Maddam Sir – Ep 3 – Full Episode – 26th February 2020
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Maddam Sir – Ep 3 – Full Episode – 26th February 2020

You will get thrashed. Speak!
Speak! Hey! – Tell me. What all
have you lied until now? Speak up!
I will make you speak the truth. Hey! What will you
make me speak? Rascal!
You are such a liar! Come on, I will..
– No, don’t beat me up. Darn!
Billu, you are done for. I will beat you up
until you bleed. I will.. – Why are you
thrashing the floor.. You have to play an act. Make it look real, get it?
– An act? Tell me.
Come on, tell me. Speak up!
– Oh, my God! He is the fourth prisoner
who will go to the hospital. Great.!
– To heck with you. Why are you beating
for real? Have you been with Ms. Pushpa?
Why are you overacting? Get started.. Will you tell me or not? You broke my hand! – Do you
think the police is fool? I’ll tell you.
I’ll tell you. – Spill! Yes. I have looted
many places. I have robbed..
– Santu! – Yes, ma’am! Come and write
the report. I’ll tell you. She beat me black and blue.
Write it down. Write down my statement.
Where is your pen? You are next. Speak up about all the illegal
activities you are involved in. Otherwise, I swear to God!
I will teach you such a lesson that you will speak
only one thing. And that is.. ‘I’ve come across many officers
but none were like you.’ What did you understand? I won’t leave you in
a condition to do anything. Now, tell me. Tell me the truth. Won’t you tell me? All right.
Cheeta! Open the lock up. Look.. This is wrong. Okay? I am warning you.
– Hold on. If anybody touches
my client inside the lock up then I will get the entire
family punished. Legally! Well.. Thank you, Mr. Jagannath.
I am so glad to see you here. Don’t worry, ma’am. All right.
Tell me something.. Who is the in charge
of this police station? As of now, it’s me. Tell me.
– So, it’s you. Here you go.
This is the bail documents. Release her quickly. Legally! There’s a huge problem. And the problem is that the
bail papers are of today. And a charge sheet against her
will be prepared in the evening. So the bail is cancelled.
Legally. Then tell you what? Take the papers along. You can come tomorrow.
Legally. Then we’ll talk. I see.. So, this is your move. Ma’am, I hope you know as to who you have
arrested. If you don’t present her
before the court or release her
within 12 hours then after 12 hours,
there will be the local media,
the rally of social activist the violence of her
supporters and the wrath of
the common people.. I am not threatening you. Legally! Sorry, ma’am. Just 12 hours more. I will be right back
to teach them a lesson. Rubbish! Let’s get some fresh air. I had warned you
that this is not the right way. If we make
even a slightest of mistake then she can create
problem for all of us. And specially when.. We have been asked to vacate
the police station in 30 days. We cannot afford
such a risk. We cannot go beyond
the boundaries of the law. We will solve the case. But ma’am, we would
need her confession. Of course, we need it. That too, within 12 hours. Because legally, we can’t
keep her more than this. We need her confession. But it be such
that she willingly confesses it. Without being forced! How is this possible, ma’am? How can a cunning woman
like her confess her crime? Ma’am, tell you what! You should sign here. For the time being. She will confess it. Archana Nagar will confess. I am saying it
on the basis of my experience. We need not find a crooked way
to get the solution. Sometimes, it’s better
to go with the flow. Wow! I have a plan. If you all help me then I can
make Archana Nagar confess. Tell me, ma’am. We are with you. It doesn’t seem to me
that you’ll be able to solve it. But all right.. You can try. Don’t worry about me.
I am on duty. Whether I wish or not,
I have to follow orders. Tell me, ma’am.
What should we do? Just a moment, ma’am. I’ll call Ms. Pushpa. No.
Not her. I did not call Ms. Pushpa
on purpose. The truth is.. Ms. Pushpa is the main
character of our plan. “We are done for!” She will help us in getting
Archana Nagar’s confession. Ma’am, we cannot
rely on her. Ms. Pushpa..
She overacts a lot. She will ruin
our entire plan. I am warning you. Ms. Pushpa.. Ma’am, not Ms. Pushpa. Please sign it. Hey!
What have you done? No! I am doing this
for your future. Relax. In order to prevent
Ms. Pushpa from overacting we are not telling her
about this plan. Ma’am, what is Ms. Pushpa
makes a mistake? I will lose my job. She will make a mistake if we let her know anything. Are you all ready? Okay.. One, two, three.. What!
– Yes. Ms. Pushpa?
– Yes. Really?
– Of course. But, Ms. Pushpa..
– Look, actually.. – Hold on. What happened? Why are you all
amazed to take my name? Congratulations.. – Ms. Pushpa..
