Marie L. Greenwood Celebrates 106th Birthday
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Marie L. Greenwood Celebrates 106th Birthday

(Light string music) (Marie Greenwood) “In 1938 that was the
middle of that big depression you know. I was very blessed and fortunate to even get
a job. Jobs were very scarce. And almost impossible for some of us. I was the first African-American teacher in
Denver to receive tenure. I never thought in terms of it being history
or anything like that! To me it was more than just my job. It was opening the door for others too.” “The principal of Newlon School, Mildred
Biddick, remembered me and my record from the way back, those early days. So she welcomed me, you know. Here was this all-white school way out in
the west Denver. And… not one brown teacher had ever been
placed anywhere but east Denver. Not even to substitute. And here, she would ask for me. When I was coming up, if you were minority
you had to be twice as good. Those children were my family. And apparently had had projected into the
homes that the parents realized, that I was, I guess a special teacher. A special brown teacher! (laughs)” “A superintendent has to make sure that there is equality. No matter what. Every child can learn. And that should be basic from the superintendent
on down. Every child, and every teacher, in every school,
there should be equality.” “Ooooh! This is my first birthday card, thank you!” “Each one teach one is one of the greatest
programs that I have ever seen. And it’s in my school! (Laughs)” “This is going to be one of the biggest days that I have ever had. Thank you.”

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