Meet Rugrat – Arinzé Kene’s LITTLE BABY JESUS
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Meet Rugrat – Arinzé Kene’s LITTLE BABY JESUS

(dramatic music) – It was that day in summertime, when the flying ants
start bein’ everywhere. It was interruptin’ the football. And, like I said, Babatunde
toe punted the ball over the fence off his
size 14 Oxfam trainer. (thump) But, what happened next, shocked everyone. (whoosh) He said. I couldn’t believe this. He said he wasn’t getting it. (thump) Everyone knows, whoever kicks
the ball over the fence, has to climb over and get it. Simple playground
regulations. (echo effect) Now, he said he ain’t getting it. Not just that, but the school bell rings, which puts the ball in the position of possibly never being retrieved again! Quite obviously, some
passerby will see that ball, take that ball, and make
that ball their ball. (thump) And, it was a good ball too! Babatunde puts on his blazer, and heads outta the playground. Everyone’s like, – “Our liberties!” – He was takin’ a PI double. And, Terrance Cunningham, who the football belonged to, he’d be the last one to go fetch the ball. He’s got his pride. A reputation to sustain. (dramatic music)

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