– Congratulations, Ms. Pushpa. Congratulations on
your promotion. Congrats. I am very happy for you. What! That means Inspector
Karishma is getting suspended. Come on, Ms. Pushpa.
Don’t try to act naive. , Man1, Santu]Everybody knows
everything. – Yes. – Right. Then let me know. Ms. Pushpa, you
tried to hide this from us. But now, you are caught. What are you saying, ma’am? What is it? What is
the good news? Please tell me. You know what?
Please take a seat. Please, sit. Bring the chair.
– Sure, ma’am.. – The chair.. Please, sit.
– But I.. – Please sit. Bring the chair.
– Please take a seat. Sit down.
– Please sit down. Take a seat. – Easy.
– You are feeling shy, right? All right.
I’ll tell you. I got very happy on
seeing everybody’s annual health report. Congratulations, Ms. Pushpa.
You are pregnant. Really?
I am pregnant! What.. What are you saying? I-I am pregnant? Yes.
– How is this possible? How can I get pregnant? Ms. Pushpa, take a seat.
Just relax. Sit down.
– Come on, Ms. Pushpa. The way every woman
gets pregnant. No.
You are not understanding. Well.. I.. A woman gets pregnant
because of husband, right? Then how can I get pregnant? My husband passed away
eight years ago. Is this possible? Her husband is dead? He is gone? Why didn’t you tell me? You didn’t ask, ma’am. Look, even she is ignoring. Where should we bring
the father from? Ma’am, you didn’t
answer my question. Where is the father?
– Sit down. Please, Ms. Pushpa. Please, sit.
– Look, I can understand. Even you are a woman. You are alone
for so many years. Even you would have
some wish and desire. Yes.. So, it happens.. So, it must have happened.
No problem. No, ma’am. Look.. There’s a procedure
to get pregnant. But the problem is.. If I am pregnant
then where is the father? Ms. Pushpa, please tell us. I will get you married. Marriage? What are you saying, ma’am? How did all this
come into frame? What are you saying?
– You know what, Ms. Pushpa? What are you saying?
– The father is here. “We are done for!” The father is here.
– The father.. We have found him.
– He is over there. Congratulations..
Congratulations! Congratulations!
Congratulations! Congratulations!
– Congratulations to all of you. Congratulations?
Does he know it? – No. Then what is he
congratulating for? How would I know? I wonder if she is..
– Hey! Shut up! Ma’am,
he is Nawab Azhar Masood. The owner of this bungalow.
– Greetings! Greetings!
Hello. S-Sir, won’t you congratulate
Ms. Pushpa? Of course, I will.
I will congratulate you. And I will congratulate
Ms. Pushpa as well. Congratulations, Ms. Pushpa. As soon as I learnt
about this good news I could not believe that this
is possible at this age. I think, it’s true.
– I will kill you. What do I say?
I was so happy. I see.
So, it’s you. Yes. He is the father
of the unborn baby. Father?
Whose father? Whose baby?
– Congratulations, sir! You keep quiet.
I won’t spare you. Sir, you are unbelievable. You came here to congratulate
and now, you’re acting ignorant. I had come to inform
about your departure. No.
It was about the arrival. No.
It was about your departure. This police station
will be shut down, right? That’s good. I got rid of
this police station. Now, I will find a tenant
who would pay the rent on time. I had come to congratulate
for the same. How did the baby
come in between? It hasn’t come on its own.
It has been brought. What!
– Congratulations, sir. Just keep your mouth shut.
What rubbish! Who is responsible? Well.. You are responsible. Me? – You used to visit us every
month for the rent, right? I used to come. But, I never got
the rent. Whenever you visited,
you brought some drink along. Here it is.
– Yes, I used to bring. I have it now also. You used to drink
and make Ms. Pushpa drink it. Mr. Azhar, is it not possible that you lost control
on a rainy night you felt something for her
and didn’t care about the world? You keep quiet. Ma’am, what are you saying? No.. I think, all of you
are mistaken. Look at him.
He is a man. He is like a kite
without a string. Even he wouldn’t know
where the kite will fall. He can’t be the father
of the unborn baby. Look at his age. Mister, mind your tongue. I have become old.
I have become forgetful. But if you are saying so
then it’s possible. We often get accused
of such things. What do you say?
– Shut up! Now, pay heed to me. I have 16 wives
and 25 sons. They keep arguing
for my property. If she delivers my child then there will be
bloodshed. No! I can’t bear
to take the risk. But yes, if there was
a guarantee of a baby girl then I would have
accepted her as my wife. [Azhar[But, I am helpless.
I can’t take any chance. Kindly pardon me.
Goodbye. – Sir, hold on. It can be a girl.
