Miae went to audition only a month after giving birth [Trio’s Childcare Challenge/ENG/2019.11.06]
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Miae went to audition only a month after giving birth [Trio’s Childcare Challenge/ENG/2019.11.06]

(Their living room is luxurious and spacious.) Their house is so luxurious. – Wait a minute… / – It’s huge. Isn’t that a hotel? (The kitchen is modern and tidy.) (They have a playroom in the attic.) Do they also have a playroom? The kids would love that. I’m so jealous. (A family with a unique sense of interior design) (Who will the family be?) Hello. I am the runner-up of “Miss Trot”, Jeong Miae. Nice to meet you. – What? / – What? It’s Jeong Miae. (Surprised) (She was a contestant in the trot audition show.) (She showed off her outstanding singing skills) (and won second place in the contest.) (She is the beloved singer, Jeong Miae.) (How long did it take to achieve your dream?) I think it’s been 15 years. It took me 15 years. (It took her 15 years to achieve her dream.) (23-year-old Jeong Miae) Did she use to look like this? (23-year-old Jeong Miae) (She made an appearance in “National Singing Contest”.) (She dreamed of becoming a singer since she was young.) (She didn’t give up even after becoming a mother.) She didn’t let go of her dream. (She starred in a show to impersonate Lee Sunhee) (and even won second place.) I impersonated Lee Sunhee for about five years. I realized people only recognized me as an impersonator, so I thought a lot about how I could change my image and start doing want I want which is to sing trot again. My husband told me that this audition could be my chance. “It may be tough, but give it a try.” It turned out that I had to participate right after giving birth. The audition was one month after I gave birth, and the show was shot two months after. – Goodness. / – That must have been tough. I had no choice but to have a Caesarean section… – How cute! / – Gosh! For my third child. I had to start when I wasn’t fully recovered, so I had sudden muscle pain in my back. I just forced myself to sing. You need the muscles to sing. I heard that you can’t use your muscles then. You can’t, of course. This wasn’t just for me. It was for our family. My kids, my husband, and myself. I just had to bite the bullet. (Miae started her 2nd phase of life thanks to it.) She’s so… Gosh. I’m sure she’s so busy. (From the riverside) (to Korean wrestling matches.) (She is fully booked for events.) Miae took part in the audition show – one month after she had her third child. / – Yes. I think she’s amazing. – In one month. / – She is. As soon as I came back from the postpartum care center, I hosted a podcast show with Shim Jinhwa. So as soon as I was out, I started right away. – After two weeks? / – Yes. I also started working again after 40 days. I started shooting for shows again. I came back after three weeks. I had a shooting in 13 days. Did you recover that fast? The shoot was already scheduled. It was because I gave birth early. – Oh, early? / – I wasn’t expecting it. – I’m okay now. / – You’re amazing. – Goodness. / – You’re amazing. I spend time with them before and after work. I sometimes come back at midnight or 1 a.m. I put them to bed, so the kids wait for me. How busy are you? I have four events a day. Sometimes I have to go for a shoot as well. I leave home before sunrise at dawn and come back when it’s dark. Hello. I am Jo Sunghwan, the husband of singer Jeong Miae. Hello. (He takes care of the house and the children.) Is he in charge of childcare? I used to be in charge of childcare. But now, I’m too busy with work, so as a mom, I can’t properly take care of them, so I feel bad about that. Even if their dad takes good care of them.


  • DesPepites DansTonChocolat

    It's funny because the panel is impressed but they all did worse than her 😂😂. Please take some rest after giving birth, it was already a big battle

  • ___hangrylei___

    Seeing the women talk about how long it took for them to get back to work after giving birth just made me appreciate my mom so much more. My mom went back to work as a pre-kindergarten teacher just one day after I was born, and I was her first child. Damn…my mom is awesome~ 🥰

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