Live Pregnancy Test Results 2019 | Finding Out I’m Pregnant!
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Live Pregnancy Test Results 2019 | Finding Out I’m Pregnant!

okay so today is July 4th and I think
I’m gonna go take a pregnancy test we’ll see what happens
Johnny’s here with me so I’m gonna go get the test out and we’ll see what
happens okay so I have a pregnancy test I’m super super nervous we’ll see what
happened don’t to get my hopes up but this time actually feeling symptoms so
we’ll see come here how do you feel let’s take a
test excited I love that you’re holding a chip it’s also good excited that’s
also good yeah I’m reading the instructions because I’m not really sure
what to do so we gotta make sure we’re doing this correctly so okay see we got
dilma stick hold it down holding the stick down and then you put the cap back
at the result window facing up you may see results within three minutes so two
lines equals pregnant one line equals not one taste all right we’ll see huh
so my heart is being really really fast are you feeling excited okay okay we
like covered it up looks like a piece of paper so we’ll see okay how do I just
one two three experience it there for you oh my god
where’s you’re gonna be a big brother he’s like I all right yes because you
have another pop guys it’s totally here you we just started trying I know I’ve
been trying we were not preventing but not actively trying either I’m going to
start feeling feeling of symptoms that are a little different than my period
it’s a little confusing because there’s just so similar to period symptoms that
it’s yeah you just don’t know and tell me like mister period but I had some
symptoms where I totally didn’t feel normal like my typical period and I
tracked my ovulation in my period all the time my app and then I start craving
like like crazy random things than usual other than hot cheetos and so you’re
like you’re pregnant so it’s our first time taking a test and he came up on
should go buy more tests like a pregnant not pregnant one a very clear one but we
gotta just take multiple tests just to really make sure you know we talked
about doing this for so long yeah crazy odds here you


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