– I’ll be happy to accept her. Let me know
if it’s a girl. This police station,
the property and I’ll be yours. All my wealth
will belong to you. I am the man of my words.
Goodbye. Let’s go.
– Yes, sir. – Yes. How will you face everyone? Forget about the rest. How will you face
your son? Karishma Singh,
why are you being negative? It happens.
It happened. What I want to say is.. What I want to say is
if it’s not a girl then he will not
accept the baby. How will she face
the world? How will we get to know
if it’s a girl or a boy? Ms. Pushpa, what had to happen
has happened. You can’t do anything.
– Nothing has happened, Santu. I have to go through
a lot for nine months. What is this? There’s potato again
for dinner. Ms. Pushpa, I had told you,
I want to have ‘Bhindi masala’. That too spicy. You can beat me up.
Can’t you serve good food? Take it from him.
Take the food back. – No.. I will manage today. This shouldn’t happen
next time. Gosh!
They thrashed me! My life has become miserable. How do I get rid
of this problem? Ms. Pushpa,
there’s just one way. By getting any report or any
other means if we get to know if it’s a boy or a girl then we can take
the decision accordingly. Now, don’t think
much about it. You focus on your work. We’ll think of finding out
if it’s a girl or a boy. Please come with me. Please come. Excuse me! Tell her I’m the saviour
she’s been waiting for. I can solve all her
problems in a snap. – I see! I’ll tell her. Please crush this onion for me.
– Shut up! Idiot! What are you thinking? Well, the deal is very clear. My lawyer will come after 12
hours and create a scene here. But I don’t want that. I don’t want any scandal. Because scandals are not good
for my profession. I would like the police
to release me on their own. That too, by giving me
a clean chit officially. Hope you understand
what I’m saying. I’ll tell you if it’s a boy
or a girl. In return, you get me
out of this problem. What if we run
into any problem? Since 15 years, I’ve been.. In this profession, dear.
Got it? We won’t run into any
problem. What happened? Check properly. Check the main connection. I found it, ma’am!
– Plug it in.. This is a business
worth billions. Keep the baby if you want to.
If not, I’ll take care of it. Ma’am. All this.. She was trying out
something new. Tell about yours. Ma’am, I’d something
to tell you. – Go ahead. You’d a doubt on Dr. Archana
that she commits the crime of gender test, right?
– Right. It’s true. She was telling me that she’ll
get some equipment and machine whether I’ll have a male
child or a female child. In return, she wants me to
release her without an FIR. Then this is a good
news, right, Ms. Pushpa? Your problem will get solved
and we might get another chance to get Archana Nagar’s
confession. No, ma’am.
I won’t undergo this test. What do you mean?
– I mean whether people call it
a mistake or a sin.. Whether people hurl taunts
or abuses at it.. I’ll bring this child
into this world. I won’t get a gender test
performed of my baby, ma’am. Whether it’s a boy or a girl,
it’s my baby. And I’ll bring
my baby into this world. No matter what! – How I wish
all the women of our country who face this situation
at some point or the other could think like you! And develop courage like
this! But, Ms. Pushpa, it’s now
time for you to learn the truth. And the truth is that you are not pregnant.
The whole thing was an act. Are you serious?
I’m not pregnant! No.
This entire act was staged in order to get
Archana Nagar’s confession. I’m glad that you told me
that I’m not pregnant. I.. But I’ve a complaint
against you. You were devising such a big
plan against that doctor and why didn’t you tell me? I would’ve acted so
brilliantly that I would’ve got her confession in a snap.
Am I not right? – Right. And whom did you choose as the
child’s father, an old lord! Then do you want us
to choose a movie star for you? It was Ms.
Karishma’s idea. – Is it so? I thought so. Only she can come
up with such nonsensical ideas. The point is that we didn’t
get Archana Nagar’s confession. Nothing got recorded. And whatever little data
had got recorded got destroyed due to technical error. And, Ms. Pushpa, looking at your acting skills,
we can’t take the risk again. So, honestly, we’ve nothing
against Archana Nagar. Neither the confession
nor any report or FIR. We’ve lost! No, ma’am.
You haven’t lost. I’ll get the FIR registered. Listen, ma’am, I’m here to give
you the last warning, legally! Accept the bail
and release my client, legally. Or else..
– Forget it, sir! Your client is going
to get long-term punishment. The FIR has changed.
– Absolutely! And now legally,
not just robbery your client will be charged for abortion, gender test,
and medical malpractices with witness! Ms. Pushpa, please inaugurate
the FIR register. Yes, ma’am! Sub-Inspector Karishma Singh,
justice of law has been done. Shall we do justice of
humanity? Yes, ma’am! So, sir, find a new client
for yourself at the earliest. We are going to have tea. “She got it..” “Got it..
She got it!”


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