Monkey Baby Cutest you have ever seen 2019 | Day 3 Before Sleeping
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Monkey Baby Cutest you have ever seen 2019 | Day 3 Before Sleeping

Hello Everyone, welcome back Bop – Monkey Baby Channel At 10pm, Bop sleepy After bathing, Bop started going to sleep His brother going to sleep too His brother name is Ton Ton is talking with Bop After getting acquainted they seem to be very close to each other Before sleep, we bathing to 2 brother Do you think this should be done? Please comment bellow, tks you Take off to his brother play with Bop You lie down here My son cuddle Bop Every family member loves Bop And take care of him I really happy when looking My oldest son give him a kiss Bop started to close his eyes Mom encouraged Ton (Bop’s brother) *sink into sleep Look at Bop’s eyes 1 open, 1 close ^^ Quiet!! don’t make noise Next video I recording Ton gets up Please subcribe & follow Good night everyone! Love all 😡


  • Katherine marie

    Please pick him up and love him..he needs to no u love him..your son is so cute..let son hold him and teach him the right way this way the baby is loved

  • Jabo Jabo

    Please watch for certain signs from the older monkey. Those types of monkeys tend to an attitude when they are not the center of attention. The older Monkey probably has all his teeth and can turn and bite one of the children in a second out of fear or as an instinctive defensive response. The baby Macaque's are easily stressed which can result in becoming very neurotic and emotionally drained….this is what causes them to continually suck their fingers, hug themselves, curl up in a ball, and stop eating.

  • Blake Brown

    This video is very short – please make longer videos than this, even if it is just like this video here, it is still very nice to see the two monkeys together. How old is the bigger monkey and is it a boy or girl and what is their name?

  • Blake Brown

    I think you will get a lot of subscribers for your videos soon – I just started to find your channel yesterday so other people who watch the other monkey channels will also be finding your videos very soon, too. When a lot of people start to watch and subscribe you will start to see people saying mean or stupid things to you for no reason – remember, do not listen to them! You treat these monkeys so nice and love them very much and I think you are doing a great job as a monkey mom, and I am sure that many others watching think the same thing.

    Best wishes and lots of love for your monkeys and family from Los Angeles, California USA

    Also, I want to say you must have done a very good job being a family for the bigger monkey – many other people get rid of their monkeys when they get that big because the monkey starts to be very mean and too wild and crazy, but your big monkey behaves very very nicely and is very nice to the baby (sometimes they are just mean to any new monkeys even a baby) and so I am very curious to see how you have raised the big monkey to be so wonderful.

  • Pam Duncan

    Infant monkeys do not need to be bathed actually especially as there is a older monkey to groom him when he is not wearing clothing. Putting them in water at that young an age before they are old enough to learn about swilling can be very scary to a baby as they have an instinct to stay away from water. The better thing to do is wipe them with a baby wipe and use a fine tooth comb to comb there hair in the morning and at night. When he is over 4 months old you can introduce him to water in a pan and bath him like you do the older monkey and because he was not frightened as a baby he will have an easier time and make it easier for you to bath him. baby monkeys are at least 4 months old before mom will take then swimming the first time on their backs.

  • Veroni Mangiocco

    Thst fur baby is probably stressed out . Between the dog and the older monkey. Your son very loving and sweet toward the little fur baby. Very nice.

  • Rob Whi

    This baby is so overloaded and overwhelmed with what is going on. He will probably spend the rest of his life with his thumb in his mouth.

  • Pamela Radell

    I really give credit to the child. He sees the baby sleeping and puts a finger to lips to STFU while sleeping. He doesn't poke prod, pinch, tease it torment the baby like the adults, who have only one volume…eardrum piercing. And treat these monkeys like punching bags. Let's hope he keeps his humanity.

  • lisa orapallo

    You need To feed him a bottle with nutritional formula in it and hug close to your body and needs love and affection just like a human baby you need Shut the big and the little one love and feed them lots of fruit and vegetables and formula in the bottle

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