Monday Musing 40 | Ritz Carlton

(music) – Hello, and welcome. You are here with me for
Monday Musing number 40, which means I have done 280
videos so far this year, in my effort to upload
a video every single day for the year of 2019. I am at the Ritz-Carlton. Thank you, darling. I am here, shopping at Tysons Corner. I will vlog it later for you. Right now, I am having breakfast. You will remember that last week, I did some bone bracelets. I showed you my bone bracelets. And I also just did the unicorn bag tag. What is that crunching? (bacon crunching) – Hey. (laughter) – I have a guest here with me. Yes, I am here with Bobby, Bobster92, and we are enjoying… – Thank you so much. – You are quite welcome, dear. We are enjoying the Ritz-Carlton, we’re about to be
shopping at Tysons Corner, and of course, none of this would be to make anybody jealous. Like, say, oh… – Autumn Beckman, Fall. – Yota.
– Donnie. (laughter) – This is just about us, completely. – It’s just a girls’ trip.
– Right? So, we’re having a lot of fun,
and also here, is Mildred. Mildred, say “Hi.” Mildred is our ghost, and she has been speaking
to us through this light. She’s very happy to be on YouTube. She was happy to learn all about YouTube. We were a little creeped at first, until we really got to know Mildred. And I think–
– She’s a really kind, and old soul, so she just
takes some getting used to. – Yes, but she is a wonderful addition. – She’s a saint.
– So, it’s sort of a, it’s sort of a menage a trois, then. – It is.
– Is what’s going on here. If, somehow, you do not know Bobby, this is Bobster92, here on YouTube. He has a beautiful collection. – I don’t know about that.
– A lot of different bags. Oh, gorgeous. Some of them are here. We are going to be
doing a couple of videos where we are comparing some of our bags. And, he’s going to help
me authenticate, or not, a piece that I have purchased,
that I’m not sure is real. I think it may be, but we’re having trouble
finding the date code. – Yes
– Were you able to find it? – I think I saw it ever so faintly, but my eyes could be playing
a trick on me as well. – I’m just not sure if I want it if it doesn’t have the date code. I’m a little nervous about it. – Yeah.
– So, we’ll decide. That’s what we’re doing. This is probably going to
be a shorter Monday Musing than normal, but we will be vlogging. I will do some vlogging, and
I’ll do a video or two, and… – And I’ll try to have a video as well. – I will link his channel below, so that if you don’t know Bobby, you can get to know him better. Maybe not as well as I’ve gotten
to know Bobby at the Ritz. – Oh, yeah, over this glass of champagne. (laughter) All the secrets are coming out today. – Right, we’re gonna do
a little tipsy shopping. That never hurt anybody. Right? (laughter) – It’s the best way to go shopping. (laughter) – [Jill] It’s a bottle and a tripod. – Multifunctional, drives up the price. – [Jill] Right? We’re
just shmancy that way. (laughter) Uh oh. – Maybe can we use the– – [Jill] Oh, you drank too much of it? We can put it on something else. Ooh, that’s gonna, is that gonna? That’s gonna be wobbly if you move the… – Oh, true, okay.
– All right, we’ll find something else. And for anybody who thinks
that YouTube is 100% glam, let’s look a little bit
here, behind the scenes, where we have this mess. We will be shooting some
videos here, with some of this. We were joking about how
everybody probably thinks everything is always pristine
all the time on YouTube. – Never
– No. Just outside of camera
range is usually a mess of whatever it is that
we are using at the time. – Absolutely. There’s my back.
– There’s your back, with Mildred. (laughter) If you haven’t subscribed, please do so. Also, make sure to subscribe to Bobster92, who’s going to say… Bye for now. (laughter) Bye for now.
– Bye for now. (music)

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