Midwife Supervised Childbirth: Birth The Way Your Body Intended
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Midwife Supervised Childbirth: Birth The Way Your Body Intended

Giving birth is actually a natural process.
It’s not a disease. So there’s really no need to go to hospital to give birth. You
can do a homebirth and have a licensed midwife with you in that process. I highly recommend
it because when you give birth in a hospital, you’re at the discretion and the timeframe
of the doctors who may want to go home, go play golf, go do whatever they want to do.
They may speed up things, or whatever, but when you’re doing a homebirth, you’re
actually on your time schedule. You get to decide, or your body gets to decide, how and
when the baby is going to come out. The midwife is there just to help the process along. So,
I asked a midwife—her name is Alex—to give us more explanation as to what a homebirth
is all about. Why you might want to have one, and what a midwife does. And here’s what
she had to say. Hi! I’m Alex Evanguelidi, Clinical Director and Co-founder of the Sanctuary
Birth and Family Wellness Center, and I’m here with my friend Larry, and my business
partner Bliss. And we’re here to talk about birth, and what is possible for you if you
choose to give birth the way your body’s intended and designed to do it. You know every
day, I see pregnant women on the streets, and when I walk up to them and talk with them
about their choices: where they’re giving birth, why they’re giving birth, where they’re
giving birth. So often I hear women say, ‘oh no, I’m going to the hospital. It’s what
insurance is paying for.’ And you start to think about that and really look at what
really is available to you. When we’re making decisions because our insurance is covering
it, we’re not really exploring what’s important to us. We’re not really exploring
the deeper possibilities. Birth itself probably the most profound rite of passage in anyone’s
life. We’re talking about birth, giving birth, and dying. I mean. Those are like the
monumental events. The most extraordinary experiences we’re ever going to have as
human beings. And when you actually are going through the process of learning about your
body, as you’re growing a baby inside it. When you’re educating yourself about the
right foods and the right vitamins, what kind of exercise should I do, that’s all surface
stuff. It’s when you get down to the real issues like what’s really going on with
you. What are you feeling? What are your fears? What have you brought over from previous life
experiences that might come up during the birth process itself? Like those are core
fears and core beliefs that when you start to take them apart, and actually go underneath
them you really learn more about yourself. It’s like doing the personal work. So it
doesn’t have to show up in your birth experience. When you work with midwives, you spend an
hour with people. You get to really get into what’s going on in their lives. What their
relationship like? What kind of dreams they’re having? Their fears about being a mother.
Their fears about giving birth to their children. When you start to go into that and release
some of the hold that those things have on us, you start to see a woman who’s like
freeing herself. A husband’s freeing himself. Partners start to release some of that baggage
so that when they walk into the birth experience, they’re present. They’re surrender. Trusting
of the experience. Trusting of their bodies. The event itself has so much potential for
power, and connection with our child. Understanding the power of our own body. It’s such an
extraordinary event. It’s such a climax event in our lives. It really sets us up for
being parents later in life. I often think it’s about the birth itself that makes us
a mother, that makes us a father. That that initiatory experience, that rite of passage
itself, is exactly what we need to experience in order to have the strength and confidence
to trust in ourselves and our decision making process as we parent our own children. I really
send out the invitation for parents as they’re going through this process before they’ve
given birth to fully educate themselves, and check out your options. Look at what’s available
for you. To turn inside and trust that instinctual message that voice that speaks about the kind
of experience you want. Where you want it to be. Who’s around you? What kind of environment
and stimulus is going to have you feel empowered? That’s going to have you feeling excited?
That’s going to have you feel present and surrender to the process? And, then go in
that direction. Because it’s really not just going in the direction…what’s my
insurance going to pay for? That’s kind of like walking blindly into the grocery store
and just picking up off the shelf whatever your insurance is going to feed you. You know.
It’s such a…it’s a basic introduction to the prenatal experience when there is so
much more available to you. Do your education. Find out what’s available for you. Trust
your instincts and move in that direction. I have a lot more information on website about
home birth, and what the advantages of a homebirth versus a hospital birth are. And, I also have
a midwife interview on my website which is at the www.thenaturalguide.com. So I can’t
recommend enough that you learn more about the homebirth process and midwifery and what
you can expect if you go that route verses going to a hospital. That’s not to say that
hospitals don’t have their place. They most certainly do, and every midwife who’s licensed
knows that if there’s a complication that begins to occur, you go to the hospital, but
for the most part, homebirths are extremely safe, and very rewarding usually for the mother,
the baby, and the entire family. If you like this video, please hit the ‘like’
button and let us know. If you want to see more natural health videos, please subscribe
to my YouTube channel, and you have any questions or comments please leave those as well. I’m
Larry Cook. Thank you for watching.


  • Ellen Jaffe Jones

    Great video and all of this SO true. Especially about complications from interventions which are so common at hospitals. I'm a former La Leche League leader and gave birth 20 years ago when home births were not as accepted as they are today. Wish I'd done it. The hospital nurses fought over me because I'd taken a Bradley class and was educated about natural childbirth. They knew I'd be "easy." And I was. 1st labor, 2 hours, 2nd labor 30 minutes(!), 3rd labor 36 hours. –Ellen the VegCoach

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