. I’ll show you these together. You can tell the
difference in scale there. And then, when I turn this one around, there you go. I think 17 inches, 20
inches, and 24 inches are the lengths, the different lengths that I make this one in. Of course, if you need
something longer or shorter, you can always talk to me. I hope that answered all your questions about the difference
between the Large Stampede and the Avalanche. If it didn’t, if there’s anything else you would like to know, just
ask me in the comments below. I will link both pieces below so that you can take
a closer look at them. Thank you so much for being here. I would love to see you
here again tomorrow. Until then! (bright music)


  • Lee Lee LV

    They are both gorgeous , 1 question Jill , what size chain are you wearing with your stampede necklace ? My eyes keep going to your stampede necklace , I am very drawn to it ! So so so pretty ! ❤️❤️❤️

  • Bobster92

    I love these necklaces. I bet the avalanche is gorgeous with the blue sapphire. I love the size of the stampede! Thanks for such a great video on your items. I love hearing more and more about your brand. Can’t wait for tomorrow’s video!

  • Leslie Craven

    The clasp is so beautiful I was wondering if you ever considered making an extension so that you could wear it 17 inch and then maybe 24 inch as a pendant.


    Both are so beautiful. Especially the small ones. Thank You so much for sharing and have a wonderful weekend ❤️

  • Life of MC

    Interesting designs and inspiration. They are both gorgeous. Been waiting for this video and finally, i've learned the differences. Thank you so much for doing this video. Much love!

  • Hristina Kostova

    The details on these are stunning! It's one thing when the focal point of a piece of jewelry is nice, but the execution of the rest is shoddy; it's completely different when a piece is impeccable in every little detail and that's when you know you're dealing with a real artist. I now desire the large Stampede necklace even more! 😆 Beautiful work!

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