Love Live! SIF EN – Limited Step Up Scouting
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Love Live! SIF EN – Limited Step Up Scouting

hey guys and welcome back in this channel in awill channel here and we back again in this game school festival EN servers um so we back in scouting videos and this is unexpected box that come out and and servers I think this is a good value because the discount of 10+1 is like reduced like 20 loves gems and you still get the 10+1 and the other side if you do that ten plus one you get one free um blue coupons I mean the blue tickets I’m sure that everyone is your loves gem is not ready and especially no is score match Umi bubble versions is live now so let’s get started I just don’t want to waste this chance hopefully I can get UR of course I want curious about my luck like last scouting in JP lets try luck in my EN and so I’m gonna do I have to 2 10+1 so let’s get started here we go all right that’s really worse hahahaha one is SR all right and as you know in this box is really an old only old card you can check in the details on that so we get this kimono off Eli it’s really old version and so we got one SR and not sure this is really clickbait for scouting but I just want to get blue coupons hope so second one we go and another one SR oh nice I mean I don’t know what kind set she is that Honoka really cute I love it all right under the waves not sure what kind set she is so yeah that’s it oh and I’m gonna do this blue scouting because I’m really curious about my blue tickets scouting like last scouting and my JP um before that I think I need to do to scouting again um we’re going to use this 2 scouting ticket to fill up my stars and there you go alright guys so 20% I started totally a lie or that.. never mind let’s do this everyone just wish me luck Oh all right one is SR we got the cooking set Eli, to bad she is a stamina card, not sure iam gonna use it or later maybe for a seals let’s see what we got in the second once Oh another SR and we got Pool Nozomi not bad.. not sure, oh lord lets see another one.. I KNEW IT not sure what she kind set she is this Nico is… but..that it this is really clickbait from KLab EN, to do this, 10+1 only 1 SR but I think it’s really um good value if you want get a less love gems to scout especially if you can do five more scouting and you get the other blue tickets with less gems like I said in earlier and actually know my blue Tickets is really really SR CURSED and from now I think I’m not going to do that or five more to the blue tickets
don’t wanna waste my blue tickets to SR are so I prefer maybe collect ten or twenty five later to get more benefit cards like SSR and UR oh thank you guys for watching this video I’m not sure if you enjoyed this video because it’s all SR scouting so if you’ll enjoy to watch this video you can give a thumbs up in this video and you new this channel please give to subscribe to our channels and ok see you guys in the next video


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