Meet the OB Department
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Meet the OB Department

I always knew I wanted to be a nurse.
always. I wasn’t really sure what a nurse did, but I knew I just wanted to help
people. My grandmother was a nurse and I always
felt this need to want to help others. I had an emergency c-section, so I was just
inspired and amazed and I’m like this is what I want to do. I want to help bring
life into this world. It’s really quite an honor to be a part of someone’s life
when it can be the most exciting time for them or the most
vulnerable time for them. Oh, I love being part of that moment when people are
experiencing all that joy and my first delivery, I remember almost wanting
to cry with them. I was so excited, but really whenever you work OB, 99% of
the time you leave with a smile on your face. Every single delivery that I get to
be a part of holds a special place in my heart. It’s so cool to be there and help
a woman find that inner strength and to push through and get to that
result of a baby. It’s just… it’s really neat and to see a man look at his
partner with such adoration and… it’s really the best thing. Being able to see
that family and know they’re in a need for somebody to help them through the
delivery process and then even after having their baby, help them through
getting to know their baby, breastfeeding. I love the babies. I love holding the
babies, but trying not to spoil them too much for their mothers, but I
just… I love hearing the stories from the patients and I love being part of this
and their journey. It means so much to be able to
build those relationships and then even when you see them out in the community,
it’s really cool when they come up to me, “Oh, you were my nurse,” and I get to see how the families have changed and the babies have grown and
it’s a really cool thing. I get to be a part of such a joyful time in someone else’s life. You get to hold hands, you get to give hugs, you get to really be involved
in your patients lives and it’s not just show up to work and you don’t make an
impact job, you definitely make an impact every day. Well, you guys were a big part of her life. I really don’t think she would be here without you guys. Still to this day, every single
day, we say thank you for Crossing Rivers OB and OR staff because without you
guys, we wouldn’t we have him. Thank you. We have such excellent providers, midwives, the nursing staff,
respiratory therapy, lab, just everybody that’s a part of our team, they’re very
passionate about what they do and they come to work every day and they
want to do the best job possible and that’s what I love. The providers – I can’t
say enough about our providers of how much they give to our families and so it
makes it easy for the staff to want to do the same. They kind of set that stage.
Staff truly, truly work so hard to make sure patients get the best experience. I got the opportunity to experience that firsthand when I was a patient through
the delivery of my son, Griffin, and I am forever grateful for the wonderful care
that we received.